• -11,01 €

Carrete Lineaeffe GTL 500 Wide Spool

Regular price 62 €
-11,01 € Price 50,99 €
El Lineaeffe GTL 500 Wide Spoo l es un carrete de curricán versátil, adecuado tanto para pescadores expertos como principiantes. Este carrete ofrece un equilibrio perfecto entre rendimiento y facilidad de uso. La carcasa y la bobina del GTL 500 están fabricadas con grafito resistente a la...
  • -37 €

Penn Senator reel

Regular price 249,99 €
-37 € Price 212,99 €
The Penn Senator reel is designed to be a low gear ratio winch, it will pull anything off the bottom. HT-100 Drag Washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads. Stainless steel frame rings enhance rigidity to prevent frame flex. Specs: Bakelight side plates with stainless steel...
  • -14,01 €
  • NEW

Carrete Lineaeffe GTB Wide Spool

From Regular price 74 €
-14,01 € Price 59,99 €
El Lineaeffe GTB Wide Spool es un carrete de arrastre de alta calidad que ha sido diseñado para ofrecer un rendimiento y durabilidad excelentes . Este carrete garantiza un manejo perfecto de la línea durante la pesca gracias a su embrague de estrella y guía de línea de calidad. El cuerpo y...
  • -35,01 €

Carrete Fishing Ferrari Ascetic

From Regular price 215 €
-35,01 € Price 179,99 €
El carrete de curricán Fishing Ferrari Ascetic es una herramienta de alta calidad y precisión diseñada para ofrecer un rendimiento óptimo en la pesca al curricán . Su cuerpo de grafito lo convierte en un carrete ligero pero resistente, mientras que la bobina de aluminio de una sola pieza...
  • -19,34 €

Carrete Tica WTS

Regular price 428,33 €
-19,34 € Price 408,99 €
El Carrete Tica WTS está diseñado para la pesca al Curricán, y cuenta con bobina de aluminio. Características: Tipo de pesca: Curricán. Bobina: De aluminio. Modelo 30 WTS: Peso: 1800 g. Ratio: 3,8:1-1,8:1. Capacidad: 550-0,55 m-mm. Potencia de freno: 16 kg.
  • -15 €

Abu Garcia Cardinal® Trolling Line Counter Reel

Regular price 59,99 €
-15 € Price 44,99 €
Abu Garcia Cardinal® Trolling Line Counter Reel The Abu Garcia Cardinal Trolling reel is known for its robustness and resistance anywhere. Packed with value, the Abu Garcia Cardinal Trolling Line Counter Reel offers performance and reliability at a very affordable price. With the help...
  • -17,56 €

Yokozuna Tinus 500GL Reel

Regular price 66,55 €
-17,56 € Price 48,99 €
The Yokozuna Tinus 500GL Reel has been manufactured with ultra-light and corrosion-resistant graphite. It incorporates the best 1-bearing technology with multi-point anti-reverse and brake with micro-adjustable felt and steel washers using a star. Includes stainless steel handle...
  • -32,01 €

Okuma Convector Lowprofile Linecounter Spool

Regular price 79 €
-32,01 € Price 46,99 €
The Okuma Convector Low Profile Reel features a mechanical line counter with anti-fog clear vision technology, and is 100% brand new. Made from A6061-T6 aluminum, fully machined. Specs: Precision machined brass main gears and pinion. CVT: Line counter with Clear View technology,...

Okuma Makaira SEa Silver Reel

From Price 568,99 €
The Okuma Makaira SEa Silver reel corresponds to a special edition that features silver anodizing, with a double brake system with Dual Force DFD technology and Carbonite discs to boost pressure, improving efficiency and smoothness. of braking. Specs: The main gears are made of...
  • -52,91 €

Okuma Makaira SEa Reel

From Regular price 619,90 €
-52,91 € Price 566,99 €
The Okuma Makaira SEa reel corresponds to a special edition that features a black anodized finish, with a double brake system with Dual Force DFD technology and Carbonite discs to boost pressure, improving the efficiency and smoothness of the reel. braking. Specs: The main gears...
  • -56,91 €

Okuma Makaira Reel

From Regular price 649,90 €
-56,91 € Price 592,99 €
The Okuma Makaira reels have a cam brake, making them ideal for enjoying trolling for big tuna, marlin, marlin, billfish, sailfish and sharks. It is a reel that stands out for its excellent finishes , incredible design, perfect construction and optimal performance. Specs: The...
  • -94,80 €

Reel Hart Brutal SD 50L

Regular price 361,79 €
-94,80 € Price 266,99 €
The ultra powerful jig casting reel for vertical and casting Hart Brutal SD 50L has the following specifications: One-piece aluminum CNC machined body with Japanese NNB bearings. Narrow coil for easy self-coiling in combat. High quality dual brake system with carbon discs made in the USA...
  • -30,01 €

