• -24,70 €

Ferrari 120 Teleajustable Portacañas Tube

Regular price 92,69 €
-24,70 € Price 67,99 €
Travel rod holder tube with three sections, made of highly resistant polypropylene. The height can be adjusted as needed. Dimensions : Length: 120cm. Maximum extended length: 245 cm. Internal diameter: 15 cm.
  • -22,96 €

Shimano All-Round Double Rod Holdall Case

Regular price 89,95 €
-22,96 € Price 66,99 €
The Shimano All-Round Double Rod Holdall Cover has the following features: Space to carry 2 rods due to its reinforced interior. It has a compartment for the reel. It has a side pocket for an umbrella. It can be carried with the shoulder strap or with a hand grip. It is made with...
  • -16,32 €

Funda Vercelli Supra

Regular price 86,21 €
-16,32 € Price 69,89 €
The Vercelli Supra cover has the following characteristics: Rigid padded surfcasting case. High-strength fabric and long-pass laminated zipper for better resistance to salty environments. 2 side pockets. 2 sizes: 150x20x15 cm and 160x20x15 cm.

Daiwa Soft Cover for 3-Section Rods

Price 22,99 €
The Daiwa soft cover for 3-section rods is ideal for surfcasting rods , protecting the most sensitive sections. Opens completely with a corrosion resistant ZIP zipper. It includes 2 separating pockets for the sections of the most sensitive rods and the heel is stored in the center. It...

Funda Vercelli Supra Aluminum

Price 58,99 €
The Vercelli Supra Aluminum is a hard case for surfcasting rods. Very resistant, stable and comfortable thanks to its folding aluminum legs. It features a wide-open laminated zipper and 3 side pockets perfect for storing accessories. Dimensions : 150x17x10 cm.
  • -4,01 €


Regular price 27,71 €
-4,01 € Price 23,70 €
Fully equipped rod case. It includes a big central pouch and two additional external pouches. Very complete. Dimensions: 150 cm.
  • -3,07 €


Regular price 19,97 €
-3,07 € Price 16,90 €
Made from a very sturdy material, perfect to carry one or several short folding fishing rods and reels. Double transport strap for more comfort. Length: 90 cm.


Price 19,70 €
Wide capacity, handy, perfect to carry several fishing rods and reels at a time. It includes an external pocket and double transport strap, for an effortless carriage of your equipment. Length: 120 cm.
  • -9,30 €


Regular price 44,29 €
-9,30 € Price 34,99 €
Full protection. Hard tubes, coated with high density Cordura fabrics. Transport handle . Two models: Fly fishing rods: 139 cm long and 5.5 cm diameter. Inner guide rods: 145 cm length and 8 cm diameter


From Price 23,10 €
More room Very strong new nylon cordura type cover with reinforced base. Velcro holders for several rods with reel. Great capacity: exterior bag with velcro closing and adjustable padded straps to carry it as a backpack or as a shoulder bag.
  • -3,26 €

Double reel seat cover

Regular price 15,25 €
-3,26 € Price 11,99 €
Double reel seat cover. Now you can comfortably carry two reels in the same case, without the need to carry two covers or a large case with more than two reels. Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 20 cm.
  • -4,44 €

Case number rods

Regular price 29,04 €
-4,44 € Price 24,60 €
Cordura nylon case for several rods Very resistant and with reinforced bottom. Features : Ideal for transporting several rods. Central closure by zipper and two outer bags with velcro closure. Outside pocket with 2 fastening tapes. With adjustable straps for transport to the...

Funda Cinnetic Profesional

Price 118,99 €
The Cinnetic Professional case has a central compartment plus two side pockets of 138cm, both with zipper. In addition to a tripod-like aluminum leg system that allows the case to stand without getting dirty or having to bend over. The legs are reinforced aluminum 14mm in diameter and the...
  • -4,01 €

Cinnetic Concept Case

Regular price 89 €
-4,01 € Price 84,99 €
The Cinnetic Concept case has a central compartment plus a side pocket of 150 cm, both with zipper. Size: 160x16x15 cm Pocket size: 150x6x11 cm

Cinne Advanced Case

Price 98,99 €
The Cinnetic Advanced case has a central compartment plus two 138cm side pockets, both with zipper. Size: 160x21x15 cm Pocket size: 138x6x11 cm

Advanced Double Double Case

Price 116,99 €
The Cinnetic Advanced Double case for surf rods is developed for competition and free time. Thanks to its double frontal compartment it has a huge storage capacity in a more orderly and safe way. The zippers are of great quality with customized rubber handles. Size: 167x28x15 cm
  • -14,91 €

Sunset Sunpack Sportfish EVO 165 case

Regular price 58,90 €
-14,91 € Price 43,99 €
The Sunset Sunpack Sportfish EVO case has a PVC structure that makes them rigid for greater protection of the rods. Equipped with a compartment, these covers are made with 100% nylon and have adjustable straps, Characteristics: PVC reinforced rigid case 1 compartment...
  • -14,85 €

Funda 3150 Kali Kunnan Extreme

Regular price 82,84 €
-14,85 € Price 67,99 €
The 3150 Kali Kunnan Extreme Case has the following features: Hard plastic inner reinforcement Shoulder strap Carry handle Double carriage zipper Two side pockets (15 x 129cm) of great capacity, for spades, "T" and the like. Size:: 26 x 15 x 14
  • -15,08 €

Rigida Rod Case

From Regular price 66,07 €
-15,08 € Price 50,99 €
Hard case Rod. Characteristics: Side pocket with zipper. Rounded upper shape. In shape for reeds with reel. Bottom of rigid plastic. Adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handle. Pocket and inner velcro cords.
  • -6,30 €

Case for Canes Lineaeffe Carpa

Regular price 35,70 €
-6,30 € Price 29,39 €
The Lineaeffe Carpa shoulder holster has 2 side pockets. Size 195x25 cm.
  • -9,14 €

Cover for Cane Lineaefffe Carpa 3

Regular price 45,13 €
-9,14 € Price 35,99 €
The Lineaeffe Imbottito shoulder bag for rods has 2 side compartments. Size 195x30cm.
  • -15,80 €

Ferrari 160 Teleajustable Portacañas Tube

Regular price 92,69 €
-15,80 € Price 76,89 €
Two-section travel rod holder tube, made of highly resistant polypropylene. The height can be adjusted as required. Dimensions : Length: 160 cm. Maximum extended length: 225 cm. Internal diameter: 15 cm.

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