Multi Herramienta Gerber Dime

Price 29,99 €
La Multi Herramienta Gerber Dime  es una herramienta multi usos universal, de acero inoxidable, con a licates, abrebotellas, c ortador de cables,  cuchillo, destornillador, h oja de filo liso,  navaja,   pinza, tijeras, para uso en casa o en el exterior. Características:...
  • -24,01 €

Multipurpose Leatherman Signal

From Regular price 159 €
-24,01 € Price 134,99 €
The Leatherman Signal Multipurpose is perfect to get lost in the mountains. Includes traditional pliers, saw, can opener and bottle opener plus a wide variety of screwdrivers. You will be prepared for what you find. Leatherman Signal Tools Needle nose pliers Pliers Replaceable...
  • -10,01 €


Regular price 99 €
-10,01 € Price 88,99 €
Skeletool, the new nd amazing multi tool branded by Leatherman. : minimum weight, compact size and numberless applications. Wit stainless steel blades and 6061-T6 coated aluminium handle. Inlcudes pliers, wire cutters, hard wire cutters, bit storage, carabiner/bottle opener and removable pocket...

Multi Herramienta Gerber Crucial

Price 71,99 €
La Multi Herramienta Gerber Crucial es una herramienta multi usos universal, de acero inoxidable de color negro, con herramientas como alicates, cuchilla, cortador de correa, destornillador Phillips, destornillador de cabeza plana, y cortadores de alambre, para usar en actividades de casa, en...
  • -22,01 €

Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool

Regular price 89 €
-22,01 € Price 66,99 €
The Wingman has a resistant spring in the base of the pliers that reduces the hand effort. Made of stainless steel, its handy, outside-accessible blades mean you can open the knife with just one hand. Includes scissors and a 420HC combined blade. Specs: Stainless steel body. Spring-action...
  • -22,01 €

Leatherman Sidekick Multi Tool

Regular price 89 €
-22,01 € Price 66,99 €
Designed for extreme outdoors. The Sidekick has a resistant spring in the base of the pliers that reduces the hand effort. Made of stainles steel, its handy, outside-accessible blades mean you can open the knife with just one hand. 420HC knife blade. Includes lanyard ring and cover....
  • -4,91 €

Multi Herramienta Gerber Suspensión Clip de Bol

Regular price 55,90 €
-4,91 € Price 50,99 €
La Multi Herramienta Gerber Suspensión Clip de Bol es una herramienta multi usos universal, de acero inoxidable, con herramientas como a bridor de botellas, punzón, regla, alicates, destornillador, y cuchillo dentado de hoja fina, para casa o outdoor. Características: Multi herramienta...
  • -25,01 €

Multipurpose Leatherman Raptor

Regular price 109 €
-25,01 € Price 83,99 €
The Leatherman Raptor Multipurpose has been designed for emergency professionals. It is very light and complete so it is useful when we need to reach an area of difficult access and act at the moment. You can store it in your pocket, use it with one hand, and even cut everything you need with...

Hunter knife Boker Magnum Classic

Price 44,99 €
The traditional hunting pocket knife. With lock for the three leaves. Includes a classic blade, a skinner blade and a saw blade. All of them made of 440 stainless steel. Blade length: 9 cm. Sheet thickness: 3 mm. Total length: 20.5 cm. Weight: 276 g.

Axe-Saw-Shovel Multitool

Price 16,99 €
A spade, an axe and a saw all-in-one. You will carry them protected into a camo sheath.
  • -15,10 €

Victorinox Multi Tool

Regular price 110,09 €
-15,10 € Price 94,99 €
Considered as the best pocket knife at the IWA Show in Nuremberg, which is the most important knives’ fair in the world. All the pieces have been checked out at the most extreme conditions. The key functions can be opened in seconds, and are immediately ready for use. It includes: one-handed...

