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Deluxe model from Montefeltro series, with high quality art engravery and most selected woods. Also available for left-handed. It includes the original Benelli hard case. Gift vouch of 60 euros to be discounted in any other item that you purchase.
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Can Mossberg Cal.12 for Model 9200

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Mossberg Cannon Cal.12 For the Mossberg 9200 semi-automatic shotgun model. Fluted Length : 60cm.
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Overlapping shotgun Zoli Kronos Sporting

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Overlapping shotgun Zoli Kronos Sporting with the highest yield. Technologically refined, ergonomic, beautiful, comfortable and durable. Its essential parts (including the scale) are made from a single piece of steel, achieving unsurpassed robustness. With a specially designed weight...
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Beretta Urika 2 Cal. 12 barrel of 71 cm

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Berreta Urika 2 Cal. 12 cannon of 71 cm. Includes 3 Polyshocks. It is only valid for the Urika "FIELD" model. It is NOT valid for the other versions of Urika.
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Parallel shotgun Arrieta 802 Cal. 12

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Machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material seguridad.Dotada a compressor for the automatic opening of the shotgun. .Special double-security keys, guardrail with filete.Grabado it's hand-finished, English-style. Hand chopped English beef. It 's caliber 12 Since 1940, Arrieta...
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Arrieta 871 Caliber 12 parallel shotgun

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Since 1940, Arrieta has been synonymous with craftsmanship. The talent of Avelino Arrieta, its founder, made it possible for a craft activity to become a highly competitive company that currently exports fine weapons to several countries. High-end handmade shotguns made in Spain. Arrieta...