• -€29.96

Shimano Super GT RD

From Regular price €119.95
-€29.96 Price €89.99
Shimano Super GT RD 4-bearing rear brake reel. Made with XT-7. Stainless steel sealed bearings. Simple machined aluminum crank. Pick up standard. Die cast zinc gears. Perfect stop II Dynabalance. Combat brake. Gift spare coil. Model: 2500. Capacity: 160 / 0.25. Recovery: 5.0: 1....
  • -€46.96

Shimano Stradic Ci4 + RA

Regular price €209.95
-€46.96 Price €162.99
Shimano Stradic Ci4 + RA rear brake reel, with great performance in an ultralight Ci4+ body. Six bearings. Simple machined aluminum crank. Pickup in one piece. Cold forged aluminum gear. combat brake. Rigid brake support. Supplied with a spare coil. Spare spool as a gift. Model: 2500....
  • -€2.91

Sert Triumph EFI Reel

From Regular price €26.90
-€2.91 Price €23.99
Sert Triumph EFI Reel Features: Type of reel: Front drag reel. 2 ball bearings Aluminum coil? Infinite anti-recoil? Micrometric brake? Oversized roller? Carbon body and rotor Ambidextrous grip SEPRL7748 1002RD: Capacity: 0.20/200 mm/m. Recovery: 72 cm. Brake power: 4.5 kg. Size: 1000.
  • -€5.51

Carrete Yokozuna Sporter Plus 30RD 3 1BB

Regular price €24.50
-€5.51 Price €18.99
Carrete Yokozuna Sporter Plus 30RD 3 1BB El Carrete Yokozuna Sporter Plus 30RD 3 1BB es una excelente opción para los pescadores que buscan un carrete de freno trasero de alta calidad para la pesca en ríos y pantanos . Fabricado en grafito resistente a la corrosión, este carrete tiene...
  • -€29.96


From Regular price €134.95
-€29.96 Price €104.99
Significant improvements. Improved reel with 4 ball bearings plus one roller bearing. The Stradic GTM retains the familiar, pearl-white body cosmetics. Features include XT-7 body and rotor; AR-C a patented spool design with a V-shape spool lip means line peels off the reel in smaller loops,...
  • -€13.00

Reel Mitchell Avocet RD RZ

From Regular price €64.99
-€13.00 Price €51.99
The rear brake spool Mitchell Avocet RZ RD has the characteristics of a high level reel, at a more than adjusted price. Main features: Double support pinion: ensures a smoother recovery. HALO rotor system, which guarantees greater resistance. System "Rapid Drag System": allows to...
  • -€10.00

Reel Mitchell Avocet RZT RD

From Regular price €49.99
-€10.00 Price €39.99
The Mitchell Avocet RZT RD rear brake reel meets the requirements of the most demanding angler. Main features: HALO rotor system, which guarantees greater resistance. Rapid drag system "Rapid Drag System": allows you to instantly release the brake and disengage if you face a large...
  • -€6.00

Iridium Neon Reel

Regular price €17.99
-€6.00 Price €11.99
The Iridium Neon reel is designed to enjoy the practice of spinning fishing, has a rear brake and has the following characteristics: Graphite and corrosion resistant 1 bearing Multipoint anti-fallback system Micro-adjustable brake with integrated spring Unbalanced system of the BRS bowl...
  • -€25.96

Shimano Sahara R / D Reel

From Regular price €75.95
-€25.96 Price €49.99
The Shimano Sahara RD reel is the latest version of one of the most popular reels of this brand. This is a rear brake model equipped with 3 stainless steel ball bearings and a roller bearing for superior performance. Its Fightin 'Drag system allows maximum control, and its variable speed...
  • -€44.00

Reel Mitchell Avocet R RD

From Regular price €74.99
-€44.00 Price €30.99
The Mitchell Avocet R RD reel is designed for the practice of Spinning, available in different sizes, suitable for trout and perch fishing. Specifications: Halo rotor for superior force. Rapid drag system. Instant anti-reverse. Aluminum reel Multi-Disc Drag greased felt....
  • -€2.99

Reel Lineaeffe Vigor Mustang RD 1B.B.

From Regular price €11.98
-€2.99 Price €8.99
The reel Lineaeffe Vigor Mustang RD 1B.B. it has the chromed graphite coil and the brake is micrometric, created for the spinning mode. Specifications: Sharp Stop Anti-Return. Large line roller. Pick up oversized. Model 10: Weight: 230 g Ratio: 5.5: 1. Bearings:...
  • -€8.51

Iridium Blue Velvet 3000RD Reel

Regular price €38.50
-€8.51 Price €29.99
The Iridium Blue Velvet 3000 RD reel is a high precision micro-adjustable rear brake reel that is made of ultra-light graphite making it a fully corrosion resistant reel. It has a BRS rotor balancing system in addition to having an oversized thread guide. It has an extra thick pick-up and...
  • -€8.56

Lineaeffe TS Camou Sniper reel

From Regular price €32.55
-€8.56 Price €23.99
The Lineaeffe TS Camou Sniper carp fishing reel has the following characteristics: High precision reel. Extra resistant pinion. Aluminum reel Replacement graphite coil. 3 + 1 ball bearings. infinite anti-return Turned metal handle. Ergonomic rubber knob. 6000 model...

Sert Exceed Spinning RD Reel

From Price €28.99
The Sert Exceed RD spinning reel is designed with experienced anglers looking for a reel with an excellent value for money. Characteristics: 3 ball bearings. Micrometric rear brake. Graphite frame and rotor. Infinite anti-reverse. Aluminum coil. Additional graphite coil....
  • -€15.91

Okuma Ceymar XT CXTR Reel

From Regular price €75.90
-€15.91 Price €59.99
Okuma 's Ceymar XT CXTR reel features a corrosion- resistant graphite body and incorporates a precision elliptical gear system , creating less friction during casting to increase distance , accuracy and precision. n and give a longer useful life? of the line , as...
  • -€3.01

Ocuma Electron RD Reel

From Regular price €18.00
-€3.01 Price €14.99
The OKuma Electr?n RD spinning reel has the following specifications: Graphite body and rotor. 1 ball bearing. Main and spare graphite spool. Smooth front brake system. Free line included E29. Characteristics of the Model 130: Weight: 220g. Ratio: 5.0:1....

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