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Tecnomar Weights Bag 1 2 3 kg

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-3 € Price 18,99 €
The Tecnomar 1 2 3 kg Weight Bag provides the   appropriate weight to ensure safe and comfortable dives. Features: Weight bag: To provide the right weight to ensure safe and comfortable dives. Weight: 1, 2 and 3 kg. Bag format: With stamped weight.

Omer 3mm booties

Price 29 €
Omer 3mm booties The Omer 3mm booties are the perfect complement for your water activities. They are designed to offer you maximum comfort and protection in each of your dives . Its 3mm thickness provides a perfect balance between protection and flexibility , which will allow you...

Omer Shaft Rod 6.5mm

From Price 31,99 €
Omer Shaft Rod 6.5mm The Omer Shaft 6.5mm rod is an accessory used in spearfishing, made of high quality stainless steel with a pointed end and a 74mm long built-in flag . This model has a conical sharpener from the Omer brand. It is suitable for small and medium prey, as it has a long...

Omer Gladius knife

Price 28,99 €
The Omer Gladius Knife is made of stainless steel, and has a sheath that allows it to be placed on the belt. Features: Blade material: 420 stainless steel. Blade length: 7.5 cm. Total length: 16.5 cm. Weight: 40g. Sheath: Allows you to carry the knife on your belt....

Línea Flotante Omer Goma

From Price 14,99 €
The Omer Rubber Floating Line elongates effortlessly up to 3 times its length, offers a sensation of less effort during the dive, and does not absorb water. Features: Elastic cord: Effortlessly stretches up to 3 times its length. Thus, if it is 8 m, it stretches to 24 m....


From Price 39 €
High density neoprene In 2 or 3 mm, Made of elastic outer Ultraspan, and inner Nano Plush Carbon: thermic and antibacterial. PVC picots cover to increase resistance. High quality seams and glueing, guaranteeing a perfect sealing, despite of their reduced thickness.

Omer Nylon Fish Cable

Price 8,99 €
The Omer Nylon Fish Cable is a fish cable for spearfishing. Features: Use: Fish-carrying cable for spearfishing. Cable material: Nylon.
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Omer Match Reel

From Regular price 39 €
-9,01 € Price 29,99 €
The Omer Match Reel has an articulated arm, guide with slide, clamp to keep the rope in tension, rope with a thickness of 1.5 mm, and a rope length of 30 m or 50 m. Features: Arm: Articulated. Guide: With slide. Clamp: Allows you to keep the rope in tension. Rope...

French Omer Articulated Howitzer 16 mm

Price 11,99 €
The 16 mm French Omer Articulated Ob s is made of stainless steel, with plastic bushings. Features: Ob s: Articulated. Material: Stainless steel, with plastic bushings. Measurement: 16mm.
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Omer Cayman Sport rifle

From Price 159 €
The Omer Cayman Sport Speargun is a classic 28 mm diameter aluminum rifle with a PR80 steel rod. Features: Omer Cayman Sport rifle: Classic rifle. Tube: In black extruded anodized aluminium, 28 mm in diameter. Rod : PR80 steel.
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Scubapro Everflex 5/3mm Hood

Regular price 57 €
-11,01 € Price 45,99 €
Esta capucha de buceo Scubapro está confeccionada con nailon 100% Everflex de alta elasticidad en el exterior para lograr la máxima flexibilidad y con material 100% extra-suave en el interior para conseguir un excelente aislamiento de la cabeza y el rostro y minimizar la pérdida de calor...

Mares Argo Diving Knife

Price 36,99 €
The Mares Argo Diving Knife is ideal for freediving and has been created for the most demanding spearfishermen. Compact and easy to use, the blade incorporates micro serrations for powerful cutting power in any situation. Includes two adjustable elastic straps with hook and loop closure....
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Boya Mares Hydro Torpedo

Regular price 72 €
-27,01 € Price 44,99 €
La boya Hydro Torpedo marca un hito en la industria al ser la primera boya con una línea hidrodinámica innovadora . Su diseño revolucionario garantiza una excelente visibilidad del apneísta en el agua, y la inclusión de una bandera refuerza aún más su presencia . La seguridad en el agua es...

Mares Hero Polygon Spearfishing Knife

Price 33,99 €
The Mares Hero Polygon Spearfishing Knife is a compact knife ideal for the most demanding spearfishermen . Equipped with a hole to free rods stuck in rocks, the blade has been made of 70mm long stainless steel that incorporates micro serrations along the entire edge . Knife with a...

Mares Pass Fish Needle

Price 14,99 €
Mares Pass Fish Needle Monofilament with sharpener to hold your spearfishing catches.
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Mares Hydro Popel Buoy

Regular price 72 €
-32,01 € Price 39,99 €
The Mares Hydro Popel Buoy is a super buoyant diving buoy with a capacity of 50 liters . It inflates easily with the included pump up to 0.15 BAR and has a very large valve with a two-way system to facilitate quick inflation and deflation.   It is equipped with a robust outer...

Cressi SL Star Speargun

Price 98 €
The Cressi SL Star Speargun is a prestigious Cressi brand speargun. It belongs to the SL range of rifles, models that have a great reputation thanks to their precision, firing force, reliability and robustness . This model is the latest version of a long saga that, over the years, has...

Creesi Apache Rifle

From Price 65,99 €
The Creesi Apache Speargun is a rifle from the prestigious Cressi brand that stands out for its great stability and compensation thanks to the weight distribution . It is a simplified version of the Navajo model, a competition rifle adapted for mass sale . The open, robust and...

Cressi Yuma Fast Speargun

From Price 139 €
The Cressi Yuma Fast Speargun is a Cressi brand speargun that is characterized by its versatility, agility and maneuverability . Designed for fast fishing, it enables great ease of movement in all directions under the water , as well as non-deformability and low production cost thanks...

Seacsub Asso Air Rifle

From Price 126,99 €
Seacsub Asso S/R Air Rifle The Seasub Asso model continues to evolve after almost 40 years. Made in Italy, it maintains its great quality by adding new features to improve version after version. The Seac Asso S/R pneumatic speargun (without power regulator) is perfectly balanced and...
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SeacSub Target Speargun

From Regular price 162 €
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SeacSub Target Speargun Characteristic Open head with capacity for double rubber. The line release mechanism can be oriented left or right handed. Standard: 6.25 mm Tahitian rod, 16 mm Power Blue circular bands, Articulated Howitzer. Tahitian SEAC rod according to the size...
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SeacSub Fire Speargun | Comprar online | Alvarez

SeacSub Fire Speargun

From Regular price 204 €
-55 € Price 149 €
SeacSub Fire Speargun Characteristic The line release mechanism can be oriented for lefties and righties. Rubber overmolded sternum support. Line release : Adjustable left/right by simply acting on a single screw Release Mechanism : The entire release mechanism is...
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Scubapro S-Tek Pro Fluid Form Weighting System

Regular price 158 €
-32,01 € Price 125,99 €
The Scubapro S-Tek Pro Fluid Form Weight System is a pocket weight kit that can be added to the S-Tek Pro harness. Features: Mounting: On the waist of the harness, very simple. Two Monprene ballast covers: Black. Two Removable Weight Pockets: Each holds up to 5 kg (11 lb)...

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