ICOM IC-F1000 Portable Transmitter

Price 239,99 €
El Emisora portátil IC-F1000 de ICOM es un equipo compacto, de tamaño reducido y con características muy completas para la caza y otras actividades al aire libre . Este dispositivo se destaca por su resistencia al agua y al polvo con un nivel de protección IP67, lo que significa que puede...
  • -31,91 €

Radio Midland CT990 EB

Regular price 169,90 €
-31,91 € Price 137,99 €
The Midland CT990 EB Radio can be used in extreme weather conditions and has an increased battery, so it can be used whenever it is needed. Characteristic: IP67 certification: Resists dust and water up to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. Large color screen, TFT: Very good...
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Emisora Scolta Fox RP-203

Price 119,99 €
La Emisora analógica Scolta Fox RP-203 Walkie VHF , es ideal para la caza ya que es muy robusta, y dispone de batería de litio de larga duración. Además, tiene una útil linterna integrada en la emisora, y dispone de auriculares. Características: Rango frecuencias: 147~174 MHz....

Midland ANT710 Radio Antenna

Price 12,99 €
The Midland ANT710 Radio Antenna compatible for the CT510 CT710 CT890 models. Characteristics: Type: 1/4?(144MHz) 1/2?(430MHz) Length: 13cm Operating band: 136/174 MHz 400/470 MHz Frequency band: T ransmission: 144/430 MHz

Spoke Midland G9 Pro White Storm

Price 104,99 €
The Radio Midland G9 Pro White Storm is excellent for outdoor use. It has an improved screen, audio and antenna compared to the previous version. In addition, it offers a double PTT, 8 new frequencies, 101 channels, extended frequency band, CTCSS tones and DCS codes, high performance...
  • -14,80 €

Micro/Loudspeaker for Walkies

Regular price 30,79 €
-14,80 € Price 15,99 €
Reduced dimensions. Volume control. Suitable for Keenwood and other brands.
  • -19,96 €

Transceiver connection cable for Peltor Sportrack Ear Defenders

From Regular price 49,95 €
-19,96 € Price 29,99 €
With the helmet-transmitter connection cable you can directly connect your Peltor SportTack hunting or shooting helmet to your transmitter! Allows you to have both hands free !! It has a loudspeaker, button and connections to both the transmitter and the Peltor helmet. Valid for Alan HP-108,...
  • -10,01 €

Midland G7 Pro transmitter

Regular price 169 €
-10,01 € Price 158,99 €
PACK OF TWO TRANSMITTERS. They do not need a license. Free use. No fees. Range: 12 km (depending on terrain). Features: Vibracall, keypad lock, automatic battery saving, low battery indicator, VOX adjustable in 2 levels for hands-free communications, Dual Watch, CALL with 5 melodies,...

V-600 station Dynascan

Price 119,99 €
AUTHORIZED FOR HUNTING Complete your hunting equipment with this professional VHF portable transmitter authorized for hunting, with 256 memory channels and very compact and robust. Protection index IP67 (water resistant 1 meter/30 minutes) Alphanumeric display emergency key Various...

XT50 transmitters Pair PMR 446

Price 88,99 €
The XT line is an ideal solution for those who want to speak both professionally and in their free time. Characteristics Gray 24 channels (8 PMR + 16 pre-programmed) 38 CTCSS tones on TX and RX Range up to 8 km MicroUSB port for recharging 2pin Midland jack for SPK / MIC Side...
  • -11,01 €

Midland CT590 S Dual Band Radio

Regular price 82 €
-11,01 € Price 70,99 €
The Midland CT590 S Dual Band radio is prepared to scan all available channels, both in the traditional SCAN function, as the CTCSS / DCS function and also the FM channels. It is a simple device, but at the same time it is equipped with many functions, with the frequency bands VHF 144-146MHz...
  • -10,91 €

Walkie Talkies Midland XT10-Capacity 4KM.

Regular price 59,90 €
-10,91 € Price 48,99 €
Midland XT10 Walkie Talkies are lightweight, easy to use and brightly colored for easy location. It is equipped with 16 channels (8 + 8 preprogrammed), 38 tones, VOX, CALL, SCAN functions, keypad lock and side tone to silence the end of transmission signal. It has a maximum range of 4Km, and...
  • -23,91 €

Pair of Walkie Talkies Midland XT60 - Capacity 10 KM

Regular price 99,90 €
-23,91 € Price 75,99 €
The Midland XT60 Walkie Talkies have a dual band, which guarantees communications of up to 10 km on 69 LPD channels and 24 PMR446 to communicate freely, without a license, in different bands and frequencies. It has a screen for night vision, and has 9 levels of sensitivity of the VOX...

Midland G9 PRO Radio

Price 109,99 €
The Midland G9 PRO radio has 30% larger and improved screen and audio, with the most powerful antenna and a dual PTT that allows you to instantly select high and low power. It has 8 frequencies of the PMR 446 band, free to use throughout Europe, for communications without overlap and...
  • -5 €

Kenwood THK2-E 12V Car Charger

Regular price 23,99 €
-5 € Price 18,99 €
12V charger for Kenwood THK2-E car. It includes Charger support. Mounting bracket. Screw set (self-tapping screws, spring washers, flat washers, M4x8 SEMS screws). Elastic dressage. Two-sided blocking tape. Adapter for cigarette lighter. Manual.

Multiple Charger 6 Positions Midland Multi CA PB-BR03

Price 154,99 €
The Midland Multi CA PB-BR03 6-Position Multiple Charger allows you to charge 6 radios, or 6 batteries, at the same time. Characteristics: 6 double positions: To charge 6 radios, or 6 batteries, at the same time. Optional accessory: Not included in the packaging of BR03.
  • -15,01 €

Multiple Charger G15/G18 Midland Multi CA PB G15

Regular price 285 €
-15,01 € Price 269,99 €
The G15/G18 Midland Multi CA PB G15 Multiple Charger is compatible with G15, G15 PRO, G18 and G18 PRO, has a power cable, and allows charging up to 6 radios at the same time. Characteristics: Compatible: G15, G15 PRO, G18 and G18 PRO. It has a power cable. Allows...

Wireless Micro for Claim Arcea MC-4

Price 139 €
The Arcea MC-4 Wireless Call-Microphone allows you to listen to all the call's songs and sounds from the stand . Thus, by placing the microphone near the claim, all sounds are received directly in the headphones without the need for cables. With excellent sound quality , the product...
  • -94,91 €

Pack Walkies Midland 4 G15 Pro 1 Multiple Desktop Charger

Regular price 749,90 €
-94,91 € Price 654,99 €
The Pack Walkies Midland 4 G15 Pro 1 Multiple Desktop Charger includes 4 G15 Pro walkies, very light, with more channels and fast. Characteristics: New frequency: Extended (from 446.00625 to 446.19375 MHz). New channels: PMR44632 and PMR446, 16 + 16 pre-programmed. Voice...
  • -44,79 €

Pack Walkies Midland 4 G18 Pro 1 Multiple Desktop Charger

Regular price 869,78 €
-44,79 € Price 824,99 €
The Midland 4 G18 Pro 1 Multiple Desktop Charger Pack includes 4 G18 Pro walkies that allow clear communications and have multiple customizable functions. Characteristics: Band: PMR446 of free use, which guarantees clear communications. 99 Channels: It incorporates a total of 99...