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Octopus Mares Abyss

Regular price €399.00
-€100.00 Price €299.00
Octopus Mares Abyss El Octopus Abyss Navy presenta un revestimiento especial de resina de fluoropolímero. Incorpora el sistema VAD (Vortex Assisted Design), que permite un flujo de aire dinámico y una respiración natural y sencilla en cualquier profundidad. Este regulador es especialmente...
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Octopus Mares SXS

Regular price €139.00
-€35.01 Price €103.99
The Octopus Mares SXS is one of the most compact second stages on the market, very light and high performance. Features: SXS (Second eXtra Small) , to highlight the lightness of this second stage. Valid for all types of dives . It can be used with a hose coming from the...
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Octopus Scubapro R105

Regular price €280.00
-€115.01 Price €164.99
The OCTOPUS SCUBAPRO R105 guarantees comfortable and reliable breathing in all situations. Classic design with VIVA dive/pre-dive switch: The dive/pre-dive control knob for the VIVA prevents uncontrolled airflows. Includes classic downstream valve for reliable breathing performance....
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Apeks XTX 50 Octopus Regulator

Regular price €329.00
-€107.01 Price €221.99
Octopus Apeks XTX 50 Characteristics pneumatically balanced DCE - possibility of mounting two types of exhaust deflectors (standard short type) RVS - possibility to connect the hose from the left or right side CRC - screw for infinitely adjustable breathing resistance...


Price €29.99
The first individual mouthpiece Today it is possible to achieve a perfectly physiological individual mouthpiece. Simply immerse JAX in boiling water for a few seconds and then clamp it between your teeth to achieve a perfectly stable mouthpiece that will ensure perfect comfort.It can be...


Price €6.00
Protect your equipment. Silicone grease to lubricate components that need it as O-rings, sliders, metallic elements, knives etc. Content: 60 g.
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Reduced size Easy opening without tools and reliable. Switch made of thermoplastic rubber. Dive-Predive deflector. Simpicity and easy maintenance.
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Las características del Octopus Scubapro R195 son: Combina una válvula posterior clásica con un diafragma de gran tamaño y un botón de purga clásico. Su construcción sencilla y robusta ofrece una fiabilidad máxima y hace del R195 la segunda etapa ideal para los buceadores noveles....
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Aqualung Calypso Titan Octopus

Regular price €169.00
-€69.01 Price €99.99
Mid-size, high performance octopus to compliment the Titan and Calypso regulators The venturi lever prevents unwanted freeflow when not in use. Buble diffuser. Not recommended for over compensted regulators.
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Scubapro PVC Mouthpiece | Comprar online | Alvarez

Scubapro PVC Mouthpiece

Regular price €8.00
-€2.01 Price €5.99
Scubapro food grade PVC mouthpiece , black, standard size. Fits most regulators as well as most snorkels.
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Octopus Cressi XS Compact Pro

Regular price €120.00
-€35.01 Price €84.99
Octopus XS Compact Cressi dive perfect for all your dives safely Pro. Second stage ultra simplified monocoque thermally conductive metal particles ABS + elastomer + stainless steel. Only 6 cm in diameter and 145 grams. Mechanism and construction with minimum number of components and...
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Octopus Apeks MTX-R

Regular price €409.00
-€145.01 Price €263.99
The Apeks MTX-R regulators were originally designed for extreme diving in all types of conditions, from situations where continuous strong shocks are difficult to avoid, to the most extreme cold weather conditions. A regulator suitable for all situations. It never fails. Characteristic:...
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Octopus Aqualung Apeks XL4

Regular price €199.00
-€40.00 Price €159.00
The Aqualung Apeks XL4 octopus has the following characteristics: Compact and lightweight, it helps reduce jaw fatigue in long duration dives. High performance seat valve, pneumatically balanced and operated by handle. Large purge button, controllable and self-cleaning function....

Octopus Cressi MG Balance

Price €149.00
The Octopus Cressi MG Balance has the second stage compensated ultralight high-end. 7.5x6 cm elliptical section for a large lever arm of the cam and reduced volume. Oversized admission membrane. 1st stage T10 with overcompensated T membrane with optional insulation and antifreeze kit. Chrome...
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Octopus Scubapro R095

Regular price €165.00
-€33.01 Price €131.99
The Scubapro R095 octopus has a high visibility yellow cap and a yellow hose 1 meter long to facilitate access and air sharing operation. Technical specifications: Second Stage R095 Octopus: Classic valve VIVA Preset Reversible hose clamp Weight: 198g Air flow at 200 bar:...
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Octopus Aqualung Leg3nd Supreme

Regular price €229.00
-€99.01 Price €129.99
Octopus Aqualung Leg3nd Supreme. If you want your sensations and emotions to be amplified in the underwater world and concentrate on what matters: Feeling free! The Optopus LEG3ND is your answer. Specifications: The LEG3ND Octopus is pneumatically balanced , resulting in smooth...
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Octopus Apeks Egress 21

Regular price €239.00
-€69.01 Price €169.99
The Apeks Egress 21 octopus has been specially designed to minimize drag, including a pneumatically balanced valve , resulting in markedly superior performance for an alternate air intake. It is ideal for high performance Apeks regulators. Characteristics: Its orientation is RH...
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Octopus Apeks XTX40 Balanced Octopus

Regular price €289.00
-€97.01 Price €191.99
The octopus Apeks XTX40 Balanced Octopus stands out for offering the same functions as the XTX40 second stage, with the exceptional difference of offering left/right reversibility. In addition, thanks to its innovative design, a high visibility front cover in yellow has been applied....
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Octopus Mares Rober

Regular price €99.00
-€36.01 Price €62.99
The Mares Rober octopus has the VAD system, combined with the new fluid dynamic deflector, which guarantees natural and effortless breathing. In addition, the Mares Rober is made of technopolymer, which incorporates a flexible material cover, which makes it easier to press the purge button....
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Octopus Aqualung Helix

Regular price €199.00
-€89.01 Price €109.99
The Aqualung Helix octopus is characterized by great performance compared to other models in its range. Features : Pneumatically compensated , which provides smooth breathing. It has a heat exchanger (patented), which provides the warmth of the surrounding water by eliminating the...
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Octopus Mares Atlas Adj

Regular price €329.00
-€90.01 Price €238.99
The Octopus Mares Atlas Adj is the new   Mares octopus, designed to be used in all diving environments, made entirely of metal, which guarantees its durability. Features: Made of metal , very resistant. Valid for all diving environments . High thermal conductivity , so...

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