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Adaptador Coche Casio para TV AD-K65G

Regular price €29.99
-€10.00 Price €19.99
El adaptador Coche Casio para TV AD-K65G es el accesorio que necesitas para poder conectar tu televisión portátil en tu vehículo en cualquier salida que realices.  Características Input : 100V  ~ 240Vac 50/60Hz.

Laken Inox Thermal Bottle 0.75 l

Price €22.99
The Laken Classic Inox 0.75 l Thermal Bottle keeps the drink hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 24 hours, it does not get wet or burn on the outside, it has a wide mouth that allows ice to be inserted and refilled easily, hermetic closure It is ethical, does not retain flavor, and is...

Laken Classic Water Bottle 1 liter + Aluminum Cup

Price €27.00
The Laken Classic Canteen 1 liter + Aluminum Cup is a canteen that includes a 600ml kettle. It guarantees that there is no alteration in the flavors of the contents and the organoleptic properties of your drinks. It is made of aluminium. Characteristic Free of BPA, phthalates,...

Laken Inox Thermal Bottle 0.35 liters

Price €22.50
The Laken Inox Thermal Bottle 0.35 liters is perfect if you want varied designs, not monocolors. Made of stainless steel, it maintains the ideal temperature of the drink. Without plastic, without extra expense, with total safety and comfort. The stopper is very easy to use for the little...

Laken Wide Mouth Plug

Price €5.60
Laken Wide Mouth Plug Compatible with all wide-mouth Laken thermal bottles, in their different colors: Classic : TA3/TA5/TA7/TA10 Jannu : TJ3/TJ5/TJ7/YTJ3F Summit : TS3/TS5/TS7/LTS3/LTS3F Characteristic Free of BPA, phthalates, lead or other harmful substances...
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Thermos Verney-Carron Cartridge

Regular price €22.44
-€2.45 Price €19.99
El original Termo Verney-Carron con forma de cartucho será tu compañero ideal en todas tus salidas al campo y en tus jornadas de caza. Capacidad: 750 ml

Albainox Camping set

Price €14.99
The Camping Set includes a spoon, a knife and a razor. All this in a nylon sheath . It is the perfect complement for your nature trips, camping nights and hunting days; to be able to eat comfortably.
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Multipurpose Leatherman Raptor | Comprar online | Alvarez

Multipurpose Leatherman Raptor

Regular price €109.00
-€25.01 Price €83.99
The Leatherman Raptor Multipurpose has been designed for emergency professionals. It is very light and complete so it is useful when we need to reach an area of difficult access and act at the moment. You can store it in your pocket, use it with one hand, and even cut everything you need with...
  • -€29.01

Multipurpose Leatherman Signal

Regular price €159.00
-€29.01 Price €129.99
The Leatherman Signal Multipurpose is perfect to get lost in the mountains. Includes traditional pliers, saw, can opener and bottle opener plus a wide variety of screwdrivers. You will be prepared for what you find. Leatherman Signal Tools Needle nose pliers Pliers Replaceable...
  • -€30.01

Multipurpose Leatherman Rebar

Regular price €99.00
-€30.01 Price €68.99
The Leatherman Rebar multipurpose is a classic model and it will become your new favorite tool thanks to its possibilities. Includes pliers optimized to be very strong, plus a cable cutter that can be replaced by a 4-inch tool. It has been designed to handle tough jobs, with a compact and slim...
  • -€44.01

Multiusos Leatherman Surge

From Regular price €179.00
-€44.01 Price €134.99
El Multiusos Leatherman Surge es uno de los modelos más grandes de la marca. Muy potente, está fabricada con los alicates más grandes, hojas más largas y bloqueos fáciles de usar. Tiene un sistema de cambio de hojas excelente, puntas de destornillador grandes y pequeñas además de 4 hojas con...

Laken water bottle 1 l

Price €18.70
The Laken 1 l Canteen has a neoprene cover, hermetic closure, it can be used with different drinks, it does not retain or transmit flavors, and it is ready for use. Free of harmful substances. Features: Free of Harmful Substances: Free of BPA, phthalates, lead or other harmful...
  • -€4.96

ComeUp Portable Winch Dw-1500I

Regular price €114.95
-€4.96 Price €109.99
The DW-1500I Electric Trailer Winches is perfect for boats, cars... and all kinds of fields of action. Features: Powerful motor for electric trailer. Clutch for easy winding. Motor protection with short circuits; Avoid overload and possible damage. Capacity 680 kg. 12v engine....

