Caña Daiwa Triforce Tele

From Price €29.99
La Caña Daiwa Triforce Tele está diseñada para la pesca de peces blancos de pequeño y mediano tamaño, sus puntos fuertes son la fiabilidad y la solidez. A continuación, detallamos sus características clave: Blank de carbono y composite : Proporciona la rigidez y sensibilidad necesarias para...
  • -€61.84

Kali Kunnan Mooncast rod

From Regular price €165.83
-€61.84 Price €103.99
Kali Kunnan Mooncast telescopic rod, for freehand fishing built with high resistance Carbon High Modulus + Cross that gives it a powerful and fast action. He manages to lift up to 5 kg of weight. Specifications: Carbon High Modulus + Cross. Heel pad with non-slip rubber. Cloth...
  • -€9.01
  • NEW

Caña Daiwa Tournament Strong Float

Regular price €399.00
-€9.01 Price €389.99
La  Caña Daiwa Tournament Strong Float  está diseñada para la pesca con flotador en alta mar desde las rocas, gracias a su gran potencia permite abordar la pesca en zonas rocosas con total tranquilidad para levantar capturas de tamaño razonable sin sacadera a través de las rompientes. A...

Caña Daiwa Aqualite Whip

From Price €47.99
La caña Daiwa Aqualite Whip es una excelente elección para los pescadores que buscan una caña de pesca con características específicas. Aquí se destacan los aspectos clave de esta caña: Diseño Compacto: La Daiwa Aqualite Whip gracias a su diseño compacto  facilita su transporte....
  • -€4.01

Caña Daiwa Aqualite Alborella

From Regular price €24.00
-€4.01 Price €19.99
La caña Daiwa Aqualite Alborella es una elección ideal para los pescadores que buscan una caña ligera y equilibrada para la pesca rápida de pescado blanco. A continuación, se presentan los aspectos destacados de esta caña: Diseñada para Pescado Blanco: La Daiwa Aqualite Alborella ha sido...
  • -€17.79

Caña Fishing Ferrari Poseidon Bolo

From Regular price €74.78
-€17.79 Price €56.99
La Caña Fishing Ferrari Poseidon Bolo es una caña telescópica ligera, para pesca en agua dulce. Características: Anillas: Fuji, inoxidables y suaves. Telescópica: Fácil de transportar. Caña Fishing Ferrari Poseidon Bolo 500: Longitud: 5 m. Tramos: 5. Plegado: 127 cm....
  • -€31.66

Caña Fishing Ferrari Winner Bolo Ultra Light

From Regular price €150.65
-€31.66 Price €118.99
La Caña Fishing Ferrari Winner Bolo Ultra Light es una caña ultra ligera, de alta calidad, para pesca de presas pequeñas. Características: Material: Carbono de alto módulo IM8, resistente y ligera. Anillas Minimal Super Light: Ofrecen un deslizamiento de la línea perfecto, lo que...
  • -€67.00

Rod Tubertini R18 Ultra Slim Bolognese 01

From Regular price €419.99
-€67.00 Price €352.99
Rod Tubertini R18 Ultra Slim Bolognese 01 Series of ultra-thin profile Bolognese made of R18 carbon. The use of this material has made it possible to obtain an excellent product with features and weights never seen before. The action of this rod is very fast and progressive with...
  • -€3.76

Yokozuna X-Telepole Rod

From Regular price €14.75
-€3.76 Price €10.99
Shaft Yokozuna X-Telepole The YOKOZUNA X-Telepole series are bare rods made of epoxy fiber, with a perfect quality-price ratio. Perfect for use as a bare rod for initiation. Plastic tip. Characteristics Model DYXTP5 Length : 5m Folded : 113cm Weight : 321g...

Mitchell Adventure II Pole Rod

From Price €7.99
The Mitchell Adventure II Pole Rod is perfect for users who are just starting out in fishing. Characteristic: Telescopic rod: Facilitates transport. Includes: Float, line and hook. List to fish. Adventure II T-300 Pole: Colour: Black/ Red. Length: 2.70m. Weight:...
  • -€23.01

Daiwa Aqualite Pole Telescopic Rod

Regular price €119.00
-€23.01 Price €95.99
The Daiwa Aqualite Pole rod is ideal for beginners in Bolognese, English, Coup and Pole fishing in canals or reservoirs. It has several sections, to achieve the perfect length for each moment. The handle has non-slip paint, which guarantees a better grip. It has Micro Pitch technology...
  • -€11.99

Reed Kali Kunnan Harlem

Regular price €117.98
-€11.99 Price €105.99
The Kali Kunnan Harlem rod has the following characteristics: CTC coal Metal screw terminal with shock absorber Mixed textured mango Fabric cover Model 600 Specifications: L (m): 6.00 Action (g / lb): 4kg Test Sections: 6 Folded Length: 120 ø m: 29 Weight: 524 Model...
  • -€10.01

Cinnamon Rayforce Power Press 8003

Regular price €195.00
-€10.01 Price €184.99
The Cinforce Rayforce Power Pulse is a pulse rod designed for extreme fishing from cliffs. It offers a very large power reserve to be able to raise and fight with the whitewater fish. Constructed in carbon XBR 30T with reinforcement in the key points. It maintains a good balance...


