Zaldi Large Sponge 48094

Price 1,99 €
The Zaldi 48094 large sponge is porous and soft, ideal for the care and hygiene of your horses. It only comes in yellow.

Zaldi Plastic Pillow with Canvas

Price 3,99 €
The Zaldi Plastic Canvas Pad has an oval shape and a canvas handrail for easy grip. It is made of hard plastic , which promotes its strength and durability. In the lower area it is completely serrated. Its measures are: Width: 11 cm. Length: 15 cm.

Zaldi Rubber Large Pillow 872

Price 3,99 €
The Zaldi Goma Grande 872 pillow has been manufactured with quality materials, among which the soft rubber stands out. It has a rubber handrail as well and in the lower area it has rubber teeth. Its shape is oval. Its measures are: Width: 10 cm. Length: 15 cm.

Zaldi Sheet Metal Pillow with Handrail

Price 3,99 €
The Zaldi Chapa with Handrail curry has eight rails in total, all of which are serrated. It has been manufactured with sheet metal and its handrail is made of black leather with a slight relief to promote good grip. Its measures are: Width: 10 cm. Length: 12 cm.

Curry Zaldi Reversible Spiral

Price 4,99 €
The Z aldi Reversible Spiral curry has 4 toothed circles, on both sides , forming a spiral. In addition, it is made of high quality metal and has an anatomical handle for a more comfortable grip.


Price 5,99 €
Metal Spiral Pillow with handle , with reversible blades with two heights of teeth, to adapt according to the sensitivity of your horse. Fluorescent handle with glitter.
  • Second hand


Price 5,99 €
You will elliminate dirt and loose hair from your horse. To prevent pain, use it smoothly on you horse4s coat. A back handle allows an easy use.
  • -0,70 €

Double Function Pad and Massage Glove

Regular price 5,69 €
-0,70 € Price 4,99 €
This glove has a double function, on one side it is a pillow with spikes, and on the other side it serves to massage the horse thanks to its 7 stainless steel balls. This glove helps warm the muscles of the horse before exercise and relaxes it after training. Made of PVC

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