• -8,51 €

Iridium reel Leopard

From Regular price 41,50 €
-8,51 € Price 32,99 €
The Iridium Leopard front drag reel is made of ultra-light, corrosion-resistant graphite. Characteristic: It has 6 bearings: 1 infinite anti-reverse and 5 steel bearings. High precision micro-adjustable front brake. BRS rotor balancing system. Oversized thread guide and extra-thick...
  • -21 €
  • NEW

Carrete Vercelli Oxygen ZH

Regular price 109,99 €
-21 € Price 88,99 €
El  Carrete Vercelli Oxygen ZH  es un carrete de surf-casting que incorpora bobina de capacidad estándar y de competición. Aporta una alta fiabilidad a un precio realmente asequible. Está fabricado en material polimérico ultraligero, resistente a la corrosión.   Una opción ideal para...
  • -14,77 €

Agility Shakespeare reel SW FD

Regular price 69,76 €
-14,77 € Price 54,99 €
With Shakespeare's Agility SW FD reel you will have the assurance of having first quality products for your fishing trips. Equip yourself with a model made with the best materials that will allow you to perform at your best and that will make your catches the only concern. Built in graphite...
  • -32,96 €

Tubertini reel Viral

Regular price 109,95 €
-32,96 € Price 76,99 €
The Tubertini Viral Reel belongs to a series of last generation reels built entirely in NCRT, Tubertini's ultra-lightweight material composed of carbon with titanium injection that allows to reduce the total weight of the reels by 25% and increase the resistance of the body and broken, which...
  • -59,01 €

Tubertini Reel Concept D

Regular price 181 €
-59,01 € Price 121,99 €
The Tubertini Concept D Reel will go down in history as the first to mount a patented double needle system : in addition to the classic pick up needle, the innovation consists of a second fixed needle designed to prevent the monofilament or braid from slipping between the rotor and spool,...
  • -6 €

Reel Tubertini AP Power Yellow

From Regular price 125,99 €
-6 € Price 119,99 €
The Tubertini AP Power Yellow reel completes this prestigious series, sharing with previous models the characteristics of power and reliability, being lighter than its predecessors. High performance fixed spool reel, it has a sealed body to protect its precious mechanics from the aggressions...

Reel Nomura Kanji FW Metal Frame

Price 53,80 €
The Nomura Kanji FW Metal Frame reel