• -€23.41

Full Pony team

Regular price €234.40
-€23.41 Price €210.99
The synthetic material from which this product is made full equipment for Pony , makes it a lightweight but very resistant chair, as well as making it very easy to clean and maintain. English chair with front wing and back. Includes belt, stock, stirrups and cover. Color: it's black.
  • -€16.95

Full X-Range team

Regular price €170.94
-€16.95 Price €153.99
A team consisting of: Head over heels. The stock. Stripes, please. Screw you. Steak. Sweaty.
  • -€42.59

Synthetic Pro-Light Jumping Chair

Regular price €209.58
-€42.59 Price €166.99
Lightweight Jumping Chair Pro-Light synthetic, with excellent finishes and elegant design. Very light, only 3 kg New synthetic jump chair with excellent finishes. Nice design. Great forehand. Measures 16 and 17.5. Color: it's black.
  • -€38.63

General purpose synthetic Pro-Light chair

Regular price €188.62
-€38.63 Price €149.99
Fantastic general purpose chair Pro-Light synthetic , for riders looking for the best value for money. With the appearance of leather, it is a very light and manageable frame whose cleaning and maintenance is surprisingly simple. Excellent value for money. Great forehand. Short...
  • -€56.47

Endurance Walking Chair

Regular price €280.46
-€56.47 Price €223.99
Wheelchair Endurance Wheelchair made of leather. Very padded and comfortable seat, with overlays. Kneecap with padded taco. Rings for front and rear trunks. Measures 18. Approximate weight: 6 kg. Color: it's black.
  • -€114.25

Silla Inglesa Amazona Castetus Lady

Regular price €566.24
-€114.25 Price €451.99
La silla Zaldi Inglesa Amazona Castetus Lady tiene las siguientes características: Largo de 49 cm. (20") hasta la primera corneta. Largo total de 65 cm. Largo de las cornetas de 20 cm. Ancho de las cornetas de 7 cm. Asiento de 42 cm. de largo y 28 cm. de ancho. Baste de 48 cm. de...
  • -€26.81

Silla de Marcha Ligera

Regular price €270.80
-€26.81 Price €243.99
Esta nueva  silla de Marcha Ligera minimiza la fatiga y es muy cómoda tanto para el jinete como para el caballo.  Es una silla sin armadura, por lo que es muy ligera y se adapta a todo tipo de dorsos y cruces. Te proporcionará una gran libertad de movimientos y un máximo contacto con el...
  • -€66.01

Full School Team

Regular price €246.00
-€66.01 Price €179.99
Full School Team Full riding gear that provides maximum comfort. It includes: 18" English chair. Head over heels. Leather stocks. Chromed metal strips. It's made of nylon. Steak. Sweaty. Colours: black, brown and hazel.
  • -€63.01

Silla de Uso General Status

From Regular price €236.00
-€63.01 Price €172.99
La Económica silla de montar para uso general de la marca neozelandesa Status,  están fabricadas en cuero sintético de alta calidad, son muy confortables para el jinete y el caballo, ligeras y fáciles de limpiar .  Características: Realizada en cuero sintético de alta calidad...
  • -€22.96

Complete Team Premiere Pony

Regular price €229.95
-€22.96 Price €206.99
Equipo Completo Premiere Pony El  Equipo Completo Premiere Pony   es la elección perfecta para los jóvenes jinetes que buscan un conjunto de calidad y comodidad. Este conjunto incluye una silla de cuero especialmente diseñada para ponis, sin árboles, lo que garantiza una experiencia...
  • -€34.75

Running Chair and Raid Endurance Freemax

Regular price €169.74
-€34.75 Price €134.99
The marching and raid chair Endurance Freemax it is extremely light, being a chair without armor that fits all kinds of backs and crosses. Your horse will hardly notice you're carrying it! It is made of neoprene and Tex-Tech (except for the black model which is similar to leather), a...
  • -€61.01

Basic Raid wheelchair

Regular price €225.00
-€61.01 Price €163.99
Wheelchair Basic raid made of leather. Without armor. Chair without armor made of leather. Internal size of the seat 39 cm. Weight: Four and a half kilos. Colours: black/red.
  • -€101.01

Silla vaquera completa

From Regular price €380.00
-€101.01 Price €278.99
La silla Vaquera básica completa es perfecta para los jinetes que buscan calidad y buen precio. Zalea sintética de borreguillo. Bastes con forro de lona. Medidas: adulto Peso aproximado: 10-14 Kg. Color: negro y marrón. Incluye aciones, cincha, estribos y baticola.
  • -€76.01

Basic cow chair Full pony

From Regular price €286.00
-€76.01 Price €209.99
The chair Full basic coat it's perfect for riders looking for quality and good price. It's a synthetic meat loaf. Canvas lining is enough. Size: the pony. Approximate weight: 10 to 14 kg. Color: black and hazel. Served with: - Cowboy stripes. - Stripping action. - What. - She's...
  • -€83.77

Chair of Doma Lestter

From Regular price €392.76
-€83.77 Price €308.99
The English chair of Dame Lestter, manufactured for Zaldi under their supervision and supply of materials, is characterised by an excellent quality/price ratio. Made from boxcalf leather. Armour of modified polypropylene with PDM and thermodeformable taco. Semi-deep seat. It's a...
  • -€68.01

Silla de Montar Australiana Bicolor Norton Completa

From Regular price €399.00
-€68.01 Price €330.99
La silla de montar y Raid Australiana Excelsior bicolor tiene el asiento profundo con el borrén prominente para mayor comodidad. Los bastes están forrados de fieltro y rellenos de lana, adornados con botones de metal de color dorado y sobrecosturas. La anilla de baticola y las anillas de...
  • -€54.87

Full team Bremco

Regular price €269.86
-€54.87 Price €214.99
This entire riding equipment Bremco is recommended for general use and includes: 18" English chair. Leather head. Leather stocks. Chromed stirrups with non-slip rubber stick. Nylon strap reinforced with stainless buckles. This is metal fillet. Sweaty. Colours: Black, brown and...

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