• -10 €

Linterna de Cabeza Speras B47L-1

Regular price 29,99 €
-10 € Price 19,99 €
La Linterna de Cabeza Speras B47L-1 cuenta con una potencia de 500 lm, luz blanca en haz concentrado o abierto, y luz roja en haz abierto que puede ser utilizada como luz de emergencia. Características: Potencia: 500 lm. Luz blanca: Haz concentrado y haz abierto, con potencia...
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Removable and Rechargeable Cyclops Poseidon Headlamp

Price 79,99 €
The Cyclops Poseidon Removable and Rechargeable Headlamp has a 21700 battery with autonomy of 5 hours at 40%, anodized finish, switch, power of 2000 lumens at 100%, range of up to 200 m at 100%, it is light, and resistant the water. Characteristic: Light source: 20W CREE XHP5.02...
  • -20,91 €

Fenix HP16R 1250 Lumens Rechargeable Headlamp

Regular price 109,90 €
-20,91 € Price 88,99 €
The Fenix HP16R 1250 Lumens Rechargeable Headlamp is a high-performance headlamp for outdoor activities, with two light sources, power of 1250 lumens, autonomy of 300 hours, range of 260 meters, separate battery box, USB port type C, white and red LED, switch, lock function, overheat...
  • -6,91 €

Front Phoenix HL18R 400 Lumens Trailrunning

Regular price 54,90 €
-6,91 € Price 47,99 €
The front Fenix HL18R 400 lumens trailrunning , works with rechargeable battery included or 3 AAA Alkaline batteries. It is a high-performance headlamp (400 lumens) with two lighting systems and multiple power sources (1300 mAh polymer lithium battery or 3 AAA alkaline batteries). The front...
  • -20,91 €

Headlamp Fenix HM70R 1600 Lumens Rechargeable

Regular price 99,90 €
-20,91 € Price 78,99 €
The Fenix HM70R 1600 Lumens Rechargeable Headlamp is a long-range front internal l, with a maximum power of 1600 lumens, a maximum duration of up to 100 hours, red and white light, switch, metal body resistant to impacts of 2 meters, port USB type C, lock function, tape, dustproof and...

Headlamp Izas Used

Price 13,99 €
The Izas Used Headlamp is perfect for trekking and mountain activities with little or no light. In addition, its light system has different positions and speeds, and it can emit flashing red lights with an SOS message. Characteristic: Voltage: 4.5V. 3*AAA battery. Power 200...
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Head Flashlight Force

Price 39,99 €
The Force head torch has the following features: Perfect lighting with totally free hands. Compact design for maximum wearing comfort. Ultra-bright Cree® XT-ES3 LED. With a single button you can turn the flashlight on / off. 5 modes available: Allto: 350 lumens. Low: 15 lumens....
  • -5,91 €

Led Lenser H3.2 120 lm Head Torch

Regular price 29,90 €
-5,91 € Price 23,99 €
The Led Lenser H3.2 headlamp is equipped with Advanced Focus System technology and 1 Power LED with which it achieves an optimal quality headlight. It has a lightweight, ergonomic and intuitive design (made of high-quality aluminum) and the light output can be dimmed between 15% and 100%...
  • -22,91 €

Phoenix Front HM65R 1400 Lumens

Regular price 94,90 €
-22,91 € Price 71,99 €
The 1400 lumens Fenix HM65R front is one of the toughest fronts you can find. With multiple lighting positions, it is ideal for mountaineering, snow climbing, trail running , adventure, camping, caving, cycling, etc. The best choice for long lasting, high intensity outdoor activities....
  • -20 €

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact Flashlight

Regular price 99,99 €
-20 € Price 79,99 €
The Streamlight Sidewinder Compact flashlight is super light and versatile, easily attached to a helmet. Characteristics: Light settings: white / red / IR-IFF / blue (starts low and progressively brightens). Articulating 185 ° swivel head. Designed to meet a variety of hands-free...

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II Flashlight

Price 128,99 €
The Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II flashlight is super light, multidirectional and multifunctional, it accepts a variety of types of batteries, so you will always have light when you need it. Specs: High Lumens: 55 Time in use with light max .: 6 h. Time in use with light min .:...

Streamlight Enduro headlamp

Price 29,99 €
The Streamlight Enduro headlamp is ultra-compact and lightweight, featuring a visor clip that attaches to the cap or coat lapel and expands the ways you can wear it. Specs: Maximum Lumens: 50. Time in use with light max .: 5.50 h. Time in use with light min .: 25 h. Beam distance:...

