• -6,01 €

Cressi Supertotem knife

Regular price 29 €
-6,01 € Price 22,99 €
The Cressi Supertotem Knife is a knife for underwater activities that is characterized by its practicality and excellent value for money . The medium-sized blade has a total length of 12.5 cm and has been made of highly resistant tempered stainless steel . It includes a cover that...

Seac Sub K-Jack knife

Price 29,99 €
The Seac Sub K-Jack knife is prepared to be placed on the hose of the vest or on the side of the vests . In addition, thanks to its flat screwdriver-type tip, you can store your diving knife without fear of damaging your equipment. Features: Stainless steel blade equipped with line...

Aqualung Tactical Folding Knife

Price 158,99 €
The Aqualung Tactical Folding Knife is made of titanium, has a 9 cm blade and a total length of 20.8 cm, cuts lines, 3 sizes of keys, resistant frame, metal clip for fastening , cover suitable for mounting, and a case to store it. Features: Tactical knife: Folding, emergency. Metal...

Omer laser knife

Price 29 €
The Omer Laser knife is very manageable, safe and versatile , since it has a mechanism that allows it to be removed from the sheath with one hand. Characteristic: Made of stainless steel. With a 9 cm blade. With edge on one side and saw on the reverse. It has a cover with a...
  • -24,01 €

Mares Iago Diving Knife

Regular price 75 €
-24,01 € Price 50,99 €
The Mares Iago Diving Knife is perfect for freediving and has been made of 4mm 420A stainless steel , it has a total length of 98mm , being a very compact knife and perfect for demanding spearfishermen. Designed with micro serrations along the entire blade , it incorporates a...
  • -29,01 €

Diving Knife Mares Snake 2.1

Regular price 79 €
-29,01 € Price 49,99 €
The Mares Snake 2.1 Diving Knife   It is a compact and handy knife ideal for amateur or professional spearfishermen. It incorporates a non-slip and very soft handle and includes a hole to free the rods stuck in the rocks and an anti-corrosive anode. The blade is 135mm long stainless...

Mares Hero Polygon Short Spearfishing Knife

Price 35,99 €
The Mares Hero Polygon Short Spearfishing Knife is a spearfishing knife made of stainless steel and with a blade length of 70mm. Compact and ideal, the blade has micro serrations and is equipped with a hole to release the rods. The handle is ergonomic with anti-loss system....
  • -10,01 €

Cressi Kai knife

Regular price 46 €
-10,01 € Price 35,99 €
The Cressi Mini Kai Knife is a professional and multipurpose diving knife manufactured by the prestigious Cressi brand. The extremely sharp and smooth blade is made of martensitic stainless steel w 1.14116, hardness HRC 55/56. Includes Hydroglider Gold Black surface treatment that...
  • -8,01 €

Cressi Mini Kai knife

Regular price 40 €
-8,01 € Price 31,99 €
The Cressi Mini Kai Knife is a professional and multipurpose diving knife manufactured by the prestigious Cressi brand. The extremely sharp and smooth blade is made of martensitic stainless steel w 1.14116, hardness HRC 55/56. Includes Hydroglider Gold Black surface treatment that...

Cressi Borg knife

Price 48 €
The Cressi Borg Knife is a Cressi brand knife that has a cutting-edge design . Of medium dimensions, the blade has been made of AISI 304 tempered stainless steel and has a smooth side and a serrated edge on the other . This second side of the blade ends, near the handle, with a...

Cressi Killer Knife

Price 34 €
Stainless steel blade and anatomical handle. Blade's length: 8.6 cm Total length: 22 cm


Price 44 €
Knife with reduced dimensions and modern design.Non-sliding anatomical handle and 12 cm. stainless steel semi-serrated blade.Anatomical rigid sheath, metal-coloured. A safety lock avoids accidental opening.
  • -17,01 €


Regular price 83 €
-17,01 € Price 65,99 €
It is the perfect mate Compact 6.4cm stainless steel classic blade plus multi-purpose serrated edge. Includes locking sheath and kit for BC/hose attachment. Blade's length: 6.4cm (2.5 inches) Overall length: 14.8cm (5.8inches).
  • -20,01 €


Regular price 85 €
-20,01 € Price 64,99 €
This compact knife is ideal for any type of diver It fastens perfectly to Mares jackets, bags and hoses. The soft, ergonomic handle provides a secure grip and it's easy to use. Stainless steel blade with built-in line cutter. A special treatment prevents the blade surface from oxidizing....
  • -20,01 €


Regular price 75 €
-20,01 € Price 54,99 €
The ideal size for any use This compact knife is ideal for any situation. A series of standard accessories makes it easy to fasten to you Mares BCs, bags, and hoses. The handle features soft overmolding for secure hold. The stainless steel blade with built-in line cutter is coated with a...
  • -12 €

Cressi Victory Knife

Regular price 51 €
-12 € Price 39 €
Exceptional cut. Modern design and medium dimensions knife with AISI 420 tempered steel blade and Japanese edge. Soft grip anatomic handle for a safe grip. Secure Lock plastic sheath for leg, tank or BCD Overal length: 22,8 cm.
  • -21,01 €

Scubapro K5 2014 Knife

Regular price 105 €
-21,01 € Price 83,99 €
Multi purpose knife in SS. 11 cm length suitable for any diving situation. Includes injected molded sheath and two quick-adjusting buckle straps and unique locking system

Cressi Diving knife Lima

Price 26 €
Knife Cressi Lima-sized, small plane and ergonomic with a quick fastening system / extraction that prevents accidental loss of the knife, because to remove it from the holster necessary press two buttons simultaneously. Perfect for diving and spearfishing. Grip minimalist, very flat...
  • -9,01 €

Cressi Diving knife Skorpion

Regular price 41 €
-9,01 € Price 31,99 €
Cressi knife Skorpion latest generation designed for diving and spearfishing. With anatomic hilt made of material "soft grip" for safe and tempered stainless steel blade grip. With a smooth side edge and a serrated edge that ends with a rope cutter. Case black with belt loops for fastening to...

Knife Cressi Diving Vigo

Price 22 €
Cressi Vigo small knife with minimalist grip, flat section and ergonomic for a secure grip. Tempered stainless steel blade and hard chrome plating with exceptional cutting capacity. With a smooth side and another end finished with a cutter. Designed for scuba diving and deep sea fishing.
  • -15,01 €

Titanium Scubapro diving knife SK75

Regular price 73 €
-15,01 € Price 57,99 €
Scubapro SK75 scuba knife made from titanium is very resistant to corrosion, making it perfect for all your dives. With the Scubapro SK75 knife you can make perfect cuts with total comfort thanks to its perfect fit to the dive vest. Characteristics: Length of the blade: 75 mm...
  • -11,01 €

Knife Cressi Predator

Regular price 49 €
-11,01 € Price 37,99 €
Cressi Predator knife , stiletto type made of tempered AISI 304 steel and with Black Coating coating. Blade with one side with smooth edge and another with serrated edge. Comfortable handle with rubberized technopolymer coating. Very hydrodynamic plastic sheath, with knife fixation by...

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