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For cold waters 3 mm gloves for moderate and cold water gloves. With velcro strap.

Cressi Ultrastretch Neoprene Gloves

From Price 40 €
Cressi Ultrastretch Neoprene Gloves Cressi brand glove. It is characterized by being fully elastic and having good resistance. It is made of low-density neoprene and an Ultrastretch® lining on both sides reinforced with PV micropicots on the outside. Available in 3 thicknesses:...
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Guantes de Apnea Mares Amara 20

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Guantes de Apnea Mares Amara 20 Los guantes de apnea Amara® 20 son la elección perfecta para los apneístas que buscan durabilidad y comodidad. Están confeccionados con neopreno de camuflaje de 2 mm, que proporciona una protección térmica adecuada sin comprometer la movilidad. La...
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Guantes de Buceo Mares Flexa Classic

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-3,01 € Price 35,99 €
Guantes de Buceo Mares Flexa Classic Los Guantes de neopreno Flexa Classic de 5 mm cuentan con una palma recubierta de caucho antideslizante que mejora el agarre. Estos guantes ofrecen una excelente protección térmica y garantizan un alto nivel de comodidad durante tus movimientos. La...
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Guantes de Buceo Mares Ultraskin

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-22,01 € Price 34,99 €
Guantes de Buceo Mares Ultraskin Los Guantes de Buceo Mares Ultraskin son fabricados con la innovadora tecnología Ultraskin. Esta tecnología combina tres capas diferentes para brindarte la mejor experiencia en tus inmersiones . En el interior, cuentan con un forro polar que...
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Guantes de Buceo Mares Flexa Fit 6.5mm

Regular price 69 €
-20,01 € Price 48,99 €
Guantes de Buceo Mares Flexa Fit 6.5mm Los Guantes Mares Flexa Fit de 6.5mm son la elección perfecta para los buceadores que se aventuran en aguas frías. Con un espesor de neopreno de 6.5mm, estos guantes brindan un excelente aislamiento térmico para mantener tus manos abrigadas y...
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Guantes de Buceo Mares Flexa Fit 5mm

Regular price 65 €
-25,01 € Price 39,99 €
Guantes Mares Flexa Fit 5mm Los Guantes Mares Flexa Fit de 5 mm son fabricados con neopreno Ultrastretch de 5 mm, lo que los convierte en la elección perfecta para el buceo en aguas frías. Estos guantes están diseñados con una impresión de goma en las palmas para brindar un agarre máximo y...

Aqualung Dry Comfort Gloves

Price 59 €
Aqualung Dry Comfort Gloves If you are looking for comfortable and practical diving gloves for cold waters , the Aqualung Dry Comfort 4mm diving gloves are an excellent option. They are made from high quality 4mm thick SEEFLEX Nylon II neoprene and feature ergonomic pre-curved...
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Aqualung AVA 3mm Women's Gloves

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-9,01 € Price 29,99 €
Aqualung AVA 3mm Women's Gloves Ava gloves are tailored to the female hand with longer, narrower palms and fingers. The rubber pattern helps improve grip, and superstretch neoprene is combined with triple glued seems for maximum protection, comfort and warmth. functions...
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Aqualung Liquid Grip 5mm Gloves

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-13,01 € Price 45,99 €
Aqualung Liquid Grip 5mm Gloves Aqualung Liquid Grip gloves offer optimum comfort, warmth and functionality. Liquid rubber stitching helps gloves last longer by reducing water transfer and thread fraying. Patented X-tend cuffs provide a durable edge without reducing elasticity....
  • -21,01 €

Cressi Gotland Liquid Seal Diving Gloves

Regular price 51 €
-21,01 € Price 29,99 €
Cressi Gotland Liquid Seal Diving Gloves Cressi brand gloves. High-end, they are reinforced for any type of underwater activity, being very versatile. The pattern optimizes volumes and provides greater anatomy, mobility and comfort . It incorporates an elastic and resistant...

