• -6,91 €

Horse ball

Regular price 69,90 €
-6,91 € Price 62,99 €
The perfect toy to keep your horse entertained for a long time! This hanging ball, made of high-resistance plastic and rubber, is mounted on highly durable ropes and elastics: it resists all kinds of games. It works by hanging it from the ceiling or from the box door, at the desired height...
  • -8,91 €

Likit Starter Kit

Regular price 36,90 €
-8,91 € Price 27,99 €
The Likit Starter Kit is Composed of 1 Likit support, 3 Likit stones of 650 g (apple, carrot and cherry), and two bags of Likit candies of 100 g (eucalyptus mint and cinnamon apple).   Keeps the horse entertained while it's on. in the box or in the paddock, and quiet, very useful for...

Hippotonic Horse Toy Ball With Handle

Price 32,99 €
The Hippotonic Horse Toy Ball With Handle is used to entertain the horse, which can take it by the handle with its mouth. Features: Ball with handle: The horse can catch it with its mouth. Material: EVA plastic, grainy, easy to pick up.

Horse ball

Price 22,10 €
Keep your horse entertained and away from vices thanks to this ball to play! Hang the ball close to the horse's reach and have fun. This ball also serves as a perfect anti-stress. Very resistant, it guarantees the maximum duration. Diameter: 25 cm.
  • -5,96 €

Roller Pas-a-Fer horse toy

Regular price 59,95 €
-5,96 € Price 53,99 €
The best way to keep your horse entertained and prevent it from acquiring vices. Ideal for stages in which the horse must remain stabled for a long time. With an extraordinary aroma of apple, this toy reduces the boredom of the horse in the stable, while preventing it from chewing on the wood....

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