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Regular price €68.65
-€6.68 Price €61.98
Plastic feeder, to be placed at the stable4s corners. Useful bars prevent the animal to take food out of the feeder and drop it onto the floor, keeping hygiene conditions and thus diminishing horse diseases.
  • -€7.11

Rollover Trough Redondo Rueda

Regular price €30.24
-€7.11 Price €23.13
Round Anti-Roll Feeder for Wheel Special for meadow. Capacity: 8 liters. Does not include the tire.
  • -€4.10

Premiere 35L feeder

Regular price €43.76
-€4.10 Price €39.66
The Premiere feeder has a capacity of 35 liters and has been designed with practicality and comfort in mind for both the horse and the caretaker . This feeder stands out for its efficient design, which prevents feed spills during feeding. The feeder has a plastic-coated frame that can be...
  • -€12.36

Corner Feeder 16L

Regular price €42.93
-€12.36 Price €30.57
The corner feeder has a capacity of 16 liters and has been manufactured using high quality polypropylene, providing durability and resistance. In addition, is Equipped with an aluminum frame that provides additional protection, preventing the horse from biting it and causing damage . The...
  • -€4.93

Aquathan 10P drinker

Regular price €49.55
-€4.93 Price €44.62
The Aquathan 10P drinker is an excellent option to provide water to your animals. Your bowl is Made of very high quality plastic, which gives it great resistance and durability . In addition, this material is highly flexible and shock resistant, guaranteeing its long-term durability. One...
  • -€5.75

Suevia Bowl Ideal Drinker

Regular price €59.46
-€5.75 Price €53.71
The Suevia Bowl Ideal drinker is a robust and durable option to provide water to your animals. Your bowl is Made of cast iron and fully enameled , which gives it great resistance and durability. This drinker is equipped with a very solid tubular valve, which ensures a constant flow of...
  • -€5.75

Suevia Bowl Aquathan II Drinker

Regular price €60.29
-€5.75 Price €54.54
The Suevia Bowl Aquathan II Drinker , made of high quality plastic, offers an efficient and reliable solution to guarantee a constant supply of fresh water for your horses. Equipped with a brass rod valve and ?? connections from both below and above , this drinker is perfectly suited to...

Rubber Door Feeder Zaldi Wallfeeder 25l

Price €38.83
Rubber Door Feeder Zaldi Wallfeeder 25l Door feeder. Made of resistant rubber. Wash well with water and neutral soap before first use. Capacity : 25 Liters.

Hippotonic Rubber Feeder 14 l

Price €19.83
The 14 l Hippotonic Rubber Feeder is attached to the door, easy to place, it is made of rubber, and has a 14 l capacity. Features: Feeder: For door. Material: Rubber, very resistant. Easy to install: Simple to use. Capacity: 14 litres.
  • -€8.19

Equitheme Soft Hay Bag

Regular price €45.37
-€8.19 Price €37.18
Equitheme Soft Hay Bag 600D shiny polyester. Easy to fill from the top. It is attached to any support thanks to an adjustable ring strap and its carabiner fastening system. Round opening at the front.

Zaldi Feed Measuring Bucket

Price €3.30
The Zaldi Feed Measurement Bucket has a comfortable 10 cm handle. Its depth is 21.5 cm, the width is 14.5 cm and its height is 14.5 cm.
  • -€4.06

Red for Black Hay

Regular price €17.27
-€4.06 Price €13.21
The hay net is comfortable and   Easy to hang, in any block. Its use slows the feeding rhythm of the horse, improving its digestion and reducing waste. Only in black.
  • -€3.23

Hippo-Tonic Door Feeder

Regular price €16.45
-€3.23 Price €13.21
Hippo-Tonic door feeder, with handle for easy transport and black.
  • -€4.13

Italian Model Water Bowl

Regular price €24.79
-€4.13 Price €20.65
Constant level with float. Capacity: 3 litres.
  • -€1.65

Door Feeder with Handle

Regular price €13.21
-€1.65 Price €11.56
Comfortable dining room for Door with Asa Size: 55 x 35 x 38 cm. Capacity: fourteen liters. Various colors available.
  • -€3.23

Hay Bag

Regular price €34.63
-€3.23 Price €31.40
Colours: black and red.

Bola para Heno USG Happy Hay Play

Price €57.02
La bola para heno USG «Happy Hay Play» combina alimentación y entretenimiento. La pelota de juego permite introducir heno en su interior para velar por la correcta alimentación del animal, contribuyendo a una ingesta lenta. «Happy Hay Place» favorece el consumo de forraje en una posición...


Price €15.69
Door Hanging Feeder in Assorted Colors Dimensions: 26 cm (length) x 39 cm (width) x 32 cm (depth). Colors: red, white and blue.

Automatic water bottle

From Price €54.54
Automatic water bottle The most comfortable and useful way to water your horse. Available: with tongue or lever.

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