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Price 8,99 €
Wide spiky surface, for quick brushing. Comfortable upper handle for easy use.

Hippo-Tonic Multifunction Brush

Price 3,99 €
Hippo-Tonic Multifunction Brush , to be used as a root brush, brush for helmets, to wash the horse or even remove the hairs in the blankets.
  • -1 €

Hoppy-Tonic Antimicrobial Hair Brush

Regular price 7,99 €
-1 € Price 6,99 €
Brush Hippo-Tonic Antimicrobacterial mane , polypropylene with 20 mm spines for an effective and careful disentangling of the mane. Polypropylene handle with non-slip part of TPE. Color blue.
  • -3,91 €

Comfort Hippo-Tonic Brush for Crines

Regular price 12,90 €
-3,91 € Price 8,99 €
The Hippo-Tonic comfort legs for the mane allow you to untangle easily with their nylon tines. Made of polypropylene, it has a comfortable grip and has a perforated stop to hang with a rope or on a hook. Model A: Comfortable cuff with perforated stopper 24 cm long x 10 cm wide....

Zaldi Strong Tampico Root Brush

Price 8,99 €
The Zaldi Raíz Tampico Fuerte brush is built with 4-centimeter bristles, being a straight brush. Its length is 25 centimeters.

Zaldi Zacatón Fiber Union Root Brush

Price 8,99 €
The Zaldi Zacatón Fibra Unión root brush has 4-centimeter bristles and is straight at the root. It has a length of 22 centimeters . With a light brown base.
  • -3,56 €

Zaldi Sprenger HS Brush With Spikes

Regular price 23,55 €
-3,56 € Price 19,99 €
Sprenger HS brush with Zaldi bristles. Oval brush 12 cm long and 5 cm wide. 1.5 cm metal bristles.

Hippotonic Gel Mane Brush

Price 11,99 €
The Hippotonic Gel Mane Brush gently detangles mane hair, and has a gel handle for better grip and comfort. Features: Brush: For horsehair. Gel handle: For better grip and comfort. Nylon spikes: Gently detangle hair. Composition: Brush: Polypropylene. Barbs: Nylon. Handle:...
  • -1,80 €

HIPPOTONIC rubber brush for blanket

Regular price 9,79 €
-1,80 € Price 7,99 €
HIPPOTONIC rubber brush for blanket The HIPPOTONIC rubber brush is perfect for cleaning blankets . It has long natural rubber prongs that allow easy and effective cleaning of the surface of the blankets .
  • -2 €

Blue / Brown Mane Brush

Regular price 8,99 €
-2 € Price 6,99 €
The brush to untangle the mane protects them from breaking by the tines that are flexible. Its design is anatomical in any hand, with the shape of the round and wide head in PVC. The handle is non-slip.

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