• -1 €

Daiwa Tournament 50M Monofilament

From Regular price 8,99 €
-1 € Price 7,99 €
Daiwa Tournament FC Leader The fluorocarbon monofilament has a very low elongation and an excellent linear behavior ensuring an optimal presentation of the rigs. Once submerged, its "crystal clear" color is the invisible contribution to the success of fishing trips. In...
  • -5 €

Daiwa Shock Leader Fluorocarbon Thread

From Regular price 24,99 €
-5 € Price 19,99 €
The Daiwa Shock Leader Fluorocarbon Thread is an ultra-resistant thread indicated for the realization of strong line basses . Version F is a 100% PVDF fluorocarbon featuring high density and exceptional abrasion resistance. The Shock Leader's optical constant in the water and its...
  • -2,62 €

Monofilamento Take Akashi Ultraclear

From Regular price 9,32 €
-2,62 € Price 6,70 €
Fabricado en fluorocarbono. Monofilamento Take Akashi Ultraclear que pertenece a la gama ganadora del premio al fluorocarbono de más alta resistencia a la tracción. Totalmente invisible en el agua. Tacto suave. Extraordinaria resistencia tanto a la abrasión como en el nudo. El fluorocarbono de...
  • -5,11 €

Fluorocarbon Sufix Super 21® FC

From Regular price 15,50 €
-5,11 € Price 10,39 €
The 100% fluorocarbon line Sufix Super 21® FC is practically invisible in water. The low stretch index improves the control of the line, the presentation and the detection of the bites, optimizing the adjustment power of the pin. Extremely abrasion resistant and durable for fishing in rough...
  • -3,11 €

Monofilament Tubertini Gorilla UC-4 Fluorocarbon

From Regular price 14 €
-3,11 € Price 10,89 €
The Tubertini Gorilla UC-4 Fluorocarbon monofilament is perfect for both boat fishing and casting, thanks to its lightness and knot resistance. Diameter: 0.120 mm Resistance: 2.425 / 1.850 Diameter: 0.140mm Resistance: 3.780 / 2.520 Diameter: 0.160 mm Strength: 4,290 / 3,000...
  • -3,96 €

Shimano Ocea Leader EX Fuoro Monofilament

From Regular price 9,95 €
-3,96 € Price 5,99 €
Shimano Ocea Leader monofilament is made with EX fluorocarbon. Fluoro is much thinner than nylon fiber. It has extraordinary resistance to both abrasion and knotting and sags very easily. It has a fluorine coating with a uniform surface finish, thus avoiding knots or snags. 50M COIL....
  • -4,60 €

Shimano Yasei Predator FC monofilament

From Regular price 10,49 €
-4,60 € Price 5,89 €
The Shimano Yasei Predator FC monofilament is 100% fluorocarbon with extraordinary resistance to abrasion, low visibility under the water and flexible to make a good knot. It comes in a 10 m spool. or 50 m 10M COIL. Diameter: 0.90 mm. Strength: 40.19 kg. Diameter: 1.00 mm....
  • -1,21 €

Daiwa Prorex FC Leader Fluorocarbon Monofilament

From Regular price 6,90 €
-1,21 € Price 5,69 €
The Daiwa Prorex FC Leader Fluorocarbon monofilament offers the bass line the ideal and complete swimming freedom to all lures , this is because it has been manufactured entirely with PVDF . It is designed mainly with the function of defeating those more distrustful predators with...

Sunline Basic FC Fluorocarbon

From Price 17,99 €
The Fluorocarbon Sunline Basic FC , has the line marked every 75 meters to easily wind it on your reel. Also, it has an indicator sticker to show you how much line it has left. It is very easy to use, since it is not necessary to remove the case to do the spooling (refilling the spool...
  • -4,96 €

Fluorocarbon Sunline Shooter FC Sniper

From Regular price 28,95 €
-4,96 € Price 23,99 €
The Sunline Shooter FC Sniper Fluorocarbon is designed for scenarios where higher abrasion resistance is needed, making it ideal for fishing in tricky areas. Characteristic: Made in Japan. Suitable both in fresh water and in the sea. With low level of light refraction and high...

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