Joluvi Frontal Run 300 USB Head Torch

Price 17,99 €
The Joluvi Frontal Run 300 USB Head Torch has an LED light, activation sensor, rechargeable battery, different types of light and intensity, and an autonomy of up to 3 hours. Features: Light type: LED. Activation sensor : Automatic. Rechargeable battery: With USB. Charging...
  • -1,90 €

Plastimo Watertight Floating LEDS Flashlight

Regular price 17,89 €
-1,90 € Price 15,99 €
The Plastimo Waterproof Floating LEDS flashlight is made of high quality materials that allow optimal resistance to shocks. Its LED is 50 lumens, with a range of 20 meters and a duration of 25 hours in total. It also has IPX7 protection. Uses 2AA battery Weight 81 grams.

Bat Vision Force One LED Tactical Flashlight

Price 99,90 €
The Bat Vision Force One LED Tactical Flashlight with 1,000 lumens of power is capable of lighting up to a range of 650 meters . The Force one is? powered by a 3.7V 3400mAh battery that with maximum charge gives us a range of up to 70 hours. Features: Extended range of 650m,...

Waterproof Seachoice Flashlight

Price 18,99 €
The Seachoice Waterproof Flashlight is perfect to take on the boat, as it is waterproof. Features: Waterproof: Water resistant. Material: Heavy Duty Plastic, highly durable. Operation: 2 D batteries, not included. Dimensions: 13.34 x 6.35 x 33.65 cm.

Seachoice All Horizon Folding Led Light 230mm

Price 55,99 €
The Seachoice All Horizon Folding 230mm Led Light is a 360 folding spotlight. Characteristics: 360 folding: Folding spotlight. Dimensions: 12.07 x 6.99 x 29.84 cm. Voltage: 12 Volts.

Olight LED Array 2 Headlamp

Price 69,95 €
The Olight LED Array 2 headlamp has been manufactured with four types of light, three levels of white light and an SOS mode with the light capacity of reaching a hundred meters in total. It offers 600 lumens in its LED light beam , it also has a rear safety light. In its design, an...
  • -3,10 €

Plastimo F4 Headlamp

Regular price 24,09 €
-3,10 € Price 20,99 €
The Plastimo F4 headlamp features four modes in total, with a pivoting head in conjunction with an adjustable headband for added comfort while in use. It has IPX4 protection against water. Characteristics: It has an autonomy of 2 to 5 hours depending on the light mode chosen. It...
  • -14,81 €

Favor Water Rechargeable Flashlight T1647

Regular price 81,80 €
-14,81 € Price 66,99 €
The Favor Water Rechargeable Flashlight T1647 has the following characteristics: Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight Cree white led 500 Lumens Range: 220 m Submersible 2 m USB rechargeable Battery charge indicator Charging status indicator Autonomy: 3.5 h / 18 h Power...

Plastimo LED Aluminum Flashlight

Price 17,99 €
The Plastimo LED Aluminum flashlight is really powerful and compact, with five light modes and an adjustable beam to be able to carry out various jobs that require additional lighting. It has a strap included and has IPX4 water protection. Characteristics: Its dimensions are 33...
  • -3,47 €

Plastimo Waterproof Flashlight with 4 LEDs

Regular price 23,46 €
-3,47 € Price 19,99 €
The Plastimo Waterproof lantern with 4 LEDs will accompany you everywhere. It is watertight up to 30 m. Powered by 4 AA batteries (batteries included). Length: 145mm. Weight: 155g.
  • -14,23 €

Plastimo Uniledbar Spotlight

From Regular price 73,22 €
-14,23 € Price 58,99 €
The Plastimo Unilebar spotlight is a high-performance LED projector, having 12.24 V in total , with three models to choose from depending on the power. This spotlight is of the latest generation, with an electronic design that uses the most current LED technology on the market in terms...
  • -5,91 €

Led Lenser P2R Core Hand Flashlight

Regular price 28,90 €
-5,91 € Price 22,99 €
The Led Lenser P2R Core handheld flashlight offers a maximum of 120 lumens and specializes in its versatility and wide range of uses, with just one clip you can place the flashlight in your shirt or trouser pocket, so you will always have it ready to go. use. Its battery is...

Walther SLS Tactical Flashlights

Price 29,99 €
Walther SLS Tactical Flashlights have a powerful beam of light, in a small size. They have a push button to choose between two levels of brightness, depending on the model. The model 110 has the first delivery 100% and the second 8%, for span extensions of perfect diameters for the use of...
  • -65 €

Led Lenser P7QC 4 Colors Flashlight

Regular price 114,99 €
-65 € Price 49,99 €
The Led Lenser P7QC flashlight is compact, handy and with a matte finish, it is made of anti-corrosive anodized aluminum, with an improved power button and Quattrocolor technology . This technology allows you to choose the color of the light beam, between: White light: standard light....

Walther PRO PL70 Flashlight

Price 79,99 €
The Walther PRO Light PL70 flashlight has been manufactured with high quality anti-reflective aviation aluminum to meet the needs of the most demanding public, and can be used with one hand, which makes its use more comfortable. As aspects to highlight of this flashlight are that it has an...

Head Flashlight Force

Price 39,99 €
The Force head torch has the following features: Perfect lighting with totally free hands. Compact design for maximum wearing comfort. Ultra-bright Cree® XT-ES3 LED. With a single button you can turn the flashlight on / off. 5 modes available: Allto: 350 lumens. Low: 15 lumens....

Phoenix Lantern LR40R 12000 Lumens

Price 279,99 €
The Phoenix LR40R 12000 Lumens flashlight is high performance, with long and short range and high power. It is a powerful flashlight that makes it unique, for hunting, due to its wide field of illumination and for emergency situations, searches or tactical interventions, which need great light...

Olight H27E LED Lumens Headlamp

Price 99,90 €
The Olight H27E LED 1500 Lumens headlamp has a total range of 190 meters, with a battery that offers autonomy of 45 hours. It is designed for outdoor activities that require both hands-free and additional lighting. Thanks to its shape, it can be installed on a work helmet , being...

Olight LED H37 Wave Headlamp 2,500 Lumens

Price 159,90 €
The Olight LED H37 Wave 2,500 Lumens headlamp has a motion sensor, TIR lens and is powered by a 5200mAh and 7.2V battery. It includes three LED bulbs in its design, obtaining a light projection that focuses on distances long lines in conjunction with short-range diffuse light. Highly...

Olight LED H67 XXL Headlamp

Price 448,99 €
The Olight LED H67 XXL headlamp has been manufactured with high-quality materials that promote its efficiency and longevity. It stands out for its integrated motion sensor and cooling fan. The power it offers is super high, having 12,000 lumens that reach 310 meters in total . Its...

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