• -€9.10

Walther Match Tac1 Machete

Regular price €38.02
-€9.10 Price €28.92
The machete Walther Match Tac has the following characteristics. Designed with more weight on the front to offer greater cutting capacity and incredible power. High-quality machete from the German manufacturer Walther. High-end 440 stainless steel sheet with maximum strength....
  • -€2.90

Machete with saw

Regular price €23.55
-€2.90 Price €20.65
Incredible machete of large dimensions with double edge; on one side saw and on the other cutters. With a handle for easy and comfortable grip. Length of sheet: one and a half inches. Total length: two feet. Includes nylon cover.
  • -€10.75

Walther Match Tac2 Machete

Regular price €47.11
-€10.75 Price €36.36
Tactical machete made of 440 steel with black Kukri coating. Blade ventilated and designed with greater weight on the front to increase its cutting capacity and power. Easy grip non-slip grip made of synthetic material. Includes sanity case. Length of sheet: one foot . Total length:...
  • -€8.40

Machete RUI cortacañas Elephas

Regular price €45.58
-€8.40 Price €37.18
PRODUCT DESIGNED IN SPAIN Complete your hunting equipment with any of the fantastic RUI products, products characterized by spectacular resistance, made with the best materials and designed with the needs of both the hunter and the lover of adventure and nature in mind. Handle: SFL with...

Machete Martinez Albainox Amazonas

Price €11.73
El Machete Amazonas tiene las siguientes características: Hoja: Acero Inoxidable Mango: Goma Incluye funda de nylon Modelo 36.9 Tamaño de la hoja: 36.9 cm. Tamaño total: 50.9 cm. Modelo 45.8 Tamaño de la hoja: 45.8 cm. Tamaño total: 59.8 cm.

Machete Cortcañas Desert Storm

Price €19.00
The Desert Storm Machete Cortacañas has the following characteristics: Blade: Stainless Steel Handle: ABS Includes nylon sheath Sheet size: 41.5 cm. Total size: 55 cm.

Machete Albainox Wood Cutter

Price €19.00
El Machete Cortacañas Explorer 2 ha sido diseñado conel mango en madera y la hoja en inox. Características Tipo: Cortacañas Mango: Madera Hoja: Acero Inox Tamaño hoja: 43 cm Tamaño total: 58,2 cm Incluye funda de Nylon
  • -€2.90

Machete Albainox Cortacañas Black Panter

Regular price €23.55
-€2.90 Price €20.65
El Machete Cortacañas Black Panter ha sido diseñado con el mango en negro con asa y la hoja en negro e inox con el modelo serigrafiado. Características Mango: Goma Hoja: Acero Inox Tamaño hoja: 45.5 cm Tamaño total: 62 cm Incluye funda de Nylon
  • -€2.36

Machete Albainox Renegade Clipper

Regular price €21.36
-€2.36 Price €19.00
The Curved Blade Machete Cutter has been designed with a wooden handle and a curved blade with the model and the Albainox logo printed on it. characteristics Handle: Wood Blade: Stainless Steel Blade size: 42.2 cm Total size: 61.5 cm Includes Nylon sheath
  • -€2.40

Machete Albainox Omagua Clipper

Regular price €17.27
-€2.40 Price €14.87
El Machete Cortacañas Omaguas ha sido diseñado con mango y hoja en negro; además tiene serigrafiado en blanco el modelo en la hoja. Características Mango: ABS Hoja: Acero Inox Tamaño hoja: 39.5 cm Tamaño total: 53.8 cm Incluye funda de Nylon
  • -€10.24

Machete Boker Magnum Chainsaw Backup

Regular price €44.94
-€10.24 Price €34.70
The Boker Magnum Chainsaw Backup Machete is incredibly strong and durable. It has an ergonomic handle, a 440A stainless steel blade. Blade length: 30 cm. Total length: 42.5 cm. Blade thickness: 4mm. Weight: 511 g. Includes nylon sheath.

Alpha Wolf Machete

Price €14.29
The Alpha Wolf machete is very strong and durable, designed with a wooden handle and a screen-printed stainless steel blade. Characteristics: Blade: Stainless Steel. Blade length: 37 cm. Total length: 50.6 cm. Handle : Wood Includes nylon sheath.

