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Very comfortable Container with dumpster made of high-density plastic, with ergonomic handle to facilitate transport and dumpster to facilitate dumping. Four models to choose from: 5 litre tank: Size: 14,5x26,5x26 cm. Weight: 3.2 kg. 10 litre tank: Size: 14,5x26,5x58 cm. Weight:...

Multi-Purpose Tube Pump

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The Multi-purpose pipe pump is suitable for a wide variety of uses. Measures Diameter: two inches. Length: 160 cm.
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Hulk Fuel Tank with Filter

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Transport fuel with maximum comfort Fuel tank with filter outlet. RINA approved. They have a meter and a safety reserve which is accessed by slightly tilting the tank. 12 litres (41x26x19,5 cm) 22 litres (46x30,5x26,5 cm) 30 litres (51x36x27 cm)
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Tank Holder Set

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Para increased security Kit consisting of 4 supports and storage belts
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Fuel tank ship Ercole 41 l with closing cap

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Made of polyethylene and with built-in indicator and closing lid. Capacity: 41 l Length: other Width: other Stop it 300 mm Fuel input: Ø 38 mm Fuel flow rate: 90o / Ø 8 mm
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Fuel tank Plastimo

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Fuel tank Plastimo Models 33L: 50X35X23CM 42L: 50X35X30CM 43L: 65X35X23CM 53L: 80X35X23CM 55L: 65X35X30CM 65L: 66X41X30CM 70L: 80X35X30CM 70L: 80X40X28CM 84L: 95X40X28CM 91L: 91X30X41CM 96L: 110X40X28CM 102L: 80X40X40CM 120L: 95X40X40CM
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Moeller Siphon Hose

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Manufacture from materials of any heading Seachoice Self-propelled bomb Perfect for transferring fuel in boats, caravans and cars Its anti-static function allows safe use without sparks. Size: 13 mm by 152 mm
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Indicator kit Seachoice Fuel Level

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The Indicator kit Seachoice Fuel level drill shows the available fuel thanks to its indicator. Characteristics It can be used with gasoline or the diesel. Count on the level indicator, with black bezel.
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Fuel tank Plastimo

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The fuel tanks they are a popular and reliable choice for many boats. Here are some key features and advantages of these deposits: Other, not further worked than hot-rolled Marine grade polyethylene is a corrosion resistant material, which means that tanks made from this material are ideal...
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Jerrycan fuel can

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The Jerrycan fuel can is a reliable and safe option for fuel storage and transportation. Here are some of its main features: The material: Made of high-density polyethylene, these drums are durable and resistant, making them suitable for use in marine environments and harsh conditions....