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Hunting Blind

Regular price €74.37
-€8.26 Price €66.11
Display - hunting ground made of high quality canvas, with camouflage finish. It's very light. Easy and comfortable to transport. Fully foldable, it closes with a strap so you can hang it on your shoulder and carry it comfortably. Easy and quick assembly and disassembly. Stop it one...
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Premier Optics Visor 2-12x50 GenII Illuminated Reticle

Regular price €578.50
-€223.14 Price €355.36
Visor Premier Optics 2-12x50 Retícula Iluminada Impresionante visor de altísimas prestaciones y con un precio inimaginable para un producto de esta calidad. Su sistema SWA (Super Wide Angle) ofrece un enorme campo de visión, una nitidez extrema y unos colores absolutamente reales. Con tubo...
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20 megapixel digital camera with Black Flash

Regular price €132.22
-€49.59 Price €82.64
Magnífica cámara digital de 20 megapixels , con flash negro que permite captar imágenes en plena oscuridad . Configuración rápida y sencilla gracias al Quick Set. Grabación de vídeos de 5 - 15 - 30 segundos. Modo ráfaga : hasta 3 imágenes por disparo. 12 emisores de Infrarrojos que...
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Magnum padded rifle holster

Regular price €74.37
-€24.79 Price €49.58
La funda definitiva para guardar y transportar tu rifle + visor!!! La funda MAGNUM está totalmente acolchada en su interior, ofreciendo una máxima protección para el arma y el visor. Fabricada en tejido de máxima resistencia. Cuenta con dos bolsillos exteriores, en los que podrás guardar...
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Funda Beretta B-Wild

Price €66.11
La funda Beretta B-Wild está especialmente pensada para armas largas. Fabricada con materiales altamente resistentes a los arañazos. Es  impermeable,  para proteger tus armas del agua. La línea de productos B-Wild ofrece la mayor gama de accesorios para la caza. Combina la...
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MAXI cleaning case for shotguns, rifles, carbines and pistols

Regular price €57.84
-€16.53 Price €41.31
El estuche perfecto para la limpieza y mantenimiento de todo tipo de armas : escopetas , rifles, carabinas y pistolas . Cada pieza ha sido diseñada para cumplir a la perfección con su cometido, permitiéndote realizar una limpieza de máxima calidad y totalmente garantizada. Todo...
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Digital Grain Dispenser

Regular price €82.56
-€24.72 Price €57.84
¡¡El sistema más cómodo y seguro para alimentar animales!! El complemento imprescindible para cualquier cazador. Totalmente ajustable según tus necesidades: Podrás alimentar de 1 a 4 veces al día. Velocidad de alimentación ajustable de 1 a 30 segundos. Reloj digital de fácil y cómoda...
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Rechargeable Silencer Plugs

Regular price €165.28
-€41.32 Price €123.96
The best protection for your ears at the moment of shooting + The clearest and clearest amplification of sound the rest of the time. With these earplugs you will be able to listen to the snap of a branch, with the peace of mind that they will fully protect you when necessary. With independent...
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Banco de Tiro

Price €66.11
Este banco de tiro es perfecto para poner a tiro sus armas: Robusto: garantiza una perfecta sujeción del arma. Terminación de las patas ajustables. Regulable en altura, para facilitar el trabajo. Zona de apoyo del arma acolchada, con lo que se consigue evitar roces en el arma....
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Price €57.84
A traditional cut backpack of the highest quality Sensational backpack made of cotton and nylon with leather trim. Very sturdy, it has 2 side pockets and a wider front one. Wide straps that will allow you to carry it comfortably, even with heavy weight. 100% waterproof. Size: 44 x 36...
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Razor electronic headphones

Regular price €95.86
-€29.75 Price €66.11
The Razor HD Electronic Helmets are the ultimate in high-end electronic helmets. They have 2 multidirectional microphones to know at all times where the sound is coming from. They amplify the sound in high definition, allowing you to clearly distinguish what it is. Instant reduction (in just...
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Handcrafted Decorated Backpack Flag Spain

Price €79.33
Made of leather, presents a striking picture on the front. It has two large pockets, one front and one at the back. Dimensions: 34 x 44 cm.
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Folding grain digital dispenser

Regular price €107.36
-€16.45 Price €90.90
The most comfortable and safe system to feed and attract animals! This grain dispenser has a digital clock that allows it to be programmed to feed the animals up to 4 times a day. Very easy and convenient to use: just add the grain, hang the dispenser in the desired place and set the clock for...
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Scouting Camera with Animal or Intruder Detector Via Message or E-Mail

Regular price €247.89
-€66.08 Price €181.81
The camera with animal or intruder detector, totally invisible! Perfect for surveillance work, whether in the bush or at home. You will know what is happening at the very moment it is happening. Program it to receive images continuously, every hour, every half hour, only 2 in one...
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Regular price €231.40
-€107.44 Price €123.96
This rangefinder will show you exactly how far away your target is. It combines the highest quality technology with a modern design and easy handling, which will allow you to use it in different circumstances. Para to make this incredible meter easier to use, you can hold it with one hand,...
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Hunting Blind with Seat

Regular price €139.67
-€57.86 Price €81.81
Camouflage post with integrated chair. Very stable. Frame with steel bars. Wide front opening and six side windows to hear all noises. Very easy to assemble and disassemble (assemble and disassemble in seconds). Includes a carrying bag that will allow you to transport it to the hunting area...
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Wildgame Cloak Lights Out Animal Detection Camera 24 MP

Regular price €165.28
-€66.12 Price €99.17
La Cámara de Detección de Animales con flash negro 24 MP + Baterías cuenta con un sistema de iluminación de 36 leds infrarrojos de alta intensidad, captura imágenes HD y vídeos de 720 p, cuenta con un alcance de hasta 25 metros. TOTALMENTE INVISIBLE, funcionamiento silencioso, batería de...

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