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Duck Hart Sikkario X-Tube

Regular price 762,30 €
-219,31 € Price 542,99 €
The Hart Sikario X-Tube duck is very resistant since it is made of high resistance PVC with reinforced and heat-sealed joints . In addition, thanks to HART technology, PVC-BYLAYER incorporates a 1,000 denier polyester interior coating that improves its resistance and durability....
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Regular price 278,30 €
-80,31 € Price 197,99 €
Comfortable float fishing tube V shaped. Its V shape improves its stability and maneuverability. The seat is placed over the water level with adjustable backrest inclination, making it comfortable for all anglers, allowing to fish for hours, reducing fatigue. Floats from the V series are...
  • -129,71 €


Regular price 447,70 €
-129,71 € Price 317,99 €
Incredible folding Small pontoon built on a steel collapsible tubular base, like a ''pocket'' folding. Easy to carry and perfect for anglers who want something more than a standard float tube, but without the difficulties that offer big pontoons. Comfortable angling stance to battle with big...
  • -23,31 €

Fins duck

Regular price 72,30 €
-23,31 € Price 48,99 €
Specially designed fins for a push from a vertical position. One size fits all, with an adjustable back closure that allows them to be used with soled booties.
  • -17,45 €

Support of 6 rods for ducks

Regular price 60,44 €
-17,45 € Price 42,99 €
Reed holder for ducks on a tray. Capacity 6 rods. Incorporates adjustable rope. Support for any type of boat.
  • -66,97 €

Duck Lineaeffe Belly Boat

Regular price 212,96 €
-66,97 € Price 145,99 €
The Lineaeffe Belly Boat duck has the following characteristics: Boston Style inflation valves 600 Denier Nylon Oxford Outer Fabric with Fluorescent Back PVC air chambers 0.48 mm Measurements (inflated): 139.7x129.54x50.8 cm Weight: 3.6 Kg (8 lbs) - 5.5 Kg Boxed Capacity up to 136...
  • -194,80 €

Hart the Guardian Duck

Regular price 724,79 €
-194,80 € Price 529,99 €
The Hart The Guardian Duck is made entirely of 1,000 Denier PVC coated polyester. It differs from the standard ducks in the oversized cover since this is 1.1 mm compared to 0.7 mm for the standard ones. Dimensions: Length: 1.60 meters Duck sleeve: 120 cm. Diameter of the balls: 35...
  • -18,18 €

HART Y280A Duck Fins

Regular price 64,07 €
-18,18 € Price 45,89 €
The HART Y280A duck fins have been specially designed for a thrust from the vertical position, thus coinciding with the flapping of a fishing duck . It has a closure at the back that can be adjusted to use the fins with a preferred shoe.
  • -49,41 €

Hart Mosquitto Orange Duck

Regular price 169,40 €
-49,41 € Price 119,99 €
The duck Hart Mosquitto Naranj a has a V-shape and is characterized by being very comfortable, stable and manageable for all those who want to start duck fishing or who do not want to make a greater investment in other float tubes. Characteristics: The seat and backrest are...
  • -9,20 €

Hart Bow Duck Waterproof Bag

Regular price 30,19 €
-9,20 € Price 20,99 €
The Hart Bow Duck Watertight Bag is made of PVC , which gives it watertight properties to store various accessories or materials on the bow of the ducks and be sure to keep them protected from water. Characteristics: It comes with black hooks located at the ends to adjust and...
  • -78,01 €

Duck Hart Sikkario X- Black

Regular price 560 €
-78,01 € Price 481,99 €
The Hart Sikkario X- Black duck has been manufactured in PVC with an excellent level of resistance, where the joints are reinforced and heat-sealed. Hart PVC-Bylayer technology has been used that adds a 1,000 denier polyester coating on the inside, promoting strength and durability....
  • -122,51 €

Duck Hart Vendetta + GIFT !! Duck fins

Regular price 423,50 €
-122,51 € Price 300,99 €
The Hart Vendetta is a new concept of fishing duck, which is characterized by smaller measures than most ducks, being made of high-resistance PVC, and in which the covers have been reinforced and heat-sealed for maximum guarantee. The Vendetta "compact" duck has been designed under Hart...
  • -136,36 €

Duck Hart Vendetta Pro

Regular price 526,35 €
-136,36 € Price 389,99 €
The Hart Vendetta Pro duck is characterized by its smaller measurements than most ducks, made of high-strength PVC, where the covers have been reinforced and heat-sealed. This compact model comes without cameras. It has been designed under Hart PVC-Bylayer technology which adds a...
  • -1,84 €
Traditional Hart Duck Stand | Comprar online | Alvarez

Traditional Hart Duck Stand

From Regular price 8,83 €
-1,84 € Price 6,99 €
The Hart Traditional Duck Mount comes in two models to choose from, a traditional one with a motor and the second with a keel or torpedo motor. They are essential accessories to keep your duck in optimal condition and continue to enjoy fishing. YSQ model: bracket for external...
  • -51 €

Pato Rapala FT 140

Regular price 329,99 €
-51 € Price 278,99 €
EL PATO DEFINITIVO!!! MÁXIMA CALIDAD RAPALA A UN PRECIO IRREPETIBLE!!! Diseñado y fabricado por pescadores, para pescadores ROBUSTO SEGURO CÓMODO NAVEGACIÓN SENCILLA Pensando en la máxima comodidad para el pescador, Rapala ha equipado este pato con dos bolsillos laterales, que...

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