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Pulsar Axion XM30F Thermal Monocular

Price 1.199 €
The Pulsar Axion XM30F thermal monocular stands out for its high detection potential, in pocket dimensions and very light weight (less than 250 grams), being the perfect option for hunting or tourism . In addition, the device is easy to hold and operate by right and left-handed people,...
  • -54,01 €

Hikmicro Gryphon GQ35 LRF Thermal and Night Monocular

Regular price 2.690 €
-54,01 € Price 2.635,99 €
The Gryphon GQ35 LRF is touted as the most revolutionary thermal monocular to date. It has: 35mm thermal camera. optical camera Laser rangefinder up to 600 meters. Thanks to a resolution of the thermal sensor of 640x512, 12 µm + a 1024 x 768 OLED screen , you will be able...
  • -3,01 €

Lynx Pro LE10 Thermal Monocular

Regular price 849 €
-3,01 € Price 845,99 €
HIKMICRO LYNX Pro LE15 handheld thermal monocular camera is perfect for hunting, search, rescue, observation. hiking... Since it has a built-in high-sensitivity thermal detector, it gives you a clear view even in total darkness. In addition, it is equipped with a 256 × 192 infrared detector and...

Pulsar Axion 2 XG35 LRF Thermal Monocular

Price 2.929,99 €
El monocular Térmico Pulsar Axion 2 XG35 LRF tiene un t elémetro láser preciso integrado,  de hasta 1 kilómetro de alcance, con el que sabrás a que distancia exacta se encuentra tu objetivo. Además, destaca   por su gran por su  alto potencial de detección  de  hasta 1750 m,  gracias...
  • -10,01 €

Lynx LC06 Thermal Monocular

Regular price 449 €
-10,01 € Price 438,99 €
The Hikmicro Lynx LC06 thermal monocular has been manufactured with the highest quality materials, in conjunction with innovative technologies. It features a 160 x 120 infrared detector as well as a 720 x 540 LCOS screen . It allows observation, distance measurement, among other...
  • -53 €

Garret ACE 300i metal detector

Regular price 349,99 €
-53 € Price 296,99 €
Make the most of your free time with this new Garrett metal detector, in addition to the functions of the Garret 200i , it has a higher frequency that provides greater sensitivity in metals with low and medium conductivity (gold, lead), a up to 3x higher resolution for iron and an adjustable...
  • -11 €

Botas Chiruca Pointer con Gore-Tex

Regular price 125,99 €
-11 € Price 114,99 €
Gran comodidad Unas botas que mantendrán sus pies siempre secos y confortables en las largas caminatas y condiciones más extremas, gracias a la membrana de Gore-Tex®, cuello acolchado con esponja repelente al sudor y lona de algodón forrada con rejilla de transpiración, plantilla de poliester...
  • -11,01 €

Lynx Pro LE10 Thermal Monocular

Regular price 709 €
-11,01 € Price 697,99 €
The Hikmicro Lynx Pro LE10 thermal monocular has built-in a Wi-Fi hotspot as well as a high-sensitivity thermal detector , which promotes clear vision even in the dark. It has a 256 x 192 infrared detector , in conjunction with a 720 x 540 LCOS screen. It has been manufactured with...
  • -13,09 €

Chiruca Supra Gore-Tex Boots

From Regular price 130,99 €
-13,09 € Price 117,90 €
The Chiruca Supra Gore-Tex Boots respond to all the needs of the most demanding hiker: Made of waterproof nubuck leather with a nappa leather collar. With water-repellent sanity, Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining ; ensures that your feet are dry at all times, whatever the weather...

Dunlop Snugboot Craftsman wellies

From Price 159,99 €
Rain boots DUNLOP SNOGBOOT CRAFTSMAN :   More than 100 years of innovation gathered in this boot to offer the highest degree of comfort ever achieved !! WATERPROOF and BREATHABLE PUROTEX material that guarantees impermeability and breathability: - First layer.- The outer...
  • -15,31 €


From Regular price 296,30 €
-15,31 € Price 280,99 €
The LEUPOLD BX-1 MCKENZIE HD BINOCULAR will surprise you with its impressive features, at a more than reduced price. Perhaps the best quality / price binocular that you can find on the market. Clear, bright, compact, lightweight, waterproof, resistant... it meets all the...
  • -36 €

Chiruca Detroit GORE-TEX shoe

Regular price 125,99 €
-36 € Price 89,99 €
Chiruca Detroit GORE-TEX shoes have the following characteristics: Embossed nubuck leather. Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining that provides total waterproofing and breathability. Vibram Adventure rubber outsole for great grip without weight and resistance to wear. Weight: 427g.

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