Price €18.00
Sturdy fishing rod, tip action and non-slip grip. Includes plastic rod cover. Length: 6 m. Folding: 115 cm. Pieces: 6 Action: 5-20 g. Weight: 480 g. Length: 7 m. Folding: 115 cm. Pieces: 7 Action: 5-20 g. Weight: 690 g. Length: 8 m. Folding: 115 cm....
  • -€1.75


From Regular price €7.74
-€1.75 Price €5.99
Reliability at a low price Telescopic bare rod with an excellent action. Strong and sturdy. Outstanding qualities. Length: 3 m Folding: 115 cm. Pieces: 3. Action: 20 - 40 gr. Weight: 155 g. Length: 4 m Folding: 115 cm. Pieces: 4. Actions: 20 - 40 gr. Weight:...
  • -€22.21


From Regular price €77.20
-€22.21 Price €54.99
Be surprised Telescopic rod without guides whose powerful action, more than 30 gr., will surprise you. This action offers a precise rod, ideal for any angling modality. Length: 5 m Closed length: 137 cm. Sections: 5. Action: +30 gr. Weight: 220 g. Length: 6 m Closed length:...
  • -€147.75

Tica Caa Sakee Special

From Regular price €426.74
-€147.75 Price €278.99
Tica's professional Sakee Special model is characterized by the use of high-quality hi-tech materials and exceptional design. The impregnation and the balance of this telescopic rod without rings maximize its performance and give it the desired action and power with minimum weight and...
  • -€45.10

Renzo Valdieri cane Atila

Regular price €230.09
-€45.10 Price €184.99
The Atila by Renzo Valdieri is a ringless rod specially designed for float fishing. Constructed with high resistance Diamond Carbon that gives it powerful, fast action and low weight. HM carbon Metal terminal with shock absorber Textured handle Fabric cover Model 600...
  • -€55.96

Caña Tubertini Level Team EX

Regular price €240.95
-€55.96 Price €184.99
Las cañas Tubertini Level Team 5500 EX, es una caña equilibrada, fina y extremadamente fiable, excelente compañera para la pesca tanto en mar como en aguas interiores. Los tramos están acabados en mate, característica que hace que no se adhiera el nylon incluso en condiciones de gran humedad....
  • -€2.18

Kali Bazooca rod

From Regular price €16.17
-€2.18 Price €13.99
The Kali Bazooca rod is made of high quality hi-tech materials with the following characteristics:. Tubular Screw plastic terminal Vinyl cover Specs: Model 500: Length: 4.89 m. Sections: 5. Folded: 115 cm Action: Pulse. Weight: 336 g Model 600:...
  • -€32.01

Reed Hydra Ordine Plus

Regular price €167.00
-€32.01 Price €134.99
The cane H7dra Ordine Plus , is of great power and reliability. Carbon reinforced with metallic ferrules throughout the sections. 100% carbon. Braided carbon reinforcement in all sections except base. Carbon toe. Grip gummed for a better grip. Metallic contera. Fabric cover...
  • -€26.01

Reed Hydra Typhoon

From Regular price €135.00
-€26.01 Price €108.99
The Hydra Typhoon rod , made with ultra-reinforced high modulus carbon and X-braided thread, even its toe is made of carbon. This rod without rings will make all the anglers fall in love with Coup. Features: High Modulus Carbon. Ultra-reinforced carbon with X-braided wire....
  • -€8.20

Cane Lineaeffe Orion Pole

From Regular price €28.19
-€8.20 Price €19.99
The Lineaeffe Orion Pole rod is made of 100% carbon that favors its lightness and is easy to handle. Its action of up to 25 g is suitable for fishing in fresh water and sea. Includes cloth cover. Features: Model 400: Length: 4 m Sections: 4 Folding: 115 cm. Action: up...
  • -€6.54

Cane Lineaeffe Carbon Pole

From Regular price €25.53
-€6.54 Price €18.99
Telescopic rod Lineaeffe Carbon Pole is made with superior carbon of 40 Tons. Model 400: Length: 4.00 m Sections: 4 Folding: 115 cm. Action: up to 25 g. Weight: 182 g. Model 500: Length: 5.00 m. Sections: 5 Folding: 115 cm. Action: up to 25 g....

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