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Chaleco Plastimo Gilet

Regular price 49,99 €
-11 € Price 38,99 €
El chaleco Plastimo Gilet de ayuda a la flotabilidad es de categoría de flotabilidad 50N, pero 70N real. Fabricada en polietileno recubierto exteriormente de poliéster lo que le confiere una alta resistencia. Equipado con cuatro correas de cierre ajustables con hebilla de plástico y correa de...
  • -4,44 €

Life Jacket Besto Gulf 150N

Regular price 29,43 €
-4,44 € Price 24,99 €
The Besto Gulf 150N Lifejacket is a vest indicated for open sea and adverse weather conditions. To be used over waterproof clothing, it is applicable in navigation zones 2, 3 and 4. Features 100% polyester and UV resistant Improved buoyancy 90N - 150N Applicable to navigation...
  • -4,04 €

Plastimo Replacement Kit for Pro-Sensor Automatic Vest

Regular price 27,03 €
-4,04 € Price 22,99 €
The Plastimo replacement kit for Pro-Sensor Automatic Lifejacket is specially designed for the 150N - Auto UM PS inflatable lifejacket . Being compatible with the following brands: Plastimo, 4Water and Crewsaver. It includes: A bottle of CO2 33 gr A water soluble cartridge A...
  • -12,51 €

Inflatable lifejacket 150N ISO 12402-3 Delta

Regular price 100,50 €
-12,51 € Price 87,99 €
Delta and Lamda models are governed by the latest SOLAS specifications to have maximum safety on board, equip yourself with the best products at Deportes Álvarez and do not skimp on what really matters. These life jackets have been manufactured with the highest quality materials in order to...
  • -4,11 €

Lifejacket Besto Econ 100N

From Regular price 40,70 €
-4,11 € Price 36,59 €
The Besto Econ 100N Lifejacket , filled with light PE foam, guarantees maximum buoyancy in the chest area. Thanks to its front panel designed in a single section , it increases both turning capacity and safety. It incorporates fixation at the top, waist and bottom that secure the body...
  • -5 €

Besto Dinghy Life Vest

From Regular price 23,99 €
-5 € Price 18,99 €
The Besto Dinghy Lifejacket is a lightweight and economical vest that offers great freedom of movement and a great fit to the body. Thanks to its design it prevents the jacket from riding up and the wide front cut allows even more comfort. Its T? made of 100% polyester. Light PE foam....
  • -5 €

Inflatable Vest with Harness Besto 165N

Regular price 99,99 €
-5 € Price 94,99 €
The Besto 165N Inflatable Vest with Harness is a vest that stands out for its comfort . It adapts perfectly to the body thanks to its soft outer cover, the strap it incorporates for the back and the shape of the neck. At the moment it is inflated, it acts as a support for the head and...

Besto Water Ski Life Jacket

Price 53,99 €
The Life Vest Besto Esqu? Aquatic is a vest designed to be used at high speeds . Made of strong and resistant nylon, it is? Polyurethane coated and has drainage for the water outlet. It incorporates side protection, adjustable leg strap, 3 resistant closures, man-overboard ring and light...
  • -2,57 €


From Regular price 17,56 €
-2,57 € Price 14,99 €
Safety for your pet For your pet's safety. A foam construction with strong straps and a rescue handle are combined to give cats and dogs a high protection level.

Cressi Snorkeling Vest

Price 28 €
The Cressi snorkeling vest is a safety tool with a manual inflation valve and manual deflation. The chest and inguinal straps are adjustable. It includes an emergency whistle.


From Price 13,99 €
New series of homologated lifejackets The 100N Scapular Lifejacket is designed to keep the user waiting for a rescue in sheltered waters. Designed for general purpose, overturns an unconscious person to keep their respiratory tract out of water, keeping them in a safe position till the...

Racingbelt Junior Life Jacket

Price 67,99 €
Racingbelt Kids Life Jacket Features 100% polyester fabric, high visibility EN471 Airex special flotation foam padding Front made of different parts for greater comfort of use Equipped with a crotch strap to prevent slipping up According to ISO 12402-4

Bag with 4 Besto Gulf Adult Vests

Price 74,99 €
Bag with 4 Besto Gulf Adult Vests Includes 4 adult Gulf vests . The included vests have a basic style, 100N buoyancy and are made of 100% polyester and are UV resistant.

Vest Plastimo Typhoon 100N

From Price 40,99 €
The Plastimo Typhoon Vest is a 100N vest that is characterized by its high quality in relation to the price. It is equipped with a handle at the neck and a strap between the legs. Includes whistle, high resistance zipper closure, adjustable strap with plastic buckle, toggle and cord....
  • -21,27 €

Vest Plastimo Solva Ski 50N

From Regular price 86,26 €
-21,27 € Price 64,99 €
Vest Plastimo Solva Ski 50N Life jacket with a buoyancy of 50N. Perfect for water activities such as water skiing, jet skiing and wakeboarding. It combines maximum comfort and great ergonomics with very good protection. Characteristic High impact resistant foam 4 adjustable...
  • -5,96 €


Regular price 32,95 €
-5,96 € Price 26,99 €
70 newton buoyancy aid, special for canoe-Kayak. Very confortable, wide arm holes tailored for easy manoeuvres and crutch strap.

Plastimo Refill Kit for Automatic Inflatable Vests.

Price 22,99 €
The Plastimo recharging kit for Automatic Inflatable Jackets is designed for the rearming of Plastimo brand life jackets valid for the Pilot 150-165 N, EVO 165, Family, Optisafe, Quickfit and Solas models. Characteristic: Comes with a water dissolving cartridge It has UML5 trigger...
  • -10,58 €

TYPHOON 100 N KIDS' AND BABIES' LIFEJACKET. A 'must-have' at sea.

From Regular price 37,57 €
-10,58 € Price 26,99 €
Great visibility at sea, with bright colours and reflective tapes.100 N. lifejacket with polyethylen foam buoyancy, to ensure a correct self-righting capacity and comfort for your child and baby. A large wrap-around collar provides added comfort and improved head support. Central zippered...
  • -8,76 €


Regular price 43,75 €
-8,76 € Price 34,99 €
Have your dog always safe on board! Flotation ensured by soft closed cell foam. Pro fix lock fastening, adjustable strap and lifting handle.
  • -49,96 €


Regular price 139,95 €
-49,96 € Price 89,99 €
Body adapted 150 Newton category lifejacket, 100 Newton buoyancy. Designed for children from 18 to 40 kg. Fully automatic inflation with a 24 g CO2 bottle, with self-righting capacity. Neon yellow air chamber with retroreflective tapes for perfect tracking. Fitted with a grap loop and a crotch...


From Price 32,99 €
This lifejacket for kids provides a perfect ergonomic fit and maximum safety. Floating wide collar to ensure a perfect support for the kid's head, it is provided with crotch strap and support, for added security. The foam distribution inside the lifejacket, provides a quick overturn keeping...


From Price 26,99 €
Protection for the little ones. Kid's lifejacket with two floating possibilities: 100N or 150N, that reduce drowning risk. Prepared to keep the kids always face upwards helping to keep mouth and nose out of water. Its large collar allows to protect the neck. Includes: Crotch strap and...
  • -5,88 €


From Regular price 31,87 €
-5,88 € Price 25,99 €
Essential in your tack. It reduces drowning risk. It has been designed to keep an unscounscious person face upwards with mouth and nose out of water. Its protective collar keeps the head out of water. Includes: Crotch strap with buckle. Plastic zipper. Reflective bands. ISO 12402-4 or...
  • -6,89 €

Lifejacket Slalom 50n

From Regular price 68,88 €
-6,89 € Price 61,99 €
Novel design. The Slalom life jacket has a novel design that provides greater fit and comfort to the user. Offers a new level of comfort and flotation, multiple adjustable buckle straps, neoprene outer, whistle, plastic zip, mesh drain and SOLAS reflective tape. Approved to the latest...

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