Guantes de Apnea Mares Flex 20 Ultrastretch

Price 42,99 €
Guantes de Apnea Mares Flex 20 Ultrastretch Los Guantes de Apnea Flex 20 Ultrastretch son perfectos para los apneístas que valoran la suavidad y la durabilidad. Están confeccionados con neopreno de 2 mm de grosor, que ofrece una excelente protección térmica sin sacrificar la...


From Price 39 €
High density neoprene In 2 or 3 mm, Made of elastic outer Ultraspan, and inner Nano Plush Carbon: thermic and antibacterial. PVC picots cover to increase resistance. High quality seams and glueing, guaranteeing a perfect sealing, despite of their reduced thickness.


Price 39 €
High range Available in 3.5 or 5 mm with outer elastic Ultraspan fabric and thermic and antibacterial inner Nano Plush Carbon that provides a pleasant touch. PVC picots cover to increase resistance.
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Lavacore Unisex Gloves

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-5 € Price 34,99 €
New unisex gloves water and wind resistant. Made of a high quality thermal fabric composed of three layers: outer layer, facilitates a quick dry, middle layer, wind resistant that keeps heat and inner layer with anti-bacterial treatment that minimizes odor and eliminates bacteria growth. Very...

Aqualung Admiral III 2mm gloves

Price 39 €
Aqualung Admiral III 2mm gloves Made of 2mm neoprene polygon and neoprene, the Admiral III gloves provide comfort during warm water dives and durability when necessary. Main features : 2mm neoprene for maximum comfort during warm water dives. Polygamum palm for durability....
  • -9,01 €

Gloves Scubapro D-Flex 2.0

Regular price 45 €
-9,01 € Price 35,99 €
The Scubapro D-Flex 2.0 Glove is super soft and flexible with extreme finger sensitivity. Its contoured shape allows a comfortable grip. The non-slip textured palm allows you to achieve optimal grip. It is 2mm thick.

Gloves Mares Flexa Classic

Price 35,99 €
The Mares Flexa Classic glove is a 3mm thick diving glove, which is made with an ultra-elastic neoprene fabric for greater flexibility and warmth. It has all the seams away from the fingers to have a better sensitivity in the water.
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Glove Mares Flexa Touch 2

Regular price 49 €
-20,01 € Price 28,99 €
Mares Flexa Touch 2 gloves will allow you to keep warm without limiting dexterity. 2 mm thick
  • -20,01 €

Aqua Lung Liquid Grip Gloves

From Regular price 55 €
-20,01 € Price 34,99 €
The Aqua Lung Liquid Grip 3mm gloves have liquid-sealed rubber seams that prevent the passage of water and fraying. X-tend sleeves provide durability, without reducing stretch, for handling spearfishing accessories. Specs: Non-slip embossed grip. Liquid rubber seams provide raised...

Seac Sub Comfort 3mm Gloves

Price 27,99 €
The Seac Sub Comfort 3mm Unisex gloves offer the necessary thermal protection for diving, without having to give up the skills of the activity. They have been manufactured with quality materials, among which the 3mm lined neoprene stands out , the palms have been covered with non-slip...

Seac Sub Ultraflex Gloves

From Price 38,99 €
Seac Sub Ultraflex gloves offer protection without diminishing feel and touch. Both in the palm and in the fingers they guarantee a perfect grip and its flexibility allows any movement under water, such as handling equipment, adjusting buckles, hooking carabiners, etc. The outer...
  • -5,01 €

Aqualung Thermocline Glove 3mm

Regular price 24 €
-5,01 € Price 18,99 €
The Aqualung Thermocline 3mm Gloves are thermoclinic gloves that provide great freedom of movement and prevent loss of touch . They are designed to prevent fatigue and facilitate grip thanks to the cut of the fingers and the shape of the garment. They have a thickness of 3mm....
  • -4,91 €

Beuchat Sirocco Sport Protect Gloves

Regular price 29,90 €
-4,91 € Price 24,99 €
The Beuchat Sirocco Sport Protect Gloves are perfect for underwater activities, in hot or temperate waters, and have Supratex protection to prevent chafing. Characteristic: Neoprene gloves: With Supratex protection, to prevent chafing. Underwater activities: Indicated for all...

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