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Cables Acerados (12 unidades)

The unit costs 0,17 €
Regular price 2,84 €
-0,85 € Price 1,99 €
Bajo de cable de acero trenzado Con emerillón en un extremo e imperdible en el otro. Bolsas de 12 unidades.
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Iridium reel Leopard

From Regular price 41,50 €
-8,51 € Price 32,99 €
The Iridium Leopard front drag reel is made of ultra-light, corrosion-resistant graphite. Characteristic: It has 6 bearings: 1 infinite anti-reverse and 5 steel bearings. High precision micro-adjustable front brake. BRS rotor balancing system. Oversized thread guide and extra-thick...

Abu Garcia Beast Pro Casting rod

Price 218,99 €
The Abu Garcia Beast Pro Casting rod is ideal for anglers experienced in fishing for pike. It is manufactured with the high modulus 36T carbon blank and X-WRAP technology to offer sublime power, optimal response capacity, strength and balance. It carries the Fuji guides and the high...

Caña Shimano Yasei LTD Zander Spinning

La  Caña Shimano Yasei LTD Zander Spinning  está diseñada para la pesca en río desde la orilla del lucioperca, con un blank híbrido que permite clavar el anzuelo en la boca huesuda del lucioperca, incluso frente a luciopercas de grandes dimensiones. Características: Caña Shimano Yasei...
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-4,01 € Price 23,70 €
Fully equipped rod case. It includes a big central pouch and two additional external pouches. Very complete. Dimensions: 150 cm.
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Caña Lineaeffe Drago Lord

From Regular price 6,78 €
-1 € Price 6 €
¡ El mejor precio ! Caña telescópica Lineaeffe Drago Lord de acción ligera-media y plegado corto con empuñadura de neopreno, ahora en 9 medidas diferentes y a un precio increíble: ¡desde 5,90 euros! Se presenta con funda de vinyl. Largo: 1,2 mt. Plegado: 37 cm. Tramos: 4. Acción:...
  • -2,20 €

Analog Scale

Regular price 9,20 €
-2,20 € Price 7 €
It can weigh up to 22 kg. in quantities of 250 grams. Counter tape of 100 cm. included. Sphere with a diameter of 7 cm. Metal handle and hook. Adjustable.

Asso Double Strength Exclusive Monofilament

Price 12,29 €
Double resistance. The use of a special polymer will always guarantee the highest benefits. A monofilament with exceptional transparency, very resistant to knots and unrivalled long lasting performance. The monofilament with the highest benefits! Unique performance! Diameter: 0.08...


Price 19,70 €
Wide capacity, handy, perfect to carry several fishing rods and reels at a time. It includes an external pocket and double transport strap, for an effortless carriage of your equipment. Length: 120 cm.
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From Regular price 8,83 €
-1,34 € Price 7,49 €
Easy to use Light- medium action rod, which offers an excellent performace. Made of carbon, with lightweight and resistant to friction tube guides, and screw reel seat. Length:1.80 m. Closed length: 44 cm. Pieces: 5. Action: 30-60 gr. Weight: 105 gr. Length: 2.10 m....


The unit costs 1,92 €
From Price 9,59 €
Number: 1. Weight: 4 gr Number: 2. Weight: 7 gr Number: 3. Weight: 12 gr


The unit costs 1,92 €
From Price 9,59 €
Number: 1. Weight: 4 gr Number: 2. Weight: 7 gr Number: 3. Weight: 12 gr


The unit costs 1,92 €
From Price 9,59 €
Number: 1. Weight: 4 gr Number: 2. Weight: 7 gr Number: 3. Weight: 12 gr


Price 5,70 €
Smooth and very strong Very smooth natural colour line. Its high abrasion resistance and knot resistance make it the best line when rigging hooks. Low memory. Spools of 500 and 1.000 m. SPOOL OF 1000 M Diameter: 0.40 mm. Breaking Strength: 15.20 kg. Diameter: 0.50...
  • -3,01 €


The unit costs 5,40 €
From Regular price 30 €
-3,01 € Price 26,99 €
The design reduces twist and adds vibrations: Maximum efficiency in long-casting! The patented two-part body emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes while virtually eliminating line twist. Very easy to cast, you will be able to use it even in a seaweed area....


Price 13,99 €
Maximum efficiency. Size: 100 x 67 mm.


From Price 23,10 €
More room Very strong new nylon cordura type cover with reinforced base. Velcro holders for several rods with reel. Great capacity: exterior bag with velcro closing and adjustable padded straps to carry it as a backpack or as a shoulder bag.


The unit costs 5,89 €
From Price 11,79 €
Real action New resistant baits with real action. Natural baitfish colour patterns and shape. Holographic swimmin' flash foil. They're weighted internally for ideal swimming action. Rigged with superior VMC® Premium hooks. Available in 3 weights: Weight: 15 g. Length: 10 cm. Weight: 25 g....
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From Regular price 13,90 €
-5,11 € Price 8,79 €
Continuous success With its unique loud popping, cupped plastic lip and its balsa wood body the Skitter Pop® creates a commotion with one of the loudest spitting actions. Painted and finished in chrome. Black Nickel VMC hooks and feather/tinsel dressed rear treble hook. Models with internal...

Monofilamento Yuki FD 3G

From Price 8,19 €
Sin deformaciones. Monofilamento Yuki FD 3G especialmente diseñado para la pesca con carrete. No tiene memoria mecánica, lo que evita las deformaciones en espiral debidas al rebobinado. De color rosa invisible en el agua, este co-polímero muy suave esta tratado antirayos UVA. Muy resistente a...
  • -19,41 €


Regular price 67,40 €
-19,41 € Price 47,99 €
Perfect performance New rod specially designed for black-bass angling made of 100% carbon. Powerful and strong, SIC guides made of high resistance to abrasion titanium that disipate heat and offer an excellent performance. Screw reel seat. Length: MH 2 m. Closed length: 102 cm....
  • -4,67 €

Coiler for Reel

Regular price 17,67 €
-4,67 € Price 13 €
Reel Winder, easy to use. Easy to use anywhere thanks to its suction cup support and suitable for all diameters due to its adjustable system.
  • -8,61 €


Regular price 31,50 €
-8,61 € Price 22,89 €
New ultra-compact digital scale easy to use. Digital format, works with lithium battery, (included) and has automatic switch off function. Water resistant, hook in chromed steel. Measures in kg and pounds. Weighs up to 12 Kg.
  • -6,31 €

Rapala Jointed BX Swimmer

Regular price 18,90 €
-6,31 € Price 12,59 €
Looking for perfection New Rapala with balsa core and durable co-polymer hard shell that allows to fish in a traditional way even in the most severe conditions. No other lure offers the performance and durability of this classic that imitates reality so vividly. The BX Swimmer is weighted to...

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