Streamlight Enduro PRO Headlamp Yellow

Price 43,99 €
The Streamlight Enduro PRO Yellow Headlamp has three lighting modes to cover a variety of tasks: a spot beam for direct focus, an extended illumination for a soft area that won't tire the eyes, and red LED to preserve night vision. Specs: Maximum Lumens: 200. Time in use with light...

Streamlight Bandit Yellow Headlamp with USB Cable

Price 39,99 €
The Streamlight Bandit Yellow Headlamp with USB Cable is ideal for walking or running. Produces bright, even light with less shadow than spot beams. Specs: Maximum Lumens: 180. Time in use with light max.: 2 h. Time in use with light min.: 9.5 h. Battery Type: Lithium polymer...
  • -30,04 €
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Linterna de cabeza KLARUS HR1 PRO_400 lúmenes

Regular price 69,99 €
-30,04 € Price 39,95 €
Linterna de cabeza Klarus HR1 PRO: máxima potencia y comodidad. Muy ligera, ¡no notarás que la llevas puesta! Diadema de sujección especialmente diseñada para aportar una total comodidad: se ajusta a la perfección sin apretar, permitiendo la transpiración de tu piel. Diseño Tri-LED , que...
  • -6,91 €

Fenix HL23 Headlamp

Regular price 34,90 €
-6,91 € Price 27,99 €
The Fenix HL23 headlamp has a maximum power of 240 lumens , it has the property of being compact and very light , ideal for use on the head thanks to its adjustable strap. Only one double A battery is needed. Its casing is metallic, made of the highest resistance aluminum, practically...
  • -10,91 €

Headlamp Led Lenser H5 Core

Regular price 54,90 €
-10,91 € Price 43,99 €
The Led Lenser H5 Core headlamp allows a 160 degree rotation of the head of the lamp, being the perfect instrument to carry out an endless number of tasks. Its maximum capacity is 350 lumens. It is versatile and very practical, it presents a focusable beam of light with continuous dimming....
  • -20,01 €

Headlamp Led Lenser H5R Core

Regular price 84,90 €
-20,01 € Price 64,89 €
The Led Lenser H5R Core headlamp has a maximum capacity of 500 lumens and has been manufactured with innovative materials and technologies, among which the Advanced Focus System stands out, which has been patented by Ledlenser . It also allows a 160 degree rotation of the lamp head ,...
  • -21,91 €

Headlamp Led Lenser H7R Core

Regular price 99,90 €
-21,91 € Price 77,99 €
The Led Lenser H7R Core headlamp has a maximum capacity of 1000 lumens and allows a 130 degree rotation of the lamp head , making it the perfect instrument to perform endless tasks. It has been manufactured with innovative materials and technologies, among which the Advanced Focu s...
  • -33,01 €

Headlamp Led Lenser H15R Core

Regular price 185 €
-33,01 € Price 151,99 €
The Led Lenser H15R Core headlamp has a maximum capacity of 2500 lumens and has a rechargeable battery through a magnetic system with an extraordinary duration, ideal for enjoying long days using the flashlight. It allows a rotation of the head of the lamp of 120 degrees , being the...
  • -54,01 €

Led Lenser H19R Core Headlamp

Regular price 225 €
-54,01 € Price 170,99 €
The Led Lenser H19R Core headlamp has a maximum capacity of 3500 lumens and a battery life of 20 hours in total . Its loading time is fast, needing only 330 minutes. It also has immersed in its system a special light for night vision in red and two bulbs with different optics,...

Olight H27E LED Lumens Headlamp

Price 99,90 €
The Olight H27E LED 1500 Lumens headlamp has a total range of 190 meters, with a battery that offers autonomy of 45 hours. It is designed for outdoor activities that require both hands-free and additional lighting. Thanks to its shape, it can be installed on a work helmet , being...

Olight Perun Mini 1,000 Lumens Flashlight

Price 77,95 €
The Olight Perun Mini 1,000 Lumens flashlight has a small size and stands out for its extraordinary versatility , since it can be used both as a head flashlight or as an EDC flashlight, adapting to various circumstances, covering all needs. It is an innovative edition of the Olight...

Olight LED H37 Wave Headlamp 2,500 Lumens

Price 159,90 €
The Olight LED H37 Wave 2,500 Lumens headlamp has a motion sensor, TIR lens and is powered by a 5200mAh and 7.2V battery. It includes three LED bulbs in its design, obtaining a light projection that focuses on distances long lines in conjunction with short-range diffuse light. Highly...

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