Walther Multi Tool

Price 33,99 €
New generation of multi tools that combine a tactical knife with different survival tools . Easy to use, you can open its blade with only one hand and it has a blocking safety to avoid unforeseen events. It has a blade with spear point partially serrated and it hides into its aluminium handle:...
  • -14,53 €

Explorer multipurpose knife

Regular price 51,52 €
-14,53 € Price 36,99 €
The Victorinox Explorer multipurpose knife is a tool of small dimensions but great uses. 16 different tools in a small pocket knife, minimum weight but incredible resistance. Made in Switzerland. 16 tools.- Large blade knife Small blade knife Can opener 3 mm screwdriver...
  • -16,86 €

Victorinox Multi-Tool, Special Hunters

Regular price 85,85 €
-16,86 € Price 68,99 €
Victorinox Multi-Tool with olive green handle and rubber areas for a better grip. Includes: Blocking blade to open it with a single hand with half serrated blade, tin opener, small screwdriver, can lifter, screwdriver, wire stripper, reamer, punch, Phillips screwdriver, key ring, tweezers,...

RUI tactical multipurpose pliers

Price 39,99 €
Complete your hunting equipment with the fantastic tools of RUI. Products with spectacular resistance, made with the best materials and designed with the needs of both the hunter and the lover of adventure and nature in mind. Rubberized handle Screwdriver Screwdriver (10 interchangeable...

Supertool Smith's

Price 28,99 €
Very complete and excellent quality Supertool Smith's multitool. Compact design, which guarantees maximum comfort when using the tool for any activity. Includes 14 tools : Cutting blade Saw blade Scraper Pliers Wire cutter Perforator Two-sided ruler Grinder lime Philips...
  • -29,01 €

Multipurpose Leatherman Supertool 300 EOD

Regular price 139 €
-29,01 € Price 109,99 €
The Leatherman Supertool 300 EOD Multi-Purpose is a tool designed for artificers. It has a thick part that allows closing the terminals of the detonators, a removable punch to pierce explosive material and a replaceable blade. Leatherman Supertool 300 EOD Tools Needle nose pliers...

Multipurpose Albainox Multifunction

Price 6,99 €
The Multipurpose Multifunction has the following characteristics: Blade: Stainless Steel Handle: aluminum 6 functions Includes nylon sheath

Multipurpose Martinez Albainox Camping Multifunction

Price 10,49 €
The Multipurpose Camping Multifunction has the following characteristics: Blade: Stainless Steel 9 cm Handle: ABS Includes: Fork, Spoon, Knife, Corkscrew and Opener Size: 14.5cm Includes nylon sheath

Multipurpose Martinez Albainox Multifunction Pliers

Price 8,39 €
The Multi-purpose Pliers Multifunction has the following characteristics: Includes: Fork, Spoon, Knife, Corkscrew, Opener, Needle and Cable Bender Blade: Stainless Steel Handle: ABS Size: 10.5 Includes nylon sheath

Albainox Multifunction Pliers knife

Price 13,99 €
The Multifunction Knife-Pliers has been designed with a coyote color handle and 10 uses. characteristics Handle: Rubberized Aluminum Blades: Stainless Steel Blade size: 6.2 cm No. of uses: 10 Includes Nylon sheath

Albainox Multifunction Pliers 9 uses

Price 26,99 €
Multifunction pliers of 9 uses , made in aluminum color. A light and comfortable tool, which offers you 9 possible uses, to get out of any situation in nature. characteristics Handle: Aluminum Blades: Stainless Steel Total size: 15.5 cm Includes Nylon sheath.

Albainox Multifunction Pliers 10 uses

Price 26,49 €
The 10 uses Multifunction Pliers have been designed with 10 possible uses. Comfortable to handle, they hardly take up space and are extremely useful in many situations. characteristics Handle: Aluminum Total size: 17.5cm Includes molded Nylon sheath.
  • -10,65 €

Victorinox Hunting Knife

Regular price 63,64 €
-10,65 € Price 52,99 €
The Victorinox Caza pocket knife is the indispensable tool for every hunter. High resistance multipurpose made in Switzerland. It has a large lock blade specially designed for hunters and two-component grips for excellent grip. Thumbholes on each blade allow one-handed opening. Very comfortable...

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