• -62,59 €

Carrete Hart Brutal 2SP 60L

Regular price 360,58 €
-62,59 € Price 297,99 €
Carrete Hart Brutal 2SP 60L El Carrete Hart Brutal 2SP 60L es una excelente opción para pescadores en busca de una herramienta poderosa y versátil para pescas verticales. Su cuerpo y bobina, mecanizados CNC en aluminio de una sola pieza , aseguran una gran resistencia y durabilidad....
  • -214,96 €

Shimano Stella SW-C reel

From Regular price 939,95 €
-214,96 € Price 724,99 €
The Shimano Stella SW-C spinning reel needs no introduction - it is Shimano's most advanced, durable, strong and powerful spinning reel, renowned for its quality and durability by anglers worldwide. The reel has been improved in many ways: it is even stronger, stronger, more durable and more...
  • -59,86 €

Carrete Hart Brutal GP 50SLX

Regular price 344,85 €
-59,86 € Price 284,99 €
Carrete Hart Brutal GP 50SLX El Carrete Hart Brutal GP 50SLX es una excelente opción para los amantes de la pesca vertical, especialmente para jig-casting. Este carrete tiene un cuerpo de aluminio mecanizado CNC de una sola pieza, lo que lo hace extremadamente resistente y duradero ....

Xzoga Team TX-S Reel

From Price 259,99 €
Xzoga Team TX-S Reel The Xzoga Team TX-S Reel is the perfect complement for the most demanding anglers around the world. This reel has been designed with unmatched precision and strength , making it an excellent choice for the more experienced angler . One of the most outstanding...

Xzoga Team New TXZ Reel

From Price 359,99 €
Xzoga Team New TXZ Reel The Xzoga Team New TXZ Reel is an excellent option for those looking for a high quality and durable reel . Its precision-machined aluminum main frame and rust-proof anodizing parts ensure its resistance to wear and corrosion. In addition, it has Japan steel...
  • -44 €

Tica TBAT Talisman

Regular price 269,99 €
-44 € Price 225,99 €
The Tica Talisman TG-JIGG reel is very resistant, perfect to enjoy a day of fishing in total comfort. Choose tranquility, functionality and guarantee with a brand of recognized prestige such as Tica . Constructed entirely of aluminum Forged Aluminum Coil Thread guide with anti-twist...
  • -59,01 €

Tubertini Reel Concept D

Regular price 181 €
-59,01 € Price 121,99 €
The Tubertini Concept D Reel will go down in history as the first to mount a patented double needle system : in addition to the classic pick up needle, the innovation consists of a second fixed needle designed to prevent the monofilament or braid from slipping between the rotor and spool,...
  • -90,96 €

Shimano Twin Power SW-C Reel

From Regular price 489,95 €
-90,96 € Price 398,99 €
The exceptional Shimano Twin Power SW-C reel has been designed with the highest quality standards to enjoy spinning fishing: Shimano Twin Power SW-C reel technologies: Hagane Gear - Provides smoothness, strength and power under heavy loads. Hagane Body: The body of the reel is made from...
  • -20,01 €


Regular price 115 €
-20,01 € Price 94,99 €
The Cinnetic Rextail 9000 CRBK reel is a strong and powerful reel that sets itself apart from the rest by its tremendous spool capacity. Specs: High capacity aluminum spool, perforated and double anodized. Rigid CRBK alloy body. Machined aluminum crank with EVA combat knob....
  • -53,01 €

Daiwa Black Gold FD Reel

From Regular price 164 €
-53,01 € Price 110,99 €
The Daiwa Black Gold FD reel features a control wheel made with Digigear II technology and an aluminum frame , making it ideal for heavy fishing. Its brake is of the latest generation designed with ATD technology. It presents an excellent rotation during combat. Its strengths include its...
  • -317,01 €

Daiwa Saltiga 2020 Jigging Reel

From Regular price 1.199 €
-317,01 € Price 881,99 €
El carrete Daiwa Saltiga 2020 Jigging engloba las mejores y más actualizadas tecnologías innovadoras de la marca Daiwa , donde aplican un nuevo sistema de tamaños y nuevos modelos de manivela. Cuenta con mejor estanqueidad, está fabricado con aluminio y su bastidor es mucho más sólido....
  • -7,01 €


From Regular price 92 €
-7,01 € Price 84,99 €
The new SLAT model from Tica will respond to your needs whatever sport fishing modality you practice: anchoring, spinning jig-casting ... This reel with front brake and available in two different sizes, will allow you to get the most out of your to your fishing days. Built completely in...
  • -27,96 €

SW Shimano Socorro

From Regular price 124,95 €
-27,96 € Price 96,99 €
The Jigging Shimano Socorro SW reel is perfect for multiple fishing modes, both offshore and high seas, a soft and powerful reel that will give you maximum confidence. The average size of this Socorro SW reel makes it a versatile reel for multi-species saltwater anglers that are fished with...

