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Heavy-duty reels,available in the following models: Match 30 Universal Match 30 Aluminum Match 50 Universal Match 50 Aluminium


Price 280 €
Let us surprise you A new simple, strong and efficient jacket specifically created for diving centres and professional companies that require a reliable and high resistance. The jacket is made entirely from 500 and 1000 denier Cordura. 1000 Cordura for the exterior, pockets and shoulders and...
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Aletas De Buceo Mares Avanti Quattro +

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-26 € Price 119 €
Las Aletas de buceo Mares Avanti Quattro + consiguen mayor empuje con un menor esfuerzo. Con una longitud de pala que oscila desde los 37 a los 39 cm (según talla) y un diseño especialmente centrado en maximizar cada aleteo. Especial diseño de cuatro costillas que permite que las aletas se...
  • -114,01 €

Traje de Pesca Submarina Cressi Tracina Ultraspan

From Regular price 274 €
-114,01 € Price 159,99 €
Traje de buceo Cressi Tracina Ultraspan con un nuevo diseño mimético, réplica del fondo marino. Su tonalidad marrón oscuro lo hacen idóneo para zonas sombrías de fondos mediterráneos y oceánicos. Neopreno de alta densidad 100% con forro Ultraspan© muy flexible e hidrodinámico para mejorar la...
  • -31,01 €

Mares Razor Pro Fins

Regular price 95 €
-31,01 € Price 63,99 €
Interchangeable blade. Lightweight, powerful and incredible performance. Maximum power without sacrificing comfort. Blade variable thickness for an ideal flexion curve.
  • -23,01 €

Diving fins Cressi Reaction EBS

Regular price 77 €
-23,01 € Price 53,99 €
Cressi Reaction EBS fins for diving Made with the Cressi-sub 3-material injection system (patented): polypropylene, flexible elastomer and compact elastomer. "Foot pocket under the upper" design, double lateral ribs, thickness of the upper profile with a decreasing profile, reinforced foot...
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OMER escarpines Biforrados

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Biforrated OMER booties Escarpín in biforrado neoprene 3 mm Omer.
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OMER Cayman Sport rifle

From Regular price 169 €
-49,01 € Price 119,99 €
The Omersub Cayman Sport speargun is a classic speargun with a 28mm diameter black extruded anodized aluminum tube. It comes standard with a PR80 steel shaft, a simple howitzer and 16.5mm Top Energy rubbers.
  • -5,01 €

Scubapro Boots Kailua

Regular price 17 €
-5,01 € Price 11,99 €
Scubapro Kailua boot with flexible and non-slip sole, perfect for all your days at the beach. Design with blue stitching and brand logo on the front.
  • -87,01 €

Go diving Scubapro Jacket

Regular price 435 €
-87,01 € Price 347,99 €
The Scubapro Go diving vest is light, comfortable and very easy to transport. You will be able to enjoy all the advantages of a complete diving jacket with the comfort and lightness that others do not provide. Its padding and buoyancy make it equally valid for temperate waters. Technical...
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Mares diving mask X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin

Regular price 95 €
-36,01 € Price 58,99 €
The Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin diving mask is the perfect lens for all your dives. They feature an ultra-sheer bi-silicone skirt contoured for an enhanced level of fit and comfort. Lens increases visibility even in murky water Its design offers little resistance. The mirror lens...
  • -40,01 €

Diving rifle Mares Sniper PS

From Regular price 110 €
-40,01 € Price 69,99 €
The Mares Sniper PS speargun is perfect for all your dives. Select the size that best suits your style and enjoy sports under the sea. Characteristics Compact head and valid for a pair of rubbers Stainless steel material on release shaft and release line Very comfortable handle with...
  • -5 €

Fins Mares Hermes pool

From Regular price 24,99 €
-5 € Price 19,99 €
The pool flap Mares Hermes is perfect to train your swimming and perfect your technique. Its design is short shovel and closed heel, designed for beginners and intermediate level swimmers. Strengthens your muscles and manages to be an expert diver thanks to the fit and comfort of the Hermes...
  • -9,01 €

Short fins Cressi Water

From Regular price 31 €
-9,01 € Price 21,99 €
Cressi's Agua Short fins have been designed for efficient force transmission. With them the swimmer can perform a progressive and pleasant flapping. This model has innovations that facilitate swimming and avoid possible injuries. Its sole is built with the specific rigidity to avoid cramps...

Máscara de buceo Cressi Air

From Price 69,99 €
La máscara de buceo Cressi Air cuenta con ventajas técnicas que Cressi ha incorporado en las últimas temporadas. Diseño y tecnología son la clave de la construcción de las gafas de buceo Cressi Air. Dispone de una exclusiva estructura que integra la montura en el propio facil en lugar de...
  • -50 €

Regulator Cressi 1º Et 10SC + 2º Et Master Chrome R

From Regular price 449 €
-50 € Price 399 €
The Cressi T10SC scuba regulator with Master Chrome R features a unique chrome coating. 1st stage T10SC It incorporates an overcompensated T membrane with insulation and antifreeze kit included. Chrome coating. Body with optimized thickness. 2 + 4 outputs. INT or DIN 300...
  • -26,91 €

Spearfishing speargun Beuchat Espadon Sport

From Regular price 89,90 €
-26,91 € Price 62,99 €
Spear Sport Beuchat Espadon Sport speargun in aluminum. 25 mm aluminum tube. With Espadon stock and closed head. 13 mm bolted elastic bands and Tahitian steel arrow with 6 mm black zinc treated spring. Standard howitzer and 2 mm polyamide braided thread.
  • -36,91 €

Spearfishing speargun Beuchat Mundial Competition

From Regular price 124,90 €
-36,91 € Price 87,99 €
Spearfishing speargun Beuchat Mundial Competition 28 mm aluminum tube. With World stock and closed head. Elastic rubber bands of 16 mm and Tahitian arrow of stainless steel of 6.5 mm. Articulated howitzer and 2 mm polyamide braided thread.
  • -19,91 €

Spearfishing speargun Beuchat Marlin Evil

From Regular price 119,90 €
-19,91 € Price 99,99 €
The Beuchat Marlin Evil speargun has the following features: 28mm aluminum tube with integral guide to optimize power and increase shooting precision. With high-end Marlin grip, favoring an ideal grip. With closed head and 6.5 mm stainless steel Tahitian shaft (6 mm shaft in 50 and 60...
  • -59,91 €

Beuchat bag Airlight 2 + mesh

Regular price 199,90 €
-59,91 € Price 139,99 €
Beuchat Airlight 2 + mesh bag , made of Nylon/PVC 600 deniers and 1000 deniers. Folding bag with wheels that is easily stored in its mesh bag. With internal fastening straps. Zip closure with eyelets to place a padlock. Side compartment for fins. Exterior pocket for documents....
  • -178,01 €

Mares Wetsuit Flexa 5.4.3

Regular price 449 €
-178,01 € Price 270,99 €
Characteristics of the Mares Flexa 5.4.3 single-piece diving suit The definitive expression of the Trilastic material design New custom, ergonomic and soft closure Front zipper with a soft neoprene flap for comfort and insulation Comfortable system for BACK and SHOULDERS: an...

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