• -14,05 €

Zaldi Special Chambón with Lamb MIS-17

Regular price 64,04 €
-14,05 € Price 49,99 €
The Zaldi Special with Sheep MIS-17 has been designed with a chrome buckle, being perfect for horse training. Characteristics: It has been made with 85 cm shearling. It has a short strap of 107 cm. It also has a 280 cm long strap.
  • -9,91 €

NORTON PRO anti-sway chamfer

Regular price 39,90 €
-9,91 € Price 29,99 €
NORTON PRO Anti-Roll Chamber Are you looking for a stylish and practical solution to prevent your pony or horse from lowering its head while riding? This buffalo leather chamb?n is the perfect choice for demanding riders who seek quality and comfort for their animals . This chamb?n has...
  • -7,91 €

NORTON PRO short elastic shank/pulleys

Regular price 31,90 €
-7,91 € Price 23,99 €
Short elastic chamber/NORTON PRO pulleys Nickel-plated carabiners and pulleys are used for rope work or on horseback. The effect is very similar to that of an adjustable elastic chamb?n but the pulley allows the horse to bend without there being any tension in the muzzle and exterior....
  • -12,31 €

Gogue with pulley ERIC THOMAS PRO

From Regular price 72,30 €
-12,31 € Price 59,99 €
Gogue with pulley ERIC THOMAS PRO Padded leather on the chest and polyester rope with pulleys and carabiner fixings.
  • -5,96 €

People Training System

Regular price 64,95 €
-5,96 € Price 58,99 €
People Training System Lunging/training system with four different positions . It is the perfect method to teach balance and force the horse to bring its hindquarters under it (girth not included).
  • -2,45 €

Chambón de Cuero con Poleas

Regular price 23,44 €
-2,45 € Price 20,99 €
Chambón fabricado en cuero de alta calidad. Hebillaje cromado. Largo: 142 cm.
  • -2,65 €

Gogue de Cuero con Poleas

From Regular price 25,64 €
-2,65 € Price 22,99 €
Una gran ayuda para el entrenamiento de tu caballo; te servirá para enseñar al caballo a bajar la cabeza, sin causarle ningún percance. Fabricado en cuero de gran calidad.
  • -15,71 €

Norton Chambon with Pulleys

Regular price 55,70 €
-15,71 € Price 39,99 €
The Norton gearbox with pulleys is complete. It favors good grip of the front quarter, a great mobility of the back and the advance of the rear ones, by its design with pulleys and of hook on the upper part of the cinchuelo (it does not include an eyelet).
  • -4,72 €

STUBBS Horse Feeder Toy

Regular price 46,71 €
-4,72 € Price 41,99 €
This "REWARDING TOY" is one of the most effective products to keep your horse entertained. It is a ball-shaped toy that is also a food dispenser ; the idea is to "reward" the horse's ability through food. Thanks to this game, in addition to entertaining and avoiding possible problems...

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