• -4,96 €

Estribo BR Montone 12cm

Regular price 49,95 €
-4,96 € Price 44,99 €
Estribo BR Montone 12cm El  Estribo BR Montone 12cm  es una opción elegante y funcional para los jinetes que buscan un estribo de alta calidad. Este estribo destaca por su diseño brillante y su atención al detalle, lo que lo convierte en una elección sofisticada para cualquier disciplina...

FreeJump AirS stirrup

Price 218,99 €
AirS FreeJump stirrup FreeJump 's new Air's stirrup has set a new standard in the world of traditional stirrups. It is made of stainless steel , with an air-cushioned floor , the Air's stirrup has a total customization of technical options: eye orientation and/or floor...
  • -9,91 €

Side Rubber Feeling Safety Stirrups (Pair)

Regular price 69,90 €
-9,91 € Price 59,99 €
The Feeling safety stirrups prevent the foot from getting stuck in the stirrup in the event of a fall. based on a very resistant elastic band that is placed hooked to the hook on the side of the eye that hold the actions. The rubber stretches to the maximum, offering regular stability but a...
  • -10 €

Feeling Arena Junior Safety Stirrups (Pair)

Regular price 99,90 €
-10 € Price 89,90 €
The Feeling Arena Junior stirrups have a lateral opening thanks to a patented system that is activated by pressure. This HiFlex opening and closing mechanism allows for a large opening in an emergency and easily snaps back into place with a single click. One size, width: 105 mm. Soles: 10 x...
  • -5,05 €

Zaldi English Safety Black Stirrup

Regular price 55,04 €
-5,05 € Price 49,99 €
The Zaldi English Safety Black stirrup has been manufactured with iron and articulated to the sides. At the base it has a non-slip rubber pad in soft color. Its measures are: Height: 17 cm. Width: 12 cm. Depth: 4.5 cm.
  • -16 €

Stirrup Flex-On Safe-On

From Regular price 275 €
-16 € Price 259 €
Flex-On Safe-On stirrups, everything you can ask for in a stirrup! They combine innovative design with unrivaled comfort and increased safety. They are made with a one-piece steel core, covered with a polyamide material of organic origin that integrates the flexible shock absorption system....
  • -40 €

Stirrup FreeJump Soft Up Classic

Regular price 285 €
-40 € Price 245 €
The FreeJump Soft Up Classic Stirrup combines the comfort and technology of single-sided stirrups with the classicism of a straight eye. It is specially designed for women's feet and fits up to size 43 footwear. Thanks to the straight eye, the feet and legs are straighter....
  • -24 €

Freejump Soft Up Pro Plus Stirrup

Regular price 309 €
-24 € Price 285 €
The Freejump Soft Up Pro Plus Stirrup provides an incredible tread. It incorporates a floor up to 27% wider and the great absorption capacity of spring steel. A stirrup used by the best riders in the world looking for technology, comfort, performance and shock absorption....
  • -31,96 €

Estribo Acavallo Arena Alupro 12cm

Regular price 184,95 €
-31,96 € Price 152,99 €
Estribo Acavallo Arena Alupro 12cm Los  Estribos Acavallo Arena Alupro 12cm  son una excelente opción para los jinetes que buscan estribos de alta calidad y rendimiento . Están diseñados cuidadosamente utilizando una combinación de aluminio y un material polimérico especial para ofrecer...

Replacement for Soft Up Lite Stirrup

From Price 15,99 €
The Soft Up Lite Replacement for Stirrup is a colored pin or with recreation of flags. Customize the Soft Up Lite stirrups to give them a unique personality. The SoftUp Lite stirrup comes assembled with a black plate. Features Plates or pins to customize your SoftUp Lite...
  • -39,01 €

FEELING "Arena" stirrups Alupro Junior

Regular price 169 €
-39,01 € Price 129,99 €
FEELING "Arena" stirrups Alupro Junior The fixed arm is made of aluminum and the one that opens is made of a special polyamide material, just like the base. The soles are made of stainless steel. Characteristics Junior size : 105 mm Soles : 10 x 6.5 cm Maximum weight :...
  • -16,01 €

Stirrup FreeJump Soft Up Lite 2016

Regular price 195 €
-16,01 € Price 178,99 €
The 2016 FreeJump Soft Up Lite Stirrup is an ideal stirrup for shoes up to size 39. It incorporates a flexible external mini leg. Made in France. Characteristic shock absorber Single-branch stirrup that withstands maximum stress, both due to impact and fatigue. The...
  • -2,62 €


From Regular price 24,61 €
-2,62 € Price 21,99 €
Available models: Chrome. Aluminium. Stainless Steel.
  • -17,96 €

Estribo BR Lavarone 12cm

Regular price 134,95 €
-17,96 € Price 116,99 €
Estribo BR Lavarone 12cm El  Estribo BR Lavarone 12cm  es una opción confiable y duradera para los jinetes que buscan un estribo resistente y seguro . Este estribo está fabricado con aluminio galvanizado con recubrimiento en polvo , lo que le brinda una excelente resistencia a la...
  • -15,96 €

BR Aerotech stirrup 12cm

Regular price 119,95 €
-15,96 € Price 103,99 €
BR Aerotech stirrup 12cm The BR Aerotech 12cm stirrup is an exceptional option for riders looking for comfort, stability and durability. This lightweight, synthetic stirrup is designed with innovative features that ensure optimum performance during riding sessions . One of the...

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