Comeup CUB-3 S/12V Winch

Price €439.95
The Comeup CUB-3 S/12V winch has a lightweight and compact design that is ideal for easy installation. Features: Towing capacity: 1,361 kg. 12v engine. Hand switch. 3-stage planetary system, fully metallic for greater traction force. Dynamic and mechanical brake....

Warn 2000 DC/12V Winch

Price €274.99
The Warn 2000 DC/12 V Winch has the following features: Capacity: 907 kg. 12v engine. 1.6hp. Steel cable: 5 mm. x 10.7 m. 3.7 m cable control. iron fixed guide clutch and brake Approximate weight: 8.2 kg.
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Laken Classic Aluminum Bottle 1 l

Regular price €8.99
-€1.00 Price €7.99
The Laken Classic 1 l Aluminum Bottle is a reusable bottle, with a wide mouth that allows you to introduce ice, suitable for alcoholic or citric drinks, hermetic seal, and dishwasher-safe except for the cap. Features: Reusable bottle: Aluminum, wide-mouthed, resistant, and durable....
  • -€7.91

Thermos for Solids Laken Stainless Steel 1 l + Cover Drink Life Forest

Regular price €39.90
-€7.91 Price €31.99
The Laken Stainless Steel Thermos for Solids 1 l + Drink Life Forest Cover maintains the temperature of the food, with cold content the exterior does not get wet and with hot content it does not burn, it does not retain flavors, it has a hermetic closure. attic, and includes 2 interior...

Laken Inox Summit Thermal Bottle

Price €23.90
Laken Inox Summit Thermal Bottle Features Thermal performance: up to 24 hours cold (always depending on room temperature) Do not use with drinks above 50?C Double wall vacuum insulation (Stainless Steel 18/8) Free of BPA, phthalates or other harmful substances Suitable...
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Laken Basic Stainless Steel Bottle Steel Bamboo Stopper 0.75 l

Regular price €19.20
-€3.21 Price €15.99
The Bottle Stainless Steel Laken Basic Steel Cap?n Bamboo? 0.75 l is resistant, light, highly durable, has a hermetic seal for greater security, a wide mouth that allows ice to be inserted and refilled easily, and does not retain flavors. Features: Laken Basic Bottle: Made of 18/8...
  • -€20.00

Camping Stove

Regular price €49.99
-€20.00 Price €29.99
El hornillo camping es pequeño y ligero , ideal para transportar . Con ella podrás cocinar , hervir o guisar a fuego lento con facilidad, además es muy eficiente en la naturaleza y en el campo. Incluye su propio combustible líquido y la cocción dura solo unos minutos. La...
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Leatherman Sidekick Multi Tool

Regular price €89.00
-€22.01 Price €66.99
La Multiusos Leatherman Sidekick ha sido concebida para un uso intenso. Con 15 herramientas de uso habitual. Su cómodo tamaño, su robustez y su facilidad de uso la convierten en la herramienta básica que todos deberíamos tener siempre a mano. 10 AÑOS DE GARANTÍA. Fabricada en acero...
  • -€22.01

Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool

Regular price €89.00
-€22.01 Price €66.99
The Wingman has a resistant spring in the base of the pliers that reduces the hand effort. Made of stainless steel, its handy, outside-accessible blades mean you can open the knife with just one hand. Includes scissors and a 420HC combined blade. Specs: Stainless steel body. Spring-action...
  • -€5.01

Laken Africa Aluminum Canteen 1.3 l with Canvas Cover

Regular price €27.00
-€5.01 Price €21.99
The Laken Africa 1.3L Aluminum Canteen with Canvas Cover is a classic canteen, with a green canvas cover, a chain that joins the lid to the canteen, hermetic closure, does not transmit flavors, and is dishwasher safe except the cap no. Features: Laken Canteen: Classic canteen, with...
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Laken Tritan Classic bottle 0.75 l

Regular price €9.20
-€1.21 Price €7.99
The Laken Tritan Classic 0.75 l Bottle is a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic, it is lightweight, does not transmit or retain flavors, has a hermetic seal, and is dishwasher-safe except for the cap. Features: Sustainable alternative: Alternative to single-use plastic....

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