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Loudspeaker with 25 mts Cable

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Fantastic loudspeaker to connect to an educational digital player. Incredible power. Its cable of 25 mts. allows you to operate the device far away from the sound point.
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I'm not going to tell you

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The pigeonfish Ramier HD it's made with matte paint so it doesn't look like a real one. His silhouette is complete. Very real design and the right size.

Eprom digital memory

Price €28.92
The ePROM digital storage is compatible with players PQ10-PQ12 . It contains a total 10 songs of birds. Ideal for teaching and training in reproducing animal sounds. The use of digital educational memory and players is prohibited for hunting. Armería Alvarez is not responsible for the...
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Duck bait with Fuelle

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Definitely the best decoys you can find. Handcrafted with the utmost care, they achieve a perfect sound and finish.
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Educational digital Player. Duck

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Ideal for dog training or for your own enjoyment when playing the sound of animals in different situations. Its use is banned for hunting. Armería Alvarez is not responsible for the misuse of these products or their misuse in hunting. Top notes of communication. Sound of female to locate...
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Special player for teaching birds

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The special breeder for bird training is unique and effective. Nothing less than 45 minutes of singing! Never has a device been so effective for teaching purposes. This system achieves results never before achieved. Its level of pitch (basic in the teaching of birds) is not achieved with...