Okuma Magda DT Reel

Regular price 69 €
-30,01 € Price 38,99 €
The Okuma Magda DT line counter reel is Constructed with lightweight, corrosion resistant body and side plates. Also, your mechanical line counter is much more accurate. Specs: Structure and lateral plates light and resistant to corrosion. Corrosion resistant graphite coils....
  • -5,01 €

Reel Cinnetic Combat

From Regular price 129 €
-5,01 € Price 123,99 €
Reel with 3 sealed stainless steel bearings that provide great smoothness to the recovery. Brake adjustment by lever. Reel release lever and bite alarm by click. Multi-position anti-reverse system. Model: 4/0. Capacity: 300yds/30lbs. Recovery: 3.25:1. Weight: 685g. Model: 6/0....
  • -63,99 €
Tica Trident TS | Comprar online | Alvarez

Tica Trident TS

From Regular price 513,98 €
-63,99 € Price 449,99 €
Multiplying reel built in monoblock aluminum of the renowned brand Tica . The Trident TS model will make your fishing days a success. Adjustable lever brake. Dual Drag brake. Gold aluminum spool. Metal crank, oversized knob. Infinite backstop. Two speeds. Waterproof. 7 Ball...
  • -9,17 €

Herculy Reel Ninja Troll 145

Regular price 38,16 €
-9,17 € Price 28,99 €
Herculy's Ninja Troll model has been specially designed for trolling or boat fishing. A quality reel within reach of all pockets. Coil with graphite body Thread guide roller Star Brake Compensated crank Notice Chicharra 1 Ball bearing Technical specifications...
  • -25,44 €

Reel Hart One 30

Regular price 100,43 €
-25,44 € Price 74,99 €
The Hart One 30 reel has the following characteristics: Fishing reel made of ultralight and corrosion resistant graphite. 8 bearing technology with multi-point anti-reverse. Carbon and steel disc brake micro-adjustable by multi-position cam. Powerful stainless crank with oversized...
  • -39,17 €

Reel Lineaeffe Rapid Lever Drag

Regular price 135,16 €
-39,17 € Price 95,99 €
The Lineaeffe Rapid Lever Drag reel , for fishing from the boat. Characteristics: Weight: 800g Ratio: 3.4: 1 Bearings: 8 Capacity: 0.50-620- 0.55 / 510- 0.60 / 430 Technical characteristics: Aluminum coil. 8 Bearings - without thread guide. Combat cam brake....
  • -34,33 €

Reel Lineaeffe Carborex LH LC

Regular price 111,32 €
-34,33 € Price 76,99 €
The Lineaeffe Carbonres LH LC reel, for the practice of fishing from the boat. Technical characteristics: Accountant in m. Aluminum coil 4 Bearings - with thread guide. Anti-saltpeter treatment. Star brake. Characteristics: Size: 30 Weight: 600 g. Ratio:...
  • -14,62 €

Reel Lineaeffe JD Trolling

From Regular price 49,61 €
-14,62 € Price 34,99 €
The Lineaeffe JD Trolling Reel , for fishing from a boat. Features: Model 300 Weight: 520 g Ratio: 4.2: 1 Bearings: 1 Capacity: 0.40 / 420- 0.45 / 330- 0.50 / 270 mm / m Model 500 Weight: 739 Ratio: 5.2: 1 Bearings: 1 Capacity: 0.50 / 480- 0.52 / 420-...
  • -4,01 €

Rocky 3/0 Cylinder Reel

Regular price 79 €
-4,01 € Price 74,99 €
The Cinnetic Rocky 3/0 reel is ideal for coastal trolling. Characteristics: Stainless steel wire guide, cover and coil shaft. Powerful aluminum crank with non-slip knob. One-piece HS graphite body and stainless steel spool foot. Smooth multi-disc brake of 12Kg of power. Acoustic...
  • -49,91 €

Carrete Penn Fathom II Level Wind

Regular price 259,90 €
-49,91 € Price 209,99 €
El carrete Fathom II Level Wind es ideal para aquellos pescadores que luchan con los peces día tras día, por su composición es muy resistente a las condiciones de pesca más duras. Este modelo permite tanto la pesca a fondo o echando cebo vivo, con el que pescar cualquier pez, gracias al...
  • -38,84 €

Hart One Metal Reel

Regular price 148,83 €
-38,84 € Price 109,99 €
The Hart One Metal reel offers guaranteed power and reliability on your trolling days. This fishing reel is made of a machined aluminum chassis. Characteristics: High resistance graphite side covers. Aluminum coil. Stainless steel pinion. 6-bearing technology with infinite...
  • -30,71 €

Reel Hart Toro GB 300L

Regular price 120,70 €
-30,71 € Price 89,99 €
The Hart Toro GB 300L reel is round profile for vertical and casting fishing. Perfect for those who want to start slow jigging and fishing for large predators. Characteristics: One-piece graphite body with machined aluminum caps and stainless foot. Reinforced crank with oversized...

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