Leather and Beech Folding Stool

Price 59,99 €
Folding stool of high quality artisan manufacture, with national leather seat and very resistant beech wood legs . Very comfortable to transport, since it only weighs 1.5 kg, and you can store it anywhere since it is foldable. Characteristics: It offers a comfortable and safe seat....
  • -15 €

Black Hunting Seat Cane

Regular price 49,99 €
-15 € Price 34,99 €
The Black hunting seat cane, with a traditional, elegant and functional design, will be your inseparable companion on your hunting days, excursions... or in any outdoor activity. It is made of steel and natural leather , this makes it very resistant and comfortable. It is also...

Folding Stool Spain

Price 59,99 €
Folding stool of high quality craftsmanship, with national leather seat and very resistant beech wood legs . Very comfortable to transport, since it only weighs 1.5 kg, and you can store it anywhere since it is foldable. Features: Seat decorated with drawings and the Spanish flag....
  • -24,99 €

Folding Wooden Stool

Regular price 59,99 €
-24,99 € Price 35 €
Wooden legs. Greased calfskin at the seat. Height: 65 cm.

''Gadabaut'' Type Chair

Price 99,99 €
Enjoy your hunting journeys with the maximum comfort. Lightweight and highly resistant, totally folding aluminium structure to be used as a stick. Weight: 1.8 kg.

Walkstool Foldable Stool

Price 54,90 €
Very comfortable, foldable and with adjustable legs of 60 cm. with blocking button to ensure its holding, it will be kept steadier in any terrain. Moreover, it is incredibly resistant. According to the proofs made by the Swede National Institute of Investigation And Developement it supports...

Spinning Hunting Seat

Price 119,99 €
Hunting seat, surprising by its comfort.. It rotates 360 1º, widening your angle of view. It adds a shooting stick, enabling aiming at any situation or place. Lightweight, it folds for easy transport. Weight: 9.5 gr. FOLDING.
  • -6,95 €

Leather Stick Seat

Regular price 39,95 €
-6,95 € Price 33 €
Resistant. Comfortable and resistant seat made of leather. The perfect companion in your hunting sessions and outdoors activities...
Chair with Backrest | Comprar online | Alvarez

Chair with Backrest

Price 39,99 €
The chair with backrest has the following characteristics: Measurements: 24 x 35 cm. Weight: 2.1 kg. Colors: Khaki, Camu.

Folding armchair

From Price 48,99 €
The folding chair has the following characteristics: Measure 50x50. Backrest height: 47 cm. Width of the chair 44cm. Folded armchair with bag: 93 x 15 cm. Weight: 3.2 Kg.

Rotating Tripod

Price 39,99 €
The rotating tripod seat has the following characteristics: Smooth or camo rotating tripod. Seat measurements: 38x38x38. Tripod height: 50 cm. Folded tripod with carrying bag: 60x16 cm. Weight: 1.8kg. Height adjustable legs. Folded in a comfortable bag.
  • -3,10 €

Walkstool Comfort Stool

From Regular price 98 €
-3,10 € Price 94,90 €
The Walkstool Comfort series stool is entirely made in Sweden and has a light weight and telescopic aluminum legs. They can also be used without unfolding the telescopic legs at a lower height. The Comfort series offers strong rubber feet and an ergonomic chair, making it possible to sit...

Mini Max Folding Stool

Price 31,99 €
The Mini Max Folding Multipurpose Stool is easy to fold, easy to carry, and easy to adjust to the body weight of a child and an adult. It adopts up to 12 different positions and supports a maximum of 120 kg of weight. Once folded, it becomes a 7 cm thick disk. Mini Max is adjustable for any...
  • -3,91 €

Mini Max Cushion for Folding Stool

Regular price 19,90 €
-3,91 € Price 15,99 €
Make the seat of your Mini Max folding stool more comfortable with this padded black cushion.

Turret with 360º Rotating Seat

Price 399,99 €
The 360 Swivel Seat Turret is very easy to transport and load since it only weighs 34 kg. It is also very resistant since it can hold up to 135 kg. Characteristics: Seat height 2.5 m approximately. With 360 rotating seat: it allows you total mobility. Very comfortable padded...
  • -23,09 €

Open Air Seat

Regular price 43,08 €
-23,09 € Price 19,99 €
Incredible performance A seat which will allow you to enjoy your hunting and sporting days. Made of cordura fabric with metallic frame and lateral arm rests, it is highly resistant. Foldable to carry it into its bag as a bandolier.

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