Price 24,99 €
Rest bags combo, perfect for any terrain. Made of highly resistant materials, they will give you stability and accuracy.

Smartreolader SR400 dispenser

Price 29,99 €
Smartreolader SR400 dispenser The Smartreloader SR400 Dispenser is an excellent loading kit designed for the precise reloading of rifles and pistols . Constructed of high-quality aluminum and anti-static plastic, this dispenser is strong and durable. The ergonomic design and high...

Smartreloader SR787 Ready to Go Case Cleaning Kit

Price 108,99 €
Smartreloader SR787 Ready to Go Case Cleaning Kit The Smartreloader SR787 Ready to Go Case Cleaning Kit is the complete solution for your shell cleaning needs. Includes the SR787 Dream Tumbler Smartreloader, which holds up to 600 9mm shells or 250 .223 Remington or 125 .308 Winchester...

Pod Cleaning Accessories Kit Smartreloader Essential Kit

Price 42,99 €
Pod Cleaning Accessories Kit Smartreloader Essential Kit The Smartreloader Essential Kit Case Cleaning Accessories Kit is the complete solution for those looking to improve their shell cleaning process. This kit includes everything you need to separate sand from clean and polished...

Smartreloader SR737 Case Cleaning Kit

Price 82,99 €
Smartreloader SR737 Case Cleaning Kit If you are looking for a complete solution for cleaning your shells, the Smartreloader SR737 Scabbard Cleaning Kit is just what you need. This kit includes everything you need to clean and polish your bushings efficiently and effortlessly. In...

Kinetic Bullet Puller

Price 21,99 €
Valid for the following calibers: Head nº1 (1 stria): 17 Remington, 218 Bee, 22 Hornet, 222 Remington, 223 Remington, 25 ACP, 30 Carbine , 32 ACP, 32/20 Winchester, 380 ACP, 9mm Luger, 38 Super Auto, 40 S & W, 10 mm auto Head no. 2 (2 grooves): 22 jet, 38 special, 375 Magnum , 357...

Polishing granulated

Price 22,99 €
Prepared from nut rind. Granulated with a 1,7-2,40 mm diameter. It will achieve an ideal cleanliness and polish of your shells, making them shine like a mirror. Content: 5 kg.

Sellier and Bellot Points

From Price 16,99 €
Packs of 100 units. Points specifications Cal.: .5.6 corresponds to cal .22 Hornet, cal. .222, cal .223, cal .5.6x50R, cal .5.6x52R Cal. 6 corresponds to cal .243 Win Cal. .6.5 corresponds to cal .6.5x55, cal .6.5x57, cal .6.5x57R, cal .270 Win Cal 7 corresponds to all .7 mm...

Tumbler SR737 Nano

Price 47,99 €
New tumbler that fits up to 300 cases of 9 mm or 125 cases of 22 cal.

SR300 Light Rest

Price 59,99 €
Steel rest for rifle and shotgun that counts with an excellent steel solid base and a professional elevation and adjustment. Lightweight, it only weighs 5 kg., and easy to carry. Includes 3 professional adaptors for its steel feet.

SR787 Tumbler

Price 81,99 €
The bowl has a capacity of 3.5 litres and can fit 600 cases 9mm or 250 cases .223R.

Hornady Cam Lock Trimmer

Price 169,99 €
The Hornady Cam Lock trimmer allows to restore to the correct size fired sleeves regardless of the thickness of the groove and walls. The blade is micro-adjustable by 1/1000" and allows for attachment without removing the scabbard. The blade trims scabbards up to .50 gauge and is not...

Hornady Tumbler Rotary Case Cleaner

Price 439,99 €
With the Hornady Tumbler Rotary Case Cleaner, you'll clean and polish brass cases to a shimmering shine , thanks to the rotating action of the tumbler. The drum has a six liter capacity. In addition, it has a digital timer to program it.

Hornady Neck Turner

Price 229,99 €
The Hornady neck turner is designed for use in a wide variety of lengths . Additionally, it allows the use of a drill (not included) to make the neck turn faster and easier, while providing superior consistency and surface finish. An adjustment knob allows the user to choose detents for...

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