• -25 €

Estuche de Limpieza Universal para Armas

Regular price 59,99 €
-25 € Price 34,99 €
El Estuche de Limpieza Universal para Armas contiene todos los elementos necesarios para la limpieza de  escopetas, rifles, carabinas y pistolas. Características: Maletín: Para cuidar los elementos de limpieza, evitar su pérdida, mantenerlos ordenados, y transportarlos de forma...
  • -5,96 €

Tetra Gun Provide Maintenance Center

Regular price 94,95 €
-5,96 € Price 88,99 €
Tetra Gun Provide Service Center The Tetra Gun Provise Maintenance Center is a useful and necessary tool for gun lovers to safely clean and maintain their guns. Thanks to the lightweight yet extremely robust plastic construction, it provides the optimal basis for reliable,...
  • -2,81 €

Spray Blaser Protective Oil

Regular price 14,80 €
-2,81 € Price 11,99 €
Blaser gun oil spray is perfect for gun care and at the same time offers maximum protection against rust, especially in wet, cold, hot, humid, hand-sweaty conditions and sea water. Features: Maximum protection against oxidation, including humidity, cold water, hot water, salt water...
  • -8 €

Aceite Blaser para Culatas

Regular price 49,99 €
-8 € Price 41,99 €
El aceite Blaser proporciona una protección óptima y mantenimiento para las culatas , conservando la belleza de la madera. Características: Modo de empleo: Simplemente aplique y frote. Inodoro después del secado. Composición de Ingredientes naturales. Proporciona protección contra la...

Complete Cleaning Set

Price 34,99 €
Ready to cover all your needs. It includes 5 different accessories, a set of small cleaning patches, a screwdriver, a cleaning brush, special gun conditioner and 2 dummy rounds.

Ramrod for Pistol or Revolver

Price 9,99 €
Special ramrod for short barrel firearms. Available with gun case.

Snap Caps

From Price 7,99 €
You will not do without them. They avoid firing pins' breakage whenever unloading their inner springs.

Firearms Lubricant Oil

Price 5,99 €
Special Lubricant that will keep your firearms in the best conditions. Harmless for the ozone layer. Contents: 150 ml.

Snap Caps

From Price 5,99 €
They will allow unloading springs from firing pins in both rifles and carbines.

VFG Ramrod

From Price 72,99 €
Made of stainless steel, with polyamide handle and 2 bearings, so that the cleaning felt which remains screwed to the adaptor perfectly penetrates into the barrel4s rifle. Adaptor included.

VFG Cleaning Felts

Price 11,99 €
Place 2 felt patches into the ramrod. By pushing it into the barrel, the first felt will absorb dirt particles gathered in the porous surface of the barrel4s rifle. Once it has reached the barrel muzzle, withdraw the dirty felt piece (so that dirt is not distributed again along the barrel) ....

Super Intensive Cleaning Felts. Rifle

Price 19,99 €
To carry out a thorough cleaning, especially after the firearm has been out of use for long, or if it has been used for a large number of cartridge shooting. Like all the others, they are made of wool, mixed with metallic fabrics for a deeper barrel penetration. It eliminates all dirt particles...


Price 10,99 €
The number one in firearms cleaners of Europe. It has been used inthe firearms' industry for years. It creates a protective film on metallic surfaces, penetrating into the most difficult places and into the smallest cracks. With Ballistol you will: Clean and remove traces of copper or lead...

Gunex 2000

Price 7,89 €
The perfect oil for long term preservation of metal pieces, even in the roughest weather ( from -501º to 1001º). It cleans all kinds of residues and keeps all type of surfaces and mechanisms protected. Gunnex 200 slides between metal and damp, filtering into cracks, cleaning and maintaining...

Robla Solo Mil

Price 7,99 €
Used by the German Army, even in the Special Forces, its composition includes ammonia, for a more efficient copper, zinc and lead removal ( a firearm's worst enemies), keeping steel, chrome or nickel unaltered. Should the barrel contain a small trace, just put a cleaning patch into the barrel...

Special Kit: BallistolL, Gunex 2000 and Robla Solo Mil

Price 22,99 €
Our recommendation: Use Ballistol to lubricate and maintain your firearm. Use Gunnex 200 and then Ballistol to clean your firearm if it has been used for a small quantity of shots. Use Robla Solo Mil and then Ballistol to clean your firearm if it has been widely used for several days.

Metal Snap caps. 12 Bore/Gauge

Price 10,99 €
They are perfect to safely unload your firing spins. 2 cartridges, .12 bore/gauge

Shotgun Cleaning Brushes

Price 6,99 €
Includes 3 heads: wool brush, nylon brush and metal-spiked brush.

Wood Care Set

Price 14,99 €
Complete cleaning kit that will help you improve the finish of your firearm4s stock and forearm to always keep them as brand new pieces. It includes: 100 ml. oil can, to keep your firearm in perfect condition, yellow cleaning patches and a sand sponge. All the pieces come into a case.
  • -5,91 €

Quick Clean for cal. .9mm Pistols

From Regular price 25,90 €
-5,91 € Price 19,99 €
The fastest and most efficient cleaning system. Pass QuickClean inside your firearm and it will clean it thoroughly. Conceived to clean the inside of your barrels. Apt for washing machine once it has been used.

Forrest Dry Cleaning Foam

Price 17,99 €
The most comfortable and safe method to clean your firearm. Just spray your firearm with this foam and you will solve operation problems relating incorrect cleaning methods.A fine foam layer will protect your firearm against corrosion. Contents: 90 ml.

Complete Cleaning Set for Rifles

Price 32,99 €
Everything you need to take care of your rifles. It includes 5 different heads, a set of mini- rods, a cleaning brush, a screwdriver, special oil for firearms and blueing liquid to repair small flaws or scratching in metal parts.

VFG Firearms Pocket Travel Set

Price 29,99 €
Precision at the palm of your hand. This set includes a plastic- coated wire, a caliber 12 to 22 adaptor that will help you to keep the wire in the right position, an adjustable head to place cleaning taps and a round handle. Easy and quick to use. Suitable for all rifle and shotgun calibers.

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