Bone Polishing Paste And Disc

Price €7.43
Solid paste, sutable to polish and refine finishes for skulls, bones and fangs. Use it together with the polishing cloth attached to a drill . The disk will get impregnated with friction. The resulting soft paste can be applied to the bone. Paste contents: 1 Kg. Disk diameter: 10 cm.
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Restorer of horns

Price €8.26
Natural concentrate to restore horns that deteriorate over time. Content of the active substance:.

Metal Polish Paste

Price €8.26
Solid paste in the shape of ingot that is impregnated on the cloth disc with which you can polish nickel silver, giving sheen and similar tonality of silver. Content: 1 kg

Nickel Silver Irons

From Price €14.04
Iron of 4 thickness tenths used to weld butts. Two available options: Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm. Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm.

Electric Solid Point Burner.

Price €19.00
Special to engrave in leather and wood, this way you will be able to personalize your knives, leather materials... Includes: graver point, short point, long point, blade point and tin point.

Wild Boar Head to Mount fangs

From Price €8.26
From now you can mount your fangs directly on a plate . Easy to mount . With 4 micron electrolytic plating and bronze plating it offers the appearance of authentic bronze. Available in different sizaes Size: 6,5 cm. Size: 8.5 cm. Size: 9 cm.

Glossy Spray

Price €9.91
You can apply it on a wide variety of materials, such as wood, iron, glass, ceramics, carboard.... To apply it, clean the object which you are going to paint. Then shake the product and paint in a vertical position in fast and thin passes from approx. 30 cm. The surface will look exceptionally...
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Pulley with Hanger

Price €33.05
Pulley made of high resistance steel. Bears a weight up to 363 kg.

Plate for Mouflon or Goat Skull

Price €33.88
To mount in a plate mouflon or goat craniums. Its shape allows to separate them the necessary distance to hang them from the wall.

Degreaser For Bones

Price €8.26
Composed mainly of soda carbonate. When the skulls are cooked, one tablespoon per 15 liters of water should be placed. In this way, it will be easier for the meat to loosen up better and for no fat to appear on the skulls after the trophies have been cast. Content: 1 Kg.
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Corzo Skull Expander

Price €4.95
The Corzo Skull Expander is made of glass fiber reinforced with polyamide, has a galvanized steel screw and height adjustment.

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