Cressi Fast Woman One Piece

Price 149 €
The Cressi Fast one-piece suit is modular, with a new pattern design, with techniques that provide tightness. Easy to put on and very comfortable due to the double-lined neoprene sleeves, which are very resistant and with an inner "Seal" ring that provides watertightness. The YKK® back...
  • -18,01 €


Regular price 63 €
-18,01 € Price 44,99 €
Revolutionary and innovative Identical in design to the Evo Big Eyes version but with a new clear Crystal silicone. The Crystal silicone is an exclusive Cressi material that revolutionizes mask skirt clarity as to make it practically invisible when the mask is being worn. Clear silicone that...
  • -21,01 €


Regular price 101 €
-21,01 € Price 79,99 €
Reduced size Easy opening without tools and reliable. Switch made of thermoplastic rubber. Dive-Predive deflector. Simpicity and easy maintenance.


Price 159 €
Easy operation Modular construction computer, robust. With large UFDS display. Easy operation, menus with Cressi software computers. Complete Nitrox management, reset option and depth gauge. RGBM and depth stop. It is remarkable its battery saving mode, to enlarge the batteries life: saving...
  • -40,01 €


Regular price 102 €
-40,01 € Price 61,99 €
Freedom of movements Polivalent swimsuit, that works as a thermic garment under your diving suit, for swimming, snorkeling and water sports in general. Made of 100% elastic and hydrodinamic Ultraspan©. 1,5 mm. Inside laminated neoprene Close neck design and neoprene hem to avoid...
  • -6,93 €

Cressi Dry Snorkel

From Regular price 24,92 €
-6,93 € Price 17,99 €
Counts with a mecahnism that closes completely the mouthpiece to avoid water intake while snorkelling. Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort, mouthpiece made of hypoallergenic silicone and special water collection well, with a large elliptic valve, allows quick and easy expulsion of water.
  • -19,01 €

Scubapro Spectra Mini Mask

Regular price 95 €
-19,01 € Price 75,99 €
Small dimensions mask. Compact two-lens design.Tempered glass lenses. Swivel buckles for easy adjustment. Crystal clear or black double sealed silicone skirt.
  • -19,01 €

Diving mask Cressi Eyes Evo Crystal

From Regular price 61 €
-19,01 € Price 41,99 €
The Cressi Eyes Evo Crystal Diving Mask covers a segment of divers to whom the traditional versions of the signature, they were something big for its physiognomy. We are faced with a mask of very multipurpose size, and we will especially appreciate the followers of Cressi masks with medium and...
  • -16,01 €

Diving mask Scubapro Twin Synergy Trufit

From Regular price 79 €
-16,01 € Price 62,99 €
Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit diving mask. 2 lens mask with ultra soft skirt designed to adapt to all facial shapes, with a perfect seal and comfort. Trufit Technology : Silicone zone thicker and stiffer frame, and in the contour of the finer side and softer touch.
  • -25,01 €

Shorty Wetsuit Cressi Med X Seora

Regular price 77 €
-25,01 € Price 51,99 €
New version of the most famous Cressi Med X monoshort diving suit for water sports and tropical seas. It is presented with a renewed pattern, in a new and captivating aesthetic. It is a one-piece without a hood made of 2.5mm neoprene, perfect for snorkeling, swimming, tropical seas and for any...

Cressi Monopieza Morea Lady Diving Suit

Price 179 €
One-piece diving suit Morea without hood in 3mm neoprene, perfect for light diving or for warm waters, snorkeling, swimming, tropical seas and for any water sport. Assembled by flat seam with anti-scratch thread. The new pattern, sober and elegant at the same time, only uses color panels on...
  • -134,01 €

Semi-dry suit diving Scubapro Nova Scotia 7.5 mm Seora

Regular price 670 €
-134,01 € Price 535,99 €
The new Nova Scotia semi-dry wetsuits are made of 7.5 mm water-repellent Everflex neoprene, formulated with X-Foam , more ecological and healthy. With Diamond Span water drain and insulated interior. The result is a suit with the CE homologation of thermal protection class A, which offers...
  • -68,01 €

Cressi Diving Suit Triton Monopieza Lady

From Regular price 238 €
-68,01 € Price 169,99 €
The Cressi Triton swimming suit is very comfortable and resistant. Designed for active women who love the sea. Integral one-piece designed specifically for swimming and apnea with a pattern that optimizes comfort and avoids friction, especially in areas of great mobility. 1.5 mm neoprene,...

