• -21,96 €

Clipper Premiere Eagle Expert

Regular price 219,95 €
-21,96 € Price 197,99 €
The Premiere Eagle Expert Professional Clipper is a versatile and powerful clipping tool, perfect for both horses and dogs. With its 200-watt motor , it gives you the power you need to make efficient and precise cuts on all types of fur. The ergonomic design of the machine ensures a...
  • -115,01 €

Lister Legend Shearer

Regular price 389 €
-115,01 € Price 273,99 €
The Lister Legend Clipper ensures a professional and fast cut at more horsepower thanks to its powerful 150 watt motor . It has a fully automated protection of the motor in case of overload. Regarding maintenance, the air filter is washable and easy to maintain . Includes set...
  • -29,96 €

Wahl Avalon Clipper

Regular price 304,95 €
-29,96 € Price 274,99 €
The WAHL AVALON Clipper is a high-quality cutting tool that offers exceptional performance. With its 33 Wh NiMH ion battery pack, it provides more than 2.5 hours of cordless power , allowing you to work without interruptions and complete tasks efficiently. The stainless steel blade set...
  • -6,96 €

Premiere Buzzard Zirconia Clipper

Regular price 66,95 €
-6,96 € Price 59,99 €
La Esquiladora Premiere Buzzard Zirconia es una herramienta de corte ultrasilenciosa y ligera, diseñada para brindar una experiencia cómoda y eficiente. Con su maletín incluido, que contiene un kit de mantenimiento, cuchillas y 4 peines de diferentes longitudes (3, 6, 9 y 12 mm), esta...
  • -7,96 €

Blade and Comb Set Liser WLO 258-11850 FINE 1.4mm

Regular price 79,95 €
-7,96 € Price 71,99 €
The Liser WLO 258-11850 FINE 1.4mm Blade and Comb Set is an essential tool for achieving a precise, professional-quality haircut. This set combines a sharp blade and an adjustable length comb to deliver consistent, satisfying results. The 1.4mm thick blade is precision engineered to ensure...
  • -7,51 €

Replacement Shearing Blade WAHL WMO1245-7480.

Regular price 73,50 €
-7,51 € Price 65,99 €
The 2.3mm wide bottom blade/cutter head is compatible with WAHL KM Cordless clippers . This blade is specifically designed to provide a precise and efficient cut in the fur of pets and farm animals. With a cutting width of 2.3 mm, this blade allows you to cover a larger area with each...
  • -39,01 €

HEINIGER Progress clipper

Regular price 429 €
-39,01 € Price 389,99 €
HEINIGER Progress clipper Modern design, very easy to manipulate with its thin handle, its weight of less than one kilo and the inclination of the head of 13? which reduces fatigue when the horse is fully sheared, and simplifies the shearing of sensitive parts. Its powerful motor with...
  • -1 €

Wahl Top Blade Comb

Regular price 8,99 €
-1 € Price 7,99 €
Wahl Top Blade Comb Upper blade. For WAHL clippers "Adore", "Admire" and "Adelar Pro".
  • -4,91 €

Wahl Fine Cutting Head/Lower Blade

Regular price 44,90 €
-4,91 € Price 39,99 €
Wahl Fine Cutting Head/Lower Blade Lower blade/trimmer head adjustable from 0.7 to 3 mm with fine teeth for "Adore", "Admire" and "Adelar Pro" clippers. Non-sharpenable lower blades.
  • -20,91 €

Lower Blade Lister CA2/AC

Regular price 79,90 €
-20,91 € Price 58,99 €
Lower Blade Lister CA2/AC Set of blades compatible with LISTER clippers. CA2/AC : normal shear, 13 teeth, 2.5 mm. For regular shearing of coarse-haired horses and ponies.
  • -7,91 €

Lower Blade Media Lister A2/AC

Regular price 79,90 €
-7,91 € Price 71,99 €
Lower Blade Media Lister A2/AC Set of blades compatible with LISTER clippers. A2: medium shear, 35 teeth, 2.5mm. To leave some hair but get a very regular shear. For use on horses or ponies with a finer coat than with the CA2 blade set.
  • -7,91 €

A2F/AC Lister Fine Bottom Blade

Regular price 79,90 €
-7,91 € Price 71,99 €
A2F/AC Lister Fine Bottom Blade Set of blades compatible with LISTER clippers. A2F: fine shear, 35 teeth, 1.4mm. For a fine and regular shearing. For any horse that lives in a box.
  • -102,01 €

Lister Star Clipper

Regular price 349 €
-102,01 € Price 246,99 €
Lister Star Clipper Characteristic Light and powerful corded clipper for full clip up to 4 horsepower with minimized vibration and fatigue free operation. The blade system is easy to fit and maintain thanks to the easy-adjust cutting system with a 1.4mm cutting length and a...

Ekkia Shearing Vaseline Oil 50ML

Price 3,99 €
Ekkia Shearing Vaseline Oil 50ML If you want the clipper to remain in optimal condition for longer, you need to apply a specific oil that prevents deterioration. Oil. in this case, it is used so that the blades remain oiled and kept in good condition for a longer time.
  • -14,01 €

Heiniger Shearing Battery "Xplorer"

Regular price 139 €
-14,01 € Price 124,99 €
Heiniger Xplorer clipper battery , for Heininger Xplorer clipper, 10.8V / 2.6 Ah Li-Ion battery
  • -3,63 €

Mini Clipper with Batteries

Regular price 32,62 €
-3,63 € Price 28,99 €
Pocket clipper for light touch-ups and trims. Works with 1 AA battery (included). Includes: oil, brush and 2 heads. Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 2,5 cm.
  • -140 €


Regular price 489 €
-140 € Price 349 €
180-watt powerful and silent machine, with three variable speeds. Optimum inclination angle(13º) to minimise hand fatigue when clipping and prevent horse hair from stucking the clipping head. Built-in blades, compatible with other clipper brands. Ergonomically designed and ultra lightweight...
  • -24,01 €

Liveryman Kare Pro 50 Skid

Regular price 200 €
-24,01 € Price 175,99 €
The multi-purpose Liveryman Kare-Pro 50 Clipper is suitable for both large and small animals. It provides a fast, precise and powerful cut with steel blades coated with titanium. It has no air vents so it does not get clogged. The ceramic sheet is long lasting and its useful life is...
  • -45 €

Professional Tatini Trimmer

Regular price 224,99 €
-45 € Price 179,99 €
The Dastin Professional Tattini Clipper has a blade mounted for 1mm cutting, and protection for the blade. This is adjustable, has a noise and vibration reduction system and ventilation system to prevent overheating. Spare accessories: brush, oil, screwdriver . It has CE / LVD / EMC...

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