Machete Cortacañas Forest

Price €24.79
The Forest machete cutter has been designed with a unique stainless steel blade: a right angle on the main edge, and a hook-shaped point with a sharp inside. The full grip with a black handle allows us to handle the machete more safely, and facilitate cutting with the inside edge of the hook....

Machete Cortacañas Towering

Price €24.54
The Towering cane cutter has been designed with an oversized shiny stainless steel blade, screen-printed with the model's logo, and an elegant wooden handle. Characteristics: Blade: Stainless Steel. Blade length: 40 cm. Total length: 64 cm. Handle : Wood Includes nylon...
  • -€11.73

Machete Muela Kukri-26M

Regular price €110.89
-€11.73 Price €99.17
The Muela Kukri-26M machete is manufactured in Spain, and has the blade resistance you need for the toughest jobs. Features: Blade length: 26 cm. Handle length: 13 cm. Total length: 39 cm. Blade material: Molybdenum Vanadium MoVa X50CrMov15 stainless steel. Hardness: 58/60 HRc....
  • -€2.68

Machete Muela

Regular price €70.44
-€2.68 Price €67.76
The Muela machete is perfect for the bush. It stands out for its compact size, and the quality of the material with which it is manufactured. Features: Blade length: 22 cm. Handle length: 12.5 cm. Total length: 34.5 cm. Blade thickness: 4 mm. Includes premium leather sheath. MoVa...
  • -€5.79

Machete Walther TAC 3

Regular price €47.11
-€5.79 Price €41.31
El machete Walther TAC 3 ha sido fabricada con una hoja de acero inoxidable 440 , siendo realmente resistente a la corrosión, promoviendo su dureza y longevidad. El mango se ha construido en polímero y gracias a su tamaño, puede ser tomado con ambas manos de forma cómoda y con un...
  • -€2.49

Machete Walther FTX XXL

Regular price €57.02
-€2.49 Price €54.54
The Walther FTX XXL machete has been manufactured with high quality materials, among which 440C steel stands out for the blade, with partial grooves and a perfect protrusion for cutting. Its handle is a high quality G10 hybrid that promotes an optimal grip and fine walnut wood. Served...

Machete Walther MachTac 4

Price €47.10
The Walther MachTac 4 machete stands out for being very light and practical, perfect to take with you on a hunting day or in nature. Its blade has been made of 440A steel and a rubberized polymer handle. It comes in a nylon sheath and can be worn on the belt. Specifications: Blade...
  • -€8.02

Machete Cutter K25 Jaws

Regular price €43.55
-€8.02 Price €35.53
Due to its reliability and resistance, the K25 Jaws cane cutter will be your inseparable companion in all your adventures. Features: Sheet size: 36.20 cm. Handle size: 12.80 cm. Total size: 49 cm. Steel type: 7Cr17Mov. Finish: Titanium Coated. With saw. Blade thickness: 4mm....
  • -€3.77

Machete Red Eagle

Regular price €29.38
-€3.77 Price €25.61
The Red Eagle cane cutter, with its striking red design and strung grip, will be your inseparable companion on all your adventures. Features: Sheet size: 43.50 cm. Handle size: 18 cm. Total size: 61.50 cm. Steel type: 3Cr13Mov. Blade thickness: 3mm. Handle type / color: Strung /...
  • -€3.07

Dragon Rod Cutter Machete

Regular price €24.55
-€3.07 Price €21.48
The Dragon Cutter Machete stands out for its resistance, it is perfect for the most complicated jobs. Features: Sheet size: 40 cm. Handle size: 20 cm. Total size: 60 cm. Steel type: 3Cr13Mov. Blade thickness: 3mm. Handle type: wood. Jumpsuit: The blade continues inside the...

Machete Cortacañas Espartano II

Price €22.31
El machete Cortacañas Espartano II dispone de una empuñadura con protector de mano, que te protegerá de posibles golpes. El perfecto para los trabajos más duros. Características: Tamaño de la hoja: 49 cm. Tamaño del mango: 16,50 cm. Tamaño total: 65,50 cm. Tipo de acero: 3Cr13Mov....

Machete Cutter Alligator

Price €22.31
The Alligator Rod Cutter is very handy, solid and robust, suitable for the toughest jobs. Characteristics: Sheet size: 42 cm. Handle size: 17 cm. Total size: 59 cm. Steel type: 3Cr13Mov. With saw. Blade thickness: 2.68mm. Jumpsuit: The blade continues inside the handle with the...

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