Diving Accessories

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Jacket Low Pressure Hose Braided

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Jacket Low Pressure Hose Braided Aqualung hose direct braided system. Much better resistance compared to a standard hose. Black.
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Other Apeks SMB

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The float Apeks SMB, it is certainly the best equipped surface buoy on the market, a fully enclosed oral inflation system allows the buoy to be inflated in a single blow, which means it will be ready immediately for any situation. Both sides of the buoy have high quality SOLAS reflective tape...
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Other Mares SMB Training XR Line

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The Other Mares SMB Training XR Line can be inflated in a few metres of water thanks to its small size, ideal as a marker in simple dives. Characteristics Perfect for training and for easy dives. You can fully inflate in a few feet of water. It's a excellent score for...

Aqualung Comfo Mouthpiece

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La boquilla de silicona AquaLung Comfo tiene un "puente" único que se ajusta a lo largo de la parte superior del paladar, por lo que no se requiere presión de mordida para mantener la boquilla en su lugar.
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Aletas strip Cressi EBS

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The fin strips Cressi EBS have an essential, hydrodynamic design, adaptable to all models Cressi, with a novel self-regulating strip made of high elasticity pure latex. Latex is the most elastic material in nature and has the property of being able to elongate up to 8 times its length without...
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Tory joints Cressi Regulator Griferia 10 u

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The Tory joints Cressi Power supply regulator 10 u has 10 units of j high-pressure toric ointments for bottle and tap. Characteristics Kit: High pressure toric joints for bottle and tap. Unit number: 10 units.
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Hanger Cressi Dry-Semi-dry Suit

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The Cressi Dry-Semi-dry Suit Hanger is? designed to avoid creases or stress points in heavy weight suits, with detachable swivel hook. Features: Usage: For   avoid folds or stress points in heavyweight suits. Detachable hook: Swivel.

Tecnomar Faucet DIN Adapter with O-Ring

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The Tecnomar DIN Tap Adapter with O-Ring is designed to fit DIN taps, and comes in a pack of 3 units. Characteristics: DIN adapter: For tap, with O-ring. Pack: 3 units.

Tecnomar Relax Hose Holder Carabiner

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The Tecnomar Relax Hose Holder Carabiner is a very useful multipurpose carabiner. Features: Relax Carabiner: Multipurpose carabiner.
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Aqualung Freediving Buoy 50 l

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The Aqualung Freediving Buoy 50 l is a freediving buoy with flag included, handles and D-buckles, large interior space, quick drainage, mesh design at the bottom, large opening zipper, and can be inflated orally or pump-assisted. Features: Freediving buoy: With flag included....

Omer Torpedo Buoy

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The Omer Torpedo Buoy allows you to signal the position of the diver, is very durable, and has 2 flags. Features: Signaling buoy: To signal the position of the diver, with 2 flags. Durable: PVC.

Seac Sub Screw Kit for Modular or Modular Max

Price €8.26
The " Seac Sub Modular or Modular Max Screw Kit " is a set of screws specially designed to fit the Seac Sub Modular and Modular Max diving systems . These screws are fundamental components that allow the personalized configuration and the modularity of this equipment. The screws are high...
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Tubo de Grasa de Silicona Mares

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Tubo de Grasa de Silicona Mares El Tubo de Grasa de Silicona Mares es una herramienta esencial para el mantenimiento y la lubricación de tus equipos de buceo. Diseñada especialmente para juntas tóricas, esta grasa de silicona garantiza un deslizamiento suave de la cremallera y ayuda a...
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Protection net Cressi for 15-18L bottles

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The Protection net Cressi for 15-18L diving bottles , made of very fine mesh with a diameter of 10 mm made of Ø 2 mm high strength cable .  The web has a diameter of 10 mm, which provides a solid and durable structure. The safety net Cressi is compatible with 15-18L diving bottles, offering a...

Safety whistle Mares

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Safety whistle Mares The safety whistle of Mares is an essential safety accessory during water activities. This whistle emits a two-tone sound that is easily audible even at long distances, making it an effective tool in emergency situations. Made of durable, salt-water-resistant...
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Shotgun Mares Articulated SF

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Shotgun Mares Articulated SF The Jointed howitzer Mares SF is a high-quality accessory designed for use in the connection of underwater fishing rifle rims. This howitzer is made of steel, which gives it strength and durability. With a size suitable for use in various rifles, the...
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Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product

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Manufacture from materials of any heading, except that of the product Of a thickness of octopus different sizes.

Musket Mares Double ceramic

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The black double-triggered ceramic musket Mares it's an indispensable tool for technical diving. Main features of double-action musket: It's made of high quality stainless steel, 316 marine grade, coated in black ceramic. Resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Simple and easy to use even...
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Whiplash Scubapro HP 85cm Kevlar

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The whip Scubapro HP of 85cm Kevlar is intended for consoles Air and Smart and their system of fast connection . What. It is 28 inches long, with a 7/16" thread. This scuba gear doesn't include a fast connector.