Reel Cinnetic Captive II Reel Alu

Price 125,99 €
The new Captive II Devil reel is faster and lighter. Features: 7 + 1 bearings SS. Double anodized aluminum spool. 17kg power brake system. Hollow steel pick-up stabilizer needle. Titanium nitrate coated wire guide. Aluminum body and side cover with "Slim body" design. One-way...
  • -21,09 €

Iridium reel Atlantic

Regular price 58,08 €
-21,09 € Price 36,99 €
The Iridium Atlantic reel is designed to enjoy jigging fishing and has the following features: Made of ultra-light, corrosion-resistant graphite 4 bearing technology: one of infinite anti-reverse and 3 of stainless steel Waterproof progressive micro-adjustable brake system, sealed with felt...
  • -15,03 €

Iridium reel beachcaster Pro

Regular price 39,02 €
-15,03 € Price 23,99 €
The Iridium Beachcaster Pro front brake spool is the lightest in the Beachcaster series. Very reliable and versatile, it is made of ultralight graphite and resistant to corrosion. It has 2 bearings, one of infinite anti-reverse and another of steel. Equipped with graphite coil, its front...
  • -31,71 €

Reel Hart Deep-X

Regular price 120,70 €
-31,71 € Price 88,99 €
The Hart Deep-X reel has the following features: High capacity reel perfect for deep sea fishing or with large diameter lines. Its low ratio gives it perfect strength for both Deep Fishing and Jigging. Large diameter spool with multi-perforations to lighten the weight to the maximum...
  • -46,62 €

Reel Hart Kombat JS

From Regular price 170,61 €
-46,62 € Price 123,99 €
The Hart Kombat JS is a reel of latest powerful and light technology special for extreme spinning and jigging . Features: Sealed aluminum body, ergonomically designed aluminum rotor and forged crank. Main shaft and crown shaft made of stainless steel. Inner gears made of marine...
  • -31,33 €

Reel Lineaeffe Offshore

Regular price 77,32 €
-31,33 € Price 45,99 €
The Lineaeffe Offshore Reel , for SurfCasting fishing. Technical characteristics: Rubber and metal body. 5 + 1 sealed Japanese bearings. 1 aluminum coil Fixed screw handle. Oversized pick-up. Anti saltpeter treatment. Infinite anti-retrogression. Measures 50 and...
  • -15,44 €

Reel Lineaeffe Hikaru Forze II

From Regular price 51,43 €
-15,44 € Price 35,99 €
Surfcasting reel Lineaeffe Hikaru Forze II with: Coiled spiral winding Anti saltpeter treatment Oversized pick-up Infinite anti-retrogression Coil anti-roll Oversized arch Graphite rotor and body resistant to corrosion Anti-vibration rotor balanced by computer...
  • -29,01 €

Reel Hart Brutal CB 400L

Regular price 285 €
-29,01 € Price 255,99 €
The Hart Brutal CB 400L jig casting reel is ideal for extreme vertical fishing and live bait fishing. Characteristics: One-piece aluminum CNC machined body with Japanese NNB bearings (9 + 2 stainless steel bearings). High capacity aluminum machined spool. High quality dual brake...
  • -30,71 €

Reel Hart Toro GB 300L

Regular price 120,70 €
-30,71 € Price 89,99 €
The Hart Toro GB 300L reel is round profile for vertical and casting fishing. Perfect for those who want to start slow jigging and fishing for large predators. Characteristics: One-piece graphite body with machined aluminum caps and stainless foot. Reinforced crank with oversized...
  • -30,43 €

Hart Ishod Reel

From Regular price 123,42 €
-30,43 € Price 92,99 €
The Hart Ishod reel is the latest technology in lightweight aluminum especially for spinning and light jigging. Characteristics. Sealed aluminum body. Aluminum rotor with ergonomic design to reduce its weight while maintaining its resistance. Internal machinery made of highly durable cold...
  • -49,99 €

Hart Acid Reel

Regular price 166,98 €
-49,99 € Price 116,99 €
The Hart Acid casting reel is large capacity for catfish, big pike and slow-jigging at sea. Specs: One-piece aluminum body with integrated leg and ultra-resistant graphite caps. High capacity aluminum machined spool, with precision stainless bearings. 10 kg carbon multi-disc brake...

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