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Imperator Track Collimator

Regular price 84,95 €
-4,96 € Price 79,99 €
It will allow you to grade scopes for your rifles, pistols and revolvers in the quickest and easiest way, saving money and ammunition. You4ll only have to introduce the ramrod into your firearm4s barrel and align scope reticles and collimator. Check out your results at the shooting field. It...

Laser Collimator

Price 79,99 €
Compatible with most bores/gauges. Revolutionary collimating system by using an infallible laser that will allow you to save time and ammunition and adjust both your rifle's or carbine's sights as well as your telescopic scopes. Just select the right adaptor for your bore and place it on the...

Laser collimator bullet

Price 24,99 €
The laser bullet collimator is very easy to use. Insert the appropriate caliber laser bullet collimator into the chamber of a rifle and it will project a laser light indicating the trajectory of the projectile. Versions: 06.30, 270, 06-25 7mm, 338, 264 243, 308w 375HH 300 300WSM
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Bushnell 3 Rod Collimator

Regular price 167 €
-25,01 € Price 141,99 €
The Bushnell 3 Rod Collimator is highly valued by professionals for its precision in bringing the weapon into range, avoiding the waste of ammunition. Includes 3 extendable rods and a carrying case. Characteristic: To put a weapon within range: Perfect to avoid spending ammunition....

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