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Red de Camuflaje

Price 32,99 €
El mejor sistema de camuflaje conocido. Diseñado por expertos militares y cazadores profesionales, ha sido probado con gran éxito en los bosques y selvas de todo el mundo. Hecho con unos colores seleccionados especialmente para conseguir el mayor grado de camuflaje posible y un tratamiento...

Red Allen Camuflaje Mossy Oak

Price 49,99 €
La red Allen Camuflaje Mossy Oak presenta un material frondoso troquelado que imita el entorno natural. Características: Muy ligero y fácil de manipular, cortar o modificar para adaptarse a nuestras necesidades. Su material troquelado proporciona un movimiento natural. El Patrón...
  • -24,99 €
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Folding Wooden Stool

Regular price 59,99 €
-24,99 € Price 35 €
Wooden legs. Greased calfskin at the seat. Height: 65 cm.
  • -9,01 €
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Wild Boar Scouting Clock

Regular price 59 €
-9,01 € Price 49,99 €
Practical and efficient system to know the exact time of wild boar transit. The watch is vertically placed on the trailing zone.Its acorn-like shape will attract wild boars. When hit by a wild boar, it will automatically stop working, so you will know the exact time for wild boar hunting access.
  • -9,91 €
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Regular price 94,90 €
-9,91 € Price 84,99 €
Thanks to this digital clock, you will record and trace up to 7 wild boars' interferences from your standing place. Place the watch on the ground. It will record the exact time at the slightest movement, capturing up to 7 different wild boar's movements or interferences.
  • -10 €
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Hunting Blind

Regular price 89,99 €
-10 € Price 79,99 €
Manufactured in camo canvas, lightweight and easy carriage. Totally foldable, it can be carried with a shoulder strap. Perfect for front concealing. With 4 mounting sticks. Height: 1.25 m. Extension height 30 cm.
  • -40 €

Hunting Blind for 1 or 2 persons

Regular price 149,99 €
-40 € Price 109,99 €
You will pass completely unnoticed into deep forests. Hunting blind for 1 or 2 persons. Excellent for firearms or bow hunting. Compact and easy transport. Diameter: 1.52 cm. Height: 1.72 cm. Folding diameter: 60.09 cm. Weight: 6 Kg.
  • -70,01 €

Hunting Blind with Seat

Regular price 169 €
-70,01 € Price 98,99 €
Camouflage blind with integrated seat. Very stable. Framework with steel bars. Wide frontal gap and six side windows to listen to all noises. Very easy to assemble and disassemble (it isassembled in few seconds). It includes transport bag that will allow you to move it to the hunting...
  • -20 €

Camping Stove

Regular price 49,99 €
-20 € Price 29,99 €
Stove for camping, at a special price.
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Portable Tree Stand

Price 299,99 €
Lightweight and easy to carry Foldable and lightweight camo treestand with aluminium ladder. It can be comfortably carried and installed in any area. Serrated line on the back of the seat to fix it to the trees more safely. Includes: 2 straps, padded seat and non-slip footrest. The aluminium...
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Scent Barrier Sheets. 10 Sheets

Price 19,99 €
Safe and effective way to protect your crops from wild animals (wild boar, deer, roe deer...) Place a line of sheets each 8-12 mts. in the area by where the animals enter in your land, and some sheets in the cultivated land and soak them with the scent spray. The mix of scent, noise and...

Hart camouflage set

Price 69,99 €
Hart camo set Complete set (pants + jacket) of camouflage to put over clothes. Silent fabric. Elastic waist for comfort.
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Heater for Hunting Booths

Price 99,99 €
Forget about the cold . The Game Post Heater is small, effective and safe. A model with a protective grid to avoid burns and also with a comfortable carrying handle. Great power of 1200W. Burning time at full power : 2.5 hours. Weight : 1.5 kg. Dimensions : 30 x 26 x 13 cm. Works...
  • -6,96 €
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Virux Strike Umbrella

Regular price 44,95 €
-6,96 € Price 37,99 €
The large parasol umbrella is an impressive 2.20 m diameter umbrella that completely covers the hunter and all his equipment! You can use it both sitting and standing. With an inflection point, to be able to tilt it according to the needs. Its green color makes it go unnoticed in the bush....

Red 3D Reversible

Price 48,99 €
La red 3D reversible , con tejido reversible RIP STOP , resistente y antidesgarros, con recubrimiento de PU por ambas caras, incluye cordon a lo largo de todo su perímetro, prolongaciones a cada extremo para atarla a los arbustos cercanos. Medidas: 250 x 250 cm. Colores:...
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Support for Portable Hunting Station

Price 99,99 €
The Portable Hunting Stand is a metal frame to expand the Portable Waiting Stand. Characteristics: It is fixed with only 4 screws to the post making it independent and allows us to install it in any area, without needing additional support points. The aluminum frame has been treated...
  • -90 €
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INVISIBLE hunting post

Regular price 299,99 €
-90 € Price 209,99 €
THE ULTIMATE CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEM !!! The only system that allows you to "disappear" in all types of terrain and circumstances. This INVISIBLE HUNTING POST uses a system as simple as it is effective: MIRRORS !!! Mirrors strategically placed and perfectly calibrated to avoid any unwanted...
  • -29,91 €
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Digital Grain Dispenser

Regular price 99,90 €
-29,91 € Price 69,99 €
The most comfortable and safest system to feed animals!! The essential accessory for any hunter. Fully adjustable according to your needs: You will be able to feed from 1 to 16 times a day. You can feed alternate days of the week. Adjustable feed speed from 1 to 30 seconds. Easy and...
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Hart Oakland O2 Waiting One Piece

Price 298,99 €
Comfortable, warm and waterproof without causing the slightest noise! The Hart Oakland O2 waiting suit is a technical garment with the best performance. Light and comfortable, it will provide you with an extraordinary warmth during your waits, without causing the slightest noise....

Roll Classic Camo Green-Brown

Price 179,99 €
Roll Classic Camo Green-Brown Camouflage fabric that simulates leaves with a classic cut. It is characterized by its lightness and its resistance to changing weather conditions. Perfect for various situations offering a very good camouflage. Features Width: 1.5 meters Length:...

Classic Camo 3D Roll

Price 199 €
Classic Camo 3D Roll Fabric that offers camouflage for various situations. Classic cut that simulates the leaves. Very light and resistant to any weather situation. Features Width: 1.25 meters Length: 25 meters Colour: Classic Camo 3D
  • -10,01 €

Cousins Surroundview Camouflage Hunting Post

Regular price 191 €
-10,01 € Price 180,99 €
The Primos Surroundview Camouflage Hunting Stand is ready to shoot through three windows that can be opened and closed, blends into the environment, is easy to set up and take down, and includes a carry bag. Characteristic: Overall length: 150mm. Height: 940mm. Weight: 2040g....

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