Semi-dry diving suit Cressi Ice lady

Price 579 €
Cressi Ice is a semi-dry diving suit with a thickness of 7mm. Perfect for active women who love the sea. TIZIP © MasterSeal transverse watertight plastic zipper on the back. New limiter to avoid excessive tensions in the maximum opening zone and new design to limit the tension at the ends...
  • -182,01 €

Jacket Scubapro Hydros Pro Lady

Regular price 910 €
-182,01 € Price 727,99 €
The ability to change something makes everything change Vest Hydros Scubapro Pro is a aut? Ntico milestone in t? Terms of comfort and practicality. e is the hidrost vest? tico m? s customizable and comfortable jam? s manufactured through the use of elast? termopl number? stico...
  • -161,01 €

Jacket Mares Bolt SLS

Regular price 469 €
-161,01 € Price 307,99 €
Extremely comfortable and stable rear buoyancy jacket with a 21 kg (46 lb) lift capacity Characteristics of the Mares Bolt SLS Jacket Aerodynamic Pivot buckles at shoulder height Smart Ballast Placement SLS ballast system Zippered storage pocket adjustable cummerbund comfortable...
  • -45,01 €

Mares Wetsuit 5mm Pionner Ms.

Regular price 215 €
-45,01 € Price 169,99 €
Features of the Mares Pionner 5mm one-piece diving suit. Custom closure without rubber The hood ventilation system facilitates the release of air, allowing good compensation and greater comfort Grip zones for instruments on both wrists for instruments on both wrists New closure of the...
  • -89,01 €

Monopieza Scubapro Definition 7mm Lady

Regular price 449 €
-89,01 € Price 359,99 €
The Scubapro Definition 7mm Hooded One-Piece is an ultra-modern cold-water diving suit, packed with convenient features and halfway between traditional one-piece and semi-dry suits. Its design is inspired by the popular 6.5mm Definition one-piece, but is made from thicker, more elastic neoprene...
  • -52,01 €

Diving Suit Scubapro Definition S Lady

From Regular price 259 €
-52,01 € Price 206,99 €
The Scubapro Definition W Lady Wetsuit combines a special construction method to create a wetsuit that fits with new, longer cuff and ankle zippers for added comfort. It is highly warm and comfortable due to its proven N2S (2-sided nylon) construction for diving in warm waters. Its thermal...
  • -27,01 €

Shorty Diving Suit Scubapro Definition Lady

Regular price 134 €
-27,01 € Price 106,99 €
The Shorty Scubapro Definition Lady wetsuit is short and offers more comfort and elasticity for divers in warm climates. Made of proven N2S (2-sided nylon), it provides great comfort and warmth in warm water, it is also suitable as an undergarment. Specs: Suit assembled with...
  • -37,01 €

Swimwear Cressi Neoprene DEA 1mm Woman

Regular price 92 €
-37,01 € Price 54,99 €
The Cressi Neoprene DEA 1mm swimsuit for women is ideal for practicing any water sport. Its design is suitable for technical swimming, it provides maximum hydrodynamics in the water. It is made with highly elastic 100% ultraspan© interior-exterior fabric, and its seams are flat, sewn with...
  • -9,01 €

Scubapro Rash Guard Short Sleeve Women's T-shirt

Regular price 45 €
-9,01 € Price 35,99 €
The Scubapro Rush Guard T-shirt , designed for diving, is also ideal for other water sports and activities. Elegant design and short sleeves, are made of polyester, making them snug, lightweight, comfortable, and quick drying. Protect against chafing and abrasions In addition, they offer...
  • -23,01 €

Monopieza Scubapro Rash Guard Woman

Regular price 115 €
-23,01 € Price 91,99 €
The Scubapro Rush Guard Monopiece , designed for diving, is also ideal for other activities and water sports. Elegantly designed with long sleeves, it is made of high-quality polyester , making it close-fitting, lightweight, comfortable, and quick-drying. Protects against chafing and...
  • -47,01 €

Hybrid Scubapro 6mm Women's Vest

Regular price 235 €
-47,01 € Price 187,99 €
The Scubapro Hybrid Shorty fits perfectly with all Scubpro wetsuit ranges. It has a modern and universal design, short sleeves and shorts similar in length to cycling shorts. It has multi-use functionality , since it can be used as an oversuit or shorty. It is made of highly elastic,...

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