Fog Horn

Price 3,99 €
Made from highly resistant red polyamide, complying with all the regulations. Length: 30 cm.

Plastimo Gas Fog Horn Replacement

Price 6,99 €
The replacement of the Plastimo Gas Fog horn comes in a 200 ml presentation, being an ozone-friendly product. See the Plastimo Gas Fog Horn CLICK HERE
  • -25,62 €

Neptune immersion suit neoprene gloves SOLAS

Regular price 217,61 €
-25,62 € Price 191,99 €
Keeping body temperature at the correct levels and staying dry are key factors in determining our chances of survival in the water. This suit, designed by Lalizas for situations where there is a risk of hypothermia, will protect you against the cold without limiting your freedom of movement....

Buoyancy aid Performance 50N ISO 12402-5

The Performance model is characterized by its ergonomic design, a better fit and storage capacity. Excellent level of comfort and buoyancy Waist adjustment strap for maximum safety Plastic zipper SOLAS retroreflective tapes Raw materials certified according to ISO 12402-7 and ISO...
  • -3,42 €

Pro Race Buoyancy Aid 50N ISO 12402-5

Regular price 38,41 €
-3,42 € Price 34,99 €
The definitive high performance buoyancy aid, ideal for light sailing, windsurfing or canoeing thanks to its compact manufacture. High density flexible PVC foam Perfectly adjustable thanks to a double strap at the waist with Velcro Side entry rack Front mesh pocket SOLAS...
  • -4,47 €

Fire Axe with short handle antiskid

Regular price 35,46 €
-4,47 € Price 30,99 €
This fireman's ax will get you out of more than one trouble on board, perfect for gaining access to closed doors or overcoming obstacles in emergency situations. During your nautical getaways do not skimp on safety, enjoy the tranquility of the sea with the guarantee that you have maximum...

Cressi Snorkeling Vest

Price 28 €
The Cressi snorkeling vest is a safety tool with a manual inflation valve and manual deflation. The chest and inguinal straps are adjustable. It includes an emergency whistle.
  • -43,71 €

Personal Locator Beacon Ocean Signal RescueME

Regular price 413,70 €
-43,71 € Price 369,99 €
The personal signal beacon or PLB rescueME from Ocean Sign, provides the assurance that global emergency services can be alerted at the push of a button, whether on land or at sea. It can be used with only one hand and is equipped with a flap with spring to avoid the involuntary use....
  • -51,25 €

Transmitter Ocean Signal RescueME EPIRB1

Regular price 583,24 €
-51,25 € Price 531,99 €
The Ocean Signal rescueME EPIRB1 transmitter with emergency signal and extendable antenna is the smallest on the market, with a size reduction of 30%. It has a simple protective tab on the control buttons, to prevent accidental activation and quick access. The rescueME EPIRB1 also has two...
  • -204,45 €

Complete Lalizas Firefighter Costume Set

Regular price 1.264,44 €
-204,45 € Price 1.059,99 €
The Lalizas fireman suit set has the MED certificate: The set consists of: Jacket and pants 1 helmet 1 pair of boots 1 pair of gloves Carrying bag
  • -11,94 €

Complete Safety Equipment Lalizas for 4 people with Bailer

Regular price 95,93 €
-11,94 € Price 83,99 €
The complete Lalizas safety equipment for 4 people with Bailer specially designed for zone 5 and 6 . It has a series of products that may be necessary in the event of a dangerous situation on the high seas, being a very complete equipment and under a brand known for its excellent quality....
  • -1,60 €

Plastimo Mirror for Signs with Visor

Regular price 4,59 €
-1,60 € Price 2,99 €
The Plastimo Sign Mirror with Visor will allow you to precisely direct your flash to the place you want. 86mm diameter.

Plastimo Mini-Trump Horn

Price 12,99 €
The Plastimo Mini-Trump speaker delivers over 100 dB effortlessly. It is unalterable, as well as ecological and economic . Its operation depends on vibrations from a membrane. Compact version, it is more comfortable and you can store it anywhere. Measures: Diameter: 50mm....

Plastimo Gas Fog Horn

Price 10,99 €
The Plastimo Gas Fog Horn comes in a 200 ml presentation, reaching a distance of two meters in total and being ozone friendly. Consult the Replacement Plastimo Gas Fog Horn CLICK HERE
  • -44,19 €

Plastimo EVO-J Junior 150N Inflatable Vest

Regular price 140,09 €
-44,19 € Price 95,90 €
The Plastimo EVO-J Junior 150N inflatable vest features an integrated ISO 12401 harness in conjunction with a high-tech fiber textile loop and excellent resistance to hold the rope. Features additional buoyancy to promote self-righting ability. Keeps head above water. Weight from 20...
  • -6,02 €

Basic horseshoe buoy

Regular price 42,01 €
-6,02 € Price 35,99 €
All lovers of water sports and water activities in general know that safety comes first at sea, so having a full team on board can get us out of more than a hurry. Complete yours with this horseshoe buoy: Flexible zippered cover Plastic clip closure Available in three different colors:...

Led Light for Life Jackets Lalizas Safelite IV

Price 12,89 €
The Lalizas Safelite IV led light for lifejackets is specially designed to be used in any type of lifejacket , with the main purpose of keeping it visible at sea even under the worst possible scenarios. The Safelite IV led light is ideal for offshore vessels, improving the safety of the...
  • -99,12 €

Plastimo Universal Bracket for Raft

Regular price 529,11 €
-99,12 € Price 429,99 €
Universal support for Balsa Plastimo stainless steel . Adjustable, it fits on the majority of raft containers. Features The support fixed on the bridge, the balcony or the transom allows to maintain and position the raft in the container in a convenient and accessible...
  • -209,90 €

Plastimo Transocean ISO Life Raft Emergency Package

From Regular price 2.309,89 €
-209,90 € Price 2.099,99 €
The Plastimo Transocean ISO Life Raft Emergency Package complies with ISO 9650-1 for navigation in extreme conditions. This version, which has a survival pack, is? designed for a rescue forecast of more than 24 hours, so it includes food rations (500gr per person) and bottles of...

Forespar Emergency Foam Plug

Price 30,39 €
Forespar Emergency Foam Plug Cone-shaped, this plug is designed to fit irregular and unpredictable cracks in the boat's hull. The serrated shape keeps it in place once it is placed. Whether the hole generated is due to an impact or a mechanical failure, the plug adapts to stop the leak...
  • -9 €

Lifebuoy Solas Besto Talamex

Regular price 64,99 €
-9 € Price 55,99 €
Lifebuoy Solas Besto Talamex Features High quality, made of polyethylene Long-term guarantee with reflective tape Measurements: 75X45cm Weight: 2.5kg Orange Certificate: Directive 96/98/EC

Seachoice Salvage Gear Bag

Price 22,99 €
The Seachoice Rescue Equipment Bag is a large capacity bag made of strong nylon with red lettering. It has an anticorrosive zipper closure, handles for transport and keeps the contents dry and clean. Dimensions : 660mm x 305mm x 432mm

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