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EQUITHEME Rest Bandages

Regular price 36,90 €
-11,91 € Price 24,99 €
EQUITHEME Rest Bandages Rest bandages with 5 cm self-grip strap closure. Length 4 meters and width 12 cm. Set of 4.

EQUITHEME Polo Bandages

Price 19,99 €
EQUITHEME Polo Bandages 100% polyester polar polo bandages 11 cm high. With self-gripping strap. Set of 4. Length : 3 meters
  • -4,91 €

NORTON Rest Bandages

Regular price 39,90 €
-4,91 € Price 34,99 €
NORTON bandages Set of 4 bandages made with a 100% cotton fabric with straight seams and filled with 100% polyester polyfil.

BACK ON TRACK® Bandages "Scandic"

From Price 69,99 €
BACK ON TRACK "Scandic" bandages Ideal for rest, training or transportation. The Welltex fabric inside guarantees better blood circulation and offers optimal air circulation around the leg The exterior is made of slightly extensible elastic fleece to facilitate donning, reducing...
  • -4,96 €

Bandages Polo Kingsland Klneedia Pack 4 Units

Regular price 39,95 €
-4,96 € Price 34,99 €
The Kingsland Klneedia Polo Bandages Pack 4 Units offer maximum protection and comfort for the horse's legs in general training, travel, or in the stable box. Characteristics: KLneedia Bandages: Offer maximum protection and comfort. Use: For general training, travel, or to protect...

Vendas Polo BR Xcellence Set 4

Price 26,99 €
Las Vendas Polo BR Xcellence Set 4 son de felpa, anti pilling, con cierre de velcro para un mejor ajuste. Características: Set de 4 vendas: De felpa. Anti Pilling: Para evitar que se estropee el tejido. Cierre: De velcro, para un mejor ajuste. Medidas: 11x350 cm.

Bandages Polo Kingsland KLReese 4 Units

Price 59,95 €
The Kingsland KLReese Polo Bandages 4 Pack feature design details like satin-covered hook-and-loop closures and lurex trims, left and right indicator labels, rubber puller, and Kingsland logo. Characteristics: 4 Bandages: To protect the horse's legs. Fabric: Synthetic, light and...

Polo Kingsland Klsilvia Bandages (4 Units)

Price 46,99 €
Kingsland Klsilvia polo bandages will protect your horse's legs, providing the support the horse needs. Characteristic: The velcro straps at the end of the bandages have small rubber pulls, to ensure ease of use. Adorned with metal KL logos on the end give these wraps a...

Bandages Polo Anky AW22 4 Units

Price 28,99 €
The Polo Anky AW22 4 Units Bandages are made of high quality anti-pilling fleece fabric, to prevent the fabric from being damaged, with velcro closure. Characteristic: Material: 100% Polyester. Polar: High quality, with anti-pilling properties that prevent the fabric from being...

Zandona Protective Band

Price 79,99 €
The Zandon Basic Chafe Guard helps protect the horse's skin and prevents the sensitive area subject to chafing from being further stressed and weakened. It is made of highly elastic fabric, allows greater sensitivity to the horse and ensures that the area subject to abrasions regenerates and...

Vendas Polo Anky ATB232001 (Set 4)

Price 34,99 €
Las Vendas Polo Anky ATB232001 (Set 4)   están hechas en tejido polar de alta calidad anti-pilling , para evitar que se estropee el tejido, con cierre de velcro . Características : Material:100 % Poliéster. Polar: De alta calidad, con propiedades anti-pilling que evita que se...
  • -2,96 €
Work Band Polar BR Event | Comprar online | Alvarez

Work Band Polar BR Event

Regular price 28,95 €
-2,96 € Price 25,99 €
The Polo BR Event work bandages are designed to guarantee maximum comfort for the horse, but also for the handler. Designed in 380 g plush, they have an anti-slip part to prevent them from moving from the place where they should be placed; as well as velcro closure, for greater security....

Jumptec Polo Shirts

Price 15,99 €
Jumptec polo bandages , very good manufacture. Features: Width: 11 cm. Closure with wide self-grip strip: 50 mm. Set of 4. Length: 3 m
  • -3,01 €

Vendas de Polo Equiline (4 unidades)

The unit costs 9,00 €
Regular price 39 €
-3,01 € Price 35,99 €
Las vendas de polo Equiline (4 unidades) tiene la función principal de ofrecer el mejor confort para el caballo y su cuidador. Está fabricada con 100% poliéster, siendo un material resistente y suave . Es sencillo de colocar, limpiar y retirar.  Características: Este modelo viene...
  • -4,96 €
Bandages ANKY SS21 | Comprar online | Alvarez

Bandages ANKY SS21

Regular price 29,95 €
-4,96 € Price 24,99 €
Anky bandages are made from unmatched quality fleece with strong anti-pilling properties. Available in new colors that combine perfectly with the blankets. Colors: Black, Bonnie Blue, Brillant Blue, Candy Pink, Cooper, Dark Navy, Lime Light, Limestone, Very Berry. Machine washable...
  • -2,96 €
Anky Polo Bandage (Set 4) | Comprar online | Alvarez

Anky Polo Bandage (Set 4)

Regular price 28,95 €
-2,96 € Price 25,99 €
Anky bandages are made of fleece of unrivaled quality, they are soft and very resistant. Features: It has a velcro closure, for a perfect fit. They have an anti-pilling treatment, so that they do not get balls. Comes in a pack of 4 of the same color. Machine washable at 30 degrees.

Bandages Polo Anky

Price 29,99 €
The Polo Anky Bandages are a beautiful bandage from ANKY's summer collection. These bandages are made from a high quality fleece with good anti- pilling properties . It features a strong velcro closure topped with a subtle shiny ribbon. The colors of the bandages combine...

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