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Cuchillo Damasquinado Germany

Regular price 94,99 €
-25 € Price 69,99 €
El cuchillo Damasquinado Germany es un cuchillo de lujo IMPRESCINDIBLE para cualquier amante de los cuchillos. Para su fabricación se han forjado 8 capas de acero por ambas caras, sobre un núcleo de acero inoxidable 440C . Estas capas consisten alternativamente en: - Material duro con...
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Professional Electric Sharpener

Regular price 149 €
-49,01 € Price 99,99 €
Professional sharpener for your knives and scissors. The use of diamonds combined with precision guides give as a result an optimum sharp quality with a minimum blades' wear. It can be used with serrated blades. Professional sharpening in 3 stages: 1st stage: a diamond disc prepares the...

Blaser Ultimate Blaze Knife

Price 144,99 €
The Blaser Ultimate Blaze knife has two cutting positions. On the one hand it has a traditional edge and simply by pressing a button and turning it becomes a skinning knife. Features: It has a synthetic handle with non-slip scales With Kydex sheath with swivel belt clip, which...
  • -17,41 €

Knife Remate Muela

Regular price 168,40 €
-17,41 € Price 150,99 €
The Muela one-piece finishing knife has a resistant MoVa steel blade and a handle made of stabilized beech wood . In addition, it has a defense and brass caps. Features: Overall length: 36cm Blade length: 24cm Blade thickness: 4.5mm Steel type: MoVa Blade Finish: Satin with...
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Hunting Kit HME 12 Pieces

Price 89,99 €
The HME 12-Piece Hunting Kit is made up of a cleaver, a small caper, a hook skinner, a boning knife , a cleaver, a bone saw, scissors, a pencil sharpener. , a rib spreader, a cutting board, and gloves. The handle is covered with rubber for a better grip, the blade is made of...


Price 6,49 €
Pressed cardboard target, especially recommended for throwing knives. 20 cm in diameter, and 1 cm thick.

Set 3 Rainbow Launcher Knives

Price 16,79 €
The Set of 3 Rainbow Throwing Knives has been designed with handles and blades in various colors creating a rainbow effect. Characteristics 3 piece set Edge: Smooth Material: Stainless Steel Size: 16.5cm Includes nylon sheath
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Cuchillo Supervivencia Aitor Jungle King II

From Regular price 119,99 €
-18 € Price 101,99 €
El mejor cuchillo de supervivencia. Le presentamos el cuchillo de supervivencia más completo, que le ofrecerá sencillos recursos para resolver graves apuros. Con una hoja de 14 cm. de acero inoxidable al cromo-molibdeno-vanadio de gran dureza, cromada en negro, con sierra de doble línea de...
  • -7,17 €

Cuchillo Enterizo Muela Ibex 8R

Regular price 52,16 €
-7,17 € Price 44,99 €
CUCHILLO MUELA DE GRAN CALIDAD, FABRICADO CON HOJA DE CROMO-MOLIBDENO-VANADIO DE GRAN DUREZA, TEMPLADO A 1.100ºC. Cuchillo enterizo con empuñadura de madera mikarta. Incluye funda de piel de cinturón. Longitud de la hoja: 8 cm. Longitud de la empuñadura: 9 cm. Peso: 140 g.
  • -21,75 €

Muela Ursus Knife

Regular price 176,74 €
-21,75 € Price 154,99 €
Muela knife with a blade of 26 cm. made of sturdy Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium, tempered at 1,100º C. and handle of 14 cm. Leather sheath included. Weight: 480 g.
  • -16,67 €

Muela Podenquero Knife

Regular price 166,66 €
-16,67 € Price 149,99 €
Muela knife with a blade of 26 cm. made of sturdy Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium, tempered at 1,100ºC. and deer antler handle of 14 cm. Leather sheath included. Weight: 540 g.

Knife with Deer Antler handle

Price 129,99 €
Killing-off knife, with 440C stainless steel blade, 23.5 cm long and 5 mm thickness. Deer antler handle. Leather sheath included.
  • -11,20 €

Muela Explorer Machete

Regular price 106,19 €
-11,20 € Price 94,99 €
Muela machete with a blade of 32 cm, made of sturdy Chrome- Molybdenum- Vanadium, tempered at 1,100º C. Fiber handle with 13.5 cm. length. Cordura sheath included. Weight: 570 gr.

Muela Skinner Knife

Price 34,99 €
Lightweight skinner knife. Perfect to take with you because it ocuppies very little room and it is very useful. 440 steel blade and easy handling rubber handle. Handle length: 11,5 cm. Blade length 11,5 cm. Weight: 160 g.
  • -39,30 €

Cuchillo de Remate Muela Bowie

Regular price 123,29 €
-39,30 € Price 83,99 €
Cuchillo específico de caza con hoja de acero cromo-molibedno-vanadio de gran dureza templado a 1.100ºC; este acero . Este cuchillo tipo daga es adecuado también para supervivencia y actividades outdoor. Su hoja de doble filo y acabada en punta ofrece una versatilidad única. La empuñadura es...
  • -18,87 €

Muela Gran Duque 25S Killing-off Knife

Regular price 185,86 €
-18,87 € Price 166,99 €
The most powerful in the market! Powerful and highly resistant Killing off knife. Its complete 25 cm. hard blade made of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium tempered at 1.100ºC, offers great security in each use. Deer antler handle It includes leather sheath. Handle length: 14 cm. Blade...

Walther Back-Up Knife

Price 33,99 €
Tactical Knife of extreme hardness with a new combat design. Blade of 440c stainless steel with a black coating and a synthetic handle for easy grip. This fabulous knife comes with a multi-position polymer sheath of great resistance , that can be adjusted in the desired direction at all...

King II Combat Knife

Price 33,99 €
Survival knife with black stainless steel blade and serrated upper edge. It contains a complete survival kit that includes: hooks, needle, thread, compass, nylon, safety pin, matches, leads, adhesive bandage, spear point, elastic slingshot, arrow point and tweezers. It includes a rigid nylon...
  • -8,18 €

Muela Pointer-13A Knife

Regular price 80,17 €
-8,18 € Price 71,99 €
Muela knife with chromium vanadium blade of 12 cm length. Tempered at 1100 ºC. Deer antler handle. Includes a leather sheath. Handle's length: 11 cm. Blade's length: 12 cm.
  • -5,31 €

Muela Outdoor Knife

Regular price 44,30 €
-5,31 € Price 38,99 €
New outdoor knife from Muela prestigious brand. Chrome vanadium 16 cm blade, tempered at 1000ºC. 11,5 cm wooden pressed handle. Includes a leather sheath. Weight: 270 g.
  • -5,96 €

Botero Knife

Regular price 21,95 €
-5,96 € Price 15,99 €
Black tactical knife with 440 stainless steel blade and rubber handle, that offers a great resistance. Double edged blade. Includes a nylon sheath with quick opening for an easy access in any situation. Nylon sheath. Blade's length: 12,5 cm. Overall length: 23 cm.

Tactical Combat Knife

Price 70,99 €
Tactical combat knife with 440 stainless steel blade, 20 cm length and 6 mm thickness. Laminated high density synthetic fibre handle that improves grip. With regular and serrated edge. Directionable in vertical or horizontal sheath with a flint to start a fire. Includes a tactical sheath....

Manual sharpener for Scissors and Knives 2

Price 19,99 €
Easy to use sharpener, you only have to slide the knife by the Vshape slot 3 or 4 times. The carbon sheets have the perfect inclination to offer an excellent sharp. The scissor sharpener offer a ceramic bar which adapts to fit to the scissors blades. You can use this sharpener even with the big...

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