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Phoenix Lantern LD02V2.0 70 Lumens and 200 mW Ultraviolet

Regular price 29,99 €
-7 € Price 22,99 €
The Fénix LD02 V2.0 EDC flashlight is very compact with warm white light of 70 Lumens and 200 mW Ultraviolet. It is easy to operate with one hand, by the tail switch, which allows selection between the three output levels and also UV light. Designed in a small size, it is light and the head...

Headlamp Izas Used

Price 13,99 €
The Izas Used Headlamp is perfect for trekking and mountain activities with little or no light. In addition, its light system has different positions and speeds, and it can emit flashing red lights with an SOS message. Characteristic: Voltage: 4.5V. 3*AAA battery. Power 200...

Super Powerful Rechargeable Spotlight 3000 Lumens

Price 129,99 €
El  Foco Cyclops Recargable  es un dispositivo de  alta potencia que es ideal para la práctica de actividades al aire libre como la caza o cualquier otra actividad que requiera una iluminación intensa . Con una  potencia de 3000 Lumens , es capaz de iluminar grandes áreas con facilidad. Una de...

Ultra Powerful Cyclops Rechargeable Spotlight 10000 Lumens

Price 199,99 €
El foco Cyclops Recargable de 10000 Lumens es la elección perfecta, s i te gusta la vida al aire libre y necesitas una luz súper brillante para tus aventuras . Con su potente reflector inferior de 6W y su alimentación por 4 baterías de litio recargables, este foco ofrece una alta intensidad...

Led Lenser P6 Core 300 Lumens Flashlight

Price 54,90 €
The Led Lenser P6 Core flashlight is a compact and powerful option designed to offer exceptional performance in various situations, especially tactical environments. Its Boost mode provides an impressive maximum power of 300 lumens and a beam range of up to 200 meters , allowing you to...

Led Lenser P18R Signature Flashlight 4500 Lumens

Price 269 €
La linterna Ledlenser P18R Signature es una herramienta de iluminación de alto rendimiento diseñada para diversas actividades como caza, actividades al aire libre, fotografía, deportes extremos y estilo de vida aventurero. Con su clasificación IP68, esta linterna es resistente al agua y al...
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Spotlight to Flare

Price 129,99 €
A sensational product! With halogenous bulb of 100 watios with a 2 km scope. It works with a connection to the car lighter. It is fixed by means of a cupping glass to the car roof and you, from an interior control, can direct the bundle of light where you want. it Can turn it bluntly...
  • -23,91 €

Led Lenser T7.2 Flashlight

Regular price 69,90 €
-23,91 € Price 45,99 €
This flashlight features the newly-developed three-stage switch and the Advanced Focus System. Measuring 136,5 mm and weighing less than 198 g, the LED LENSER® T7 is a lightweight champion with impressive brightness : up to 200 lumens turn night into day. Specs: Length: 13,6 cm...
  • -100 €

Rechargeable Flashlight Fénix LD 75C multicolor

Regular price 319,99 €
-100 € Price 219,99 €
FLASHLIGHT WITH 4,200 LUMENS !!! The Fénix LD 75C model will surprise you with its power and will be very practical thanks to its small size, a perfect accessory for your hunting or adventure days. Illuminate with four light color options (red, blue, green and white) Seven white...

Walther PRO PL70 Flashlight

Price 79,99 €
The Walther PRO Light PL70 flashlight has been manufactured with high quality anti-reflective aviation aluminum to meet the needs of the most demanding public, and can be used with one hand, which makes its use more comfortable. As aspects to highlight of this flashlight are that it has an...
  • -14,81 €

Favor Water Rechargeable Flashlight T1647

Regular price 81,80 €
-14,81 € Price 66,99 €
The Favor Water Rechargeable Flashlight T1647 has the following characteristics: Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight Cree white led 500 Lumens Range: 220 m Submersible 2 m USB rechargeable Battery charge indicator Charging status indicator Autonomy: 3.5 h / 18 h Power...
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Head Flashlight Force

Price 39,99 €
The Force head torch has the following features: Perfect lighting with totally free hands. Compact design for maximum wearing comfort. Ultra-bright Cree® XT-ES3 LED. With a single button you can turn the flashlight on / off. 5 modes available: Allto: 350 lumens. Low: 15 lumens....
  • -65 €

Led Lenser P7QC 4 Colors Flashlight

Regular price 114,99 €
-65 € Price 49,99 €
The Led Lenser P7QC flashlight is compact, handy and with a matte finish, it is made of anti-corrosive anodized aluminum, with an improved power button and Quattrocolor technology . This technology allows you to choose the color of the light beam, between: White light: standard light....
  • -5,91 €

Led Lenser H3.2 120 lm Head Torch

Regular price 29,90 €
-5,91 € Price 23,99 €
The Led Lenser H3.2 headlamp is equipped with Advanced Focus System technology and 1 Power LED with which it achieves an optimal quality headlight. It has a lightweight, ergonomic and intuitive design (made of high-quality aluminum) and the light output can be dimmed between 15% and 100%...

Walther SLS Tactical Flashlights

Price 29,99 €
Walther SLS Tactical Flashlights have a powerful beam of light, in a small size. They have a push button to choose between two levels of brightness, depending on the model. The model 110 has the first delivery 100% and the second 8%, for span extensions of perfect diameters for the use of...

Guards Walther TGS Tactical Flashlights

Price 73,99 €
The Guards Walther TGS Tactical flashlights are waterproof made hermetically, with a powerful light depending on the model. The TGS10 has an IPX7 rating and a 200 lumen beam. The TGS 60 is rated IPX8 and has a 650 lumen beam. The TGS 80 is rated IPX8 and has a 700 lumen beam. All three...
  • -11,01 €

Walther Pro * SL66R Flashlight

Regular price 110 €
-11,01 € Price 98,99 €
The Walther Pro * SL66R flashlight has a 950 lumen beam with its rechargeable Li-ion ICR 18650 battery. It is easy to use, and has a Pro 100%, 40% and 10% shift sequence plus the Defense Tactical Strobe. It has the degree of protection IPX8 in waterproofing. Specs: Length: 140 mm....
  • -5,01 €

Walther SDL Tactical Flashlights

From Regular price 60 €
-5,01 € Price 54,99 €
The Walther SDL (Service Detection Light) tactical flashlight has a powerful beam of light depending on the model, according to the ANSI standard. The Defense Tactical Strobe and UV LED (365nm wavelength) can be activated quickly and easily. It stands out for presenting all the necessary...
  • -8,01 €

Walther Tactical 250 Flashlight

Regular price 34 €
-8,01 € Price 25,99 €
The Walther Tactical 250 flashlight is LED illuminated for longer lamp life, lower power consumption, and a 250 lumen beam by new Cree! Chip technology. It has the shape of the robust housing in black aluminum and fits optimally in the hand, an excellent comfortable and easy-to-use option....

Walther Tactical MGL1100X2 Flashlight

Price 65,99 €
The Walther Tactical MGL1100X2 flashlight is made of high-strength aluminum and is dust and water resistant to IPX7. It has a powerful high power LED reflector (Cree XM-L2) in aluminum housing. It has the easy-to-use rubberized dual mode switch with a 100%, 40% and 10% shift sequence plus the...
  • -22,91 €

Phoenix Front HM65R 1400 Lumens

Regular price 94,90 €
-22,91 € Price 71,99 €
The 1400 lumens Fenix HM65R front is one of the toughest fronts you can find. With multiple lighting positions, it is ideal for mountaineering, snow climbing, trail running , adventure, camping, caving, cycling, etc. The best choice for long lasting, high intensity outdoor activities....

Phoenix PD35 V2.0 1000 Lumens Flashlight

Price 67,99 €
The Phoenix PD35 V2.0 flashlight is a tactical flashlight with a very good design. It is equipped with a Cree XP-L HI V3 Led and offers a maximum output of 1000 lumens and a good distance of 250 meters. This compact yet rugged flashlight has five output levels, plus instant strobe light,...
  • -17,91 €

Phoenix Lantern UC35 V2.0 1000 Lumens

Regular price 89,90 €
-17,91 € Price 71,99 €
The Phoenix UC35 V2.0 flashlight is pocket-sized 1000 lumens, easy to use with one hand and a powerful beam of light. It has a tactical back push and a functional side switch, for managing the five output levels and the strobe mode, ideal for outdoor activities, emergency, surveillance, etc....

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