From Price 6,99 €
The best reward. A healthy option to sugar, vitamin-loaded. 1 or 2.5 kg. bags.
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Healthy apple-flavoured reward, yummy for your horse. Contents: 0.5 kg.
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A reward with fresh mint flavour. Contains healthy vitamins and minerals for your horse4s recovery. Contents: 0.5 kg.
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Himalayan Salt Stone

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-0,50 € Price 3,99 €
Stone to lick for horses, completely natural, extracted from the rocks of the Himalayas. Of great purity and a very tasty specific taste, it offers minerals and oligo-elements. Weight 1,5 kg.
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Likit Boredom Breaker Support

From Regular price 56,90 €
-13,91 € Price 42,99 €
Likit Boredom Breaker Support LIKIT "Boredom breaker " support for Likit and Little Likit that allows you to make your horse's life in the box more pleasant and avoid boredom problems. The "Boredom breaker " consists of a Likit holder for a Likit and a robust ball with inserts for 1 or...
  • -1 €

Sweet Likit 650G

Regular price 6,99 €
-1 € Price 5,99 €
Sweet Likit 650G Likit sweets are deliciously tasty. They are designed to be used with the Likit range of toys to help make life in the box more fun and less stressful for your horse. Available in sweetened or salted versions, its delicious formula is sure to please your horse or...
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Sweets Likit Granola Original

Regular price 8,99 €
-1 € Price 7,99 €
Sweets Likit Granola Original This Likit is packed with delicious whole grains. Its formula rock-hard will do? that the horses continue licking for longer and the new design of the jar will be? very easy to open for you. For use with Likit and Likit "Boredom breaker " brackets. Sold...
  • -1,91 €

Sweets Likit Multipack 650g

Regular price 18,90 €
-1,91 € Price 16,99 €
Sweets Likit Multipack 650g Sweets for horses. Refills for Likit support. Contains 3 Likit of 650 g. Apple, banana, cherry and carrot flavors. Ingredients : cereal, molasses and fruit or salt. Storage Instructions : Store away from sunlight, heat, frost and moisture.

Bizzy Horse Stone

From Price 10,99 €
Bizzy Horse Stone A delicious licking stone to recharge your "Bizzy Ball" and keep your horse busy. With less than 10% sugar per 1 kg, Likit "Bizzy Lick" is the healthiest, most sustainable and fun option to entertain your horse. Likit "Bizzy Lick" is used with the Likit "Bizzy Ball"...

Little Likit Sweets Multipack

Price 17,99 €
Little Likit Sweets Multipack Sweets for horses. Refills for Likit support. Contains 5 Likit of 250 g with flavors of apple x 2, banana, cherry and carrot. Ingredients: cereal, molasses and fruit or salt. Storage Instructions: Store away from sunlight, heat, frost and moisture.
  • -12,91 €

Tongue Twister Likit

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Tongue Twister Likit Tongue Twister is ideal for nervous horses or in a tight box. Can be used with 1 or 2 Little Likit. As your horse licks the Likit, the ball moves, forcing you to play longer to get your reward. To use in the box or on the paddock. Sold without stones.
  • -3,91 €

Likit Clear Glitter Starter Kit

Regular price 36,90 €
-3,91 € Price 32,99 €
Likit Clear Glitter Starter Kit LIKIT starter kit with a Likit holder, three Likit licking stones (650 g) with different flavors and two bags of Likit snacks (100 g) with different flavors. Main ingredient : natural glucose molasses, enriched with vitamins.
  • -3,91 €

Bizzy Horse Ball Stand

Regular price 41,90 €
-3,91 € Price 37,99 €
Bizzy Horse Ball Stand Multifunctional toy to keep the horse entertained for hours. It is a stand designed to hold a Likit "Bizzy Lick" lick stone. The shape of the ball is innovative: the winged design allows the horse to lick the stone on the ground or suspended. The wings prevent...

Dulces naturales EQUINATURA

Price 10,99 €
Dulces naturales EQUINATURA ¡Deleita a tu caballo con los dulces naturales EQUINATURA! Estos dulces están hechos con  plátano, piña y papaya , frutas maduras y ricas en nutrientes que le encantarán a tu caballo. Estos dulces son  alimentos naturales, crujientes y saludables , perfectos...

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