10 M. Dog Leash

Price 42 €
Sturdy dog leash, coated with an excellent plastic material that prevents the leash from tangling or making noise. It does not block among the tree branches or bushes. Perfect for tracking tasks. Easy cleaning. Snap ring included. Colour: orange for easier location. Length: 10 m....

Polytec Strap

Price 8,50 €
The Polytec strap is made of high quality polyurethane in blue. Features: Unbreakable. 6 mm wide and 1 m 20 cm long. With interior nylon mesh. Easy to clean.

Polytec Double Coupling

Price 9,95 €
The Polytec Double Coupling allows us to carry two dogs at a time. It is made of high quality polyurethane with yellow phosphorite color. Features: Unbreakable. 16 mm wide and 20 cm long. The strap is attached to the central ring. Very bright colors Easy to clean.

Polyte Traílla Plana

Price 23,95 €
The Polytec Flat Scraper is made of high quality polyurethane with orange phosphorite. Features: 16 mm wide and 10 m long. Unbreakable scrapers. With interior nylon mesh. Easy to clean Very bright colors

Polytech 10 mm round scraper

Price 24,95 €
The Polytec 10 mm Round Trailer made of polyvinyl chloride has a thickness of 10 mm for a better grip. In yellow phosphorite. Inner nylon mesh. Unbreakable. It does not get tangled or blocked in the undergrowth. Length : 6 meters Easy to clean.

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