Ancla de Capa Lalizas 4,5 m

Price 12,89 €
El Ancla de Capa Lalizas 4,5 m e stabiliza la posición del barco, y también se puede utilizar en embarcaciones de vela  para disminuir la velocidad al atracar en puerto. Características: Ancla de capa: Estabiliza la posición del barco, y también se puede utilizar en embarcaciones de...

Seachoice Folding Jockey Wheel

From Price 62,99 €
Seachoice Folding Jockey Wheel Switch from portrait to landscape position for quick output. The spring-loaded latch locks and unlocks the jack from one position to another. Made of anti-corrosive steel. Elevation in path 25cm. Maximum elevation 61cm. Models 455 : Maximum...

Game 3 padlocks with the same key

Price 24,79 €
Set of 3 padlocks with the same key Chromed brass body. Handle and stainless steel springs for resistance to marine conditions. Removing the key with the padlock closed or open. They are presented in blister of 3 locks that use the same key.

Twin Eye Defense Listed Seachoice

From Price 21,99 €
The Seachoice Listed Twin Eye Bumper is a roto-molded marine vinyl bumper that offers high shock absorption and strength while incorporating a superior gloss finish. Made of high quality materials that increase its resistance to abrasion and durability , maintains its ductility...

Fastfender hooks (Banister and Cable)

Price 15,99 €
The easiest way to hang a defense on a railing or cable in the case of sailboats. The height of the defense can be adjusted without knots and in total safety. It is supplied in packs of two units. For 8 mm cable and for 32 mm tube.
  • -13,37 €

Mooring buoy Ocean

Regular price 105,36 €
-13,37 € Price 91,99 €
Complete your nautical equipment with this self-regulating anchor indicator buoy. Use it to mark easily the position of the anchor when anchoring or as an aid in case of anchoring the anchor. Made of high density polyethylene Lead counterweight Adjustable to different depths...
  • -6,05 €

Seachoice Electric Line Cutter

Regular price 51,04 €
-6,05 € Price 44,99 €
Seachoice Electric Rope Cutter The rope cutter quickly cuts and seals the end of synthetic ropes (nylon and polypropylene) in one quick motion. 120 VAC at 60 cycles. 1.1A 100W. 12.7cm cord

Bollard race

Price 104,99 €
The Lalizas race mark has been specially designed to meet the demands of racing. It has an inflation / deflation valve and a large transparent pocket (69 x 58cm) that can be used for advertising purposes. There are also 4 anchor points for the line in order to absorb the traction forces....
  • -15,60 €

Protective lining - Tarpaulin

Regular price 35,59 €
-15,60 € Price 19,99 €
Protective Lining- Tarpaulin. It can be used in various applications: Cover boats, cars, etc. Tent on boats Deck equipment and machinery stored in areas outside Cover the painted areas Camping Pool coating and many others 120g/m2 Measurements: 6.0 x 4.0 m Characteristics of...
  • -16,62 €

Fulton Retractable Tow Strap

Regular price 148,61 €
-16,62 € Price 131,99 €
Fulton Retractable Tow Strap Black retractable towing strap for good storage. Easily bolts to trailer with included hardware. Features Housing: Zinc Work load: 378kg Dimensions: 51mm x 1.1m Packaged presentation: 1 pair Type: heavy-duty
  • -11,03 €

Sea Cover Case for Water Motorcycle

Regular price 59,02 €
-11,03 € Price 47,99 €
Protect your boat from dust, rain or sun with the great SeaCover cover . Keeping your boat in the best conditions and having top quality nautical equipment will undoubtedly help you to extend its duration over time. Extra strong 420D polyester coated PA for maximum water resistance...
  • -6,16 €

Folding Anchor Kit

Regular price 61,75 €
-6,16 € Price 55,59 €
The Folding Anchor Kit is valid for motor, sail, jet skis, kayaks. Use in backgrounds with sand, rock, mud and gravel. Galvanized iron painted with forge nails. Includes: Anchor, anchor line, adjustable buoy, stainless steel carabiner and storage bag.
  • -9,53 €

Ironwood Pacific Anchorlift Super Ring Kit

Regular price 37,43 €
-9,53 € Price 27,90 €
The Ironwood Pacific Anchorlift Super Ring Kit is designed for mooring chains of 30 moms, to raise the anchor to the surface. Features: Easy hook to the anchor line, to raise the anchor to the surface. For anchoring chains of 30 mom?s. Stainless steel ring and shackle....

High Strength Keel Roller Seachoice

From Price 21,99 €
High Strength Keel Roller Seachoice Made of black rubber with 16mm nylon inserts. Steel sleeve and tapered design to prolong the life of this item, especially with heavy boats. Maximum recommended load 181Kg. Supplied in blister or in bulk.

Seachoice Rope Hook Kit Drag Buoy

From Price 21,99 €
The Seachoice Drag Buoy Rope Attachment Kit helps to drag the boat and, thanks to the buoy, the rope is kept away from the propeller. Features: Helps the drag of the boat. Plastic floating buoy, keeps the rope away from the propeller. Carabiners, for easy hooking. Cable...
  • -12 €

Covers for Bumpers

Regular price 40,99 €
-12 € Price 28,99 €
For maximum protection These covers protect your bumpers against wearing due to friction and against UV rays. Made of expandable and washable polyester.

Seachoice Twin Eye Fender Kit

Price 47,99 €
The Seachoice Twin Eye Fender Kit contains two heavy-duty fenders to absorb blows. Features: Includes: Two 10 mm x 13 cm braided mooring lines, attached to the fender eyelet by a reinforced nylon mesh. Material fenders: Manufactured with marine vinyl, very resistant....
  • -7,47 €

Talamex Stainless Steel Anchor Spindle

Regular price 29,46 €
-7,47 € Price 21,99 €
Talamex Stainless Steel Anchor Spindle Features Double anchor swivel AISI 316 polished stainless steel Chain: 6-8mm

Seachoice Stainless Steel Anchor Swivel

Price 29,99 €
Seachoice Stainless Steel Anchor Swivel Swivel link that can be used between the anchor and the main chain or between the chain and the anchor line. Made of 316 stainless steel it is the connection between the chain and the anchor. Prevents tangles in the chain. Features...
  • -6,07 €

Seachoice Security Chain

Regular price 23,06 €
-6,07 € Price 16,99 €
Seachoice Security Chain Welded chain with safety hooks. Zinc plated. specs Maximum load: 410 kg Dimensions: 6mm x 1m Receiver: Class III
  • -5,31 €

Seachoice Double Braided Nylon Mooring Line

From Regular price 27,30 €
-5,31 € Price 21,99 €
Seachoice Double Braided Nylon Mooring Line Prewashed double braided rope with 38cm loop (in 19mm ropes the loop is 46cm). Offers superior wet strength and superior abrasion resistance compared to other nylons. Mildew resistant. Length (options) 6.1m 7.6m
  • -17,23 €

Plastimo Emergency Ladder

From Regular price 67,22 €
-17,23 € Price 49,99 €
Plastimo Emergency Ladder Plastic steps, width 295 mm. Mounting on synthetic rope, protected by plastic tubes that stiffen the uprights between the rungs. Height between steps 200 mm.

Seachoice Nylon Mooring Line

Price 63,99 €
Seachoice Nylon Mooring Line Extremely strong rope designed to absorb sudden jerks. Supplied with thimble at one end. It comes with a thimble. Dimensions : 9mm x 30m