Abrigo para perro BACK ON TRACK "Haze Collection"

From Price €49.99
Abrigo para perro BACK ON TRACK "Haze Collection" Con un cuello suave (piel de imitación de visón), este abrigo acolchado (200 g) con tecnología Welltex® mantiene a su perro caliente y puede ayudar a reducir la tensión muscular y articular. Características La correa de cintura curva...

High performace Supplement

Price €34.50
It's the most recommended by vets and trainers. Provides 19 vitamins and minerals, among them the B and K vitamins, keys for the synthesis of the red corpuscles. B vitamin decreases the lactic acid production in a muscular level. E vitamin and selenium are keys to repair the muscle after an...

Abrigo para perro BACK ON TRACK® "Night Collection"

From Price €49.99
Abrigo para perro BACK ON TRACK® "Night Collection" Un clásico y elegante abrigo para perro con Welltex®. Características Acolchado ligero. Capa exterior de tejido de alta calidad y forrada con nuestra tecnología Welltex® bien conocida por sus efectos beneficiosos. Cierre rápido...
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Cubremaletero bag Beretta

Price €29.99
Sturdy Beretta trunk bag with zippers that converts into a bag. These two functions make it very comfortable, as they will allow you to protect your trunk from dirt when transporting your parts and fishing tools, or even when doing other outdoor activities, hiking, etc ...; and comfortably...
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Silbato de Cuerno de Búfalo con 2 tonos

From Price €8.50
Silbato especial para perros que podrá usar por ambos lados para conseguir un tono más alto o más bajo.
  • -€9.01
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Pet Barrier Divider

Regular price €69.00
-€9.01 Price €59.99
Resistant and long- lasting. Very useful for package and dog transport. 73 to 100 cm.adjustable height and 80 to 145 cm. Adjustable width.

Dogs & Cats Repeller

Price €27.99
The device that many times you wanted to possess. The most humane and safe way to take unfriendly dogs away. This dog repeller is also an useful dog training device when used in conjunction with the verbal or hand command. br> The Dog Chaser emits a frequency ranged from 20,000 and 25,000 Hz...
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Protective Car Seat Cover

Price €20.99
Protects the upholstery of the back seat and the the back of the front seat , although it can be put in such way that allows the simultaneous transport of people. Very resistant to scratches and water. Resists stains. Washable. With opening for the seat belts. Includes a pocket to keep the...
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Chaleco de Protección para Perros

From Price €129.99
El seguro de vida de sus perros, un chaleco de protección especialmente contra los ataques de los jabalíes a un precio muy atractivo. Con un material resistente de cordura exterior y un acolchado interior, proporciona una gran comodidad. El complemento perfecto para los cazadores amantes de los...
  • -€24.01

Liveryman Kare Pro 50 Skid

Regular price €200.00
-€24.01 Price €175.99
The multi-purpose Liveryman Kare-Pro 50 Clipper is suitable for both large and small animals. It provides a fast, precise and powerful cut with steel blades coated with titanium. It has no air vents so it does not get clogged. The ceramic sheet is long lasting and its useful life is...

Adjustable ultrasonic whistle. From 7 to 8 cm Arcea

Price €7.50
The adjustable ultrasonic whistle. From 7 to 8 cm Arcea has a constant and adjustable tone. Features: Made of metal / plastic. With frequency protector, guarantees a uniform tone frequency. Adjustable frequency pitch. Too quiet.

Polytec Double Coupling

Price €9.95
The Polytec Double Coupling allows us to carry two dogs at a time. It is made of high quality polyurethane with yellow phosphorite color. Features: Unbreakable. 16 mm wide and 20 cm long. The strap is attached to the central ring. Very bright colors Easy to clean.
  • -€4.00
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Mud Daddy Portable Shower

Regular price €49.99
-€4.00 Price €45.99
The Mud Daddy portable dog shower is very easy to use and store. Roast your dogs in the fastest and most comfortable way. Its compact shape and its handle will allow you to use it at any time and place: perfect for your dogs to ride clean in the car !! . Characteristics: Capacity:...
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Carpet for trunk

Price €27.99
Protege tu maletero con esta alfombra, ¡¡la forma más cómoda y eficaz de proteger tu maletero!! Esta alfombra rígida está especialmente diseñada para garantizar la protección del maletero: - Superficie antideslizante , con la que se evita que la alfombra se desplace: permanece fija y...
  • -€9.91

Concentrado para adiestramiento perros caza de ciervo

Regular price €29.90
-€9.91 Price €19.99
Concentrado para adiestramiento perros en la caza del ciervo. Adiestre a su perro con este concentrado intensivo. Ponga unas gotas en el simulador elegido como presa del olor del animal deseado y su perro, tras un adiestramiento, lo reconocerá e irá sobre él. Contenido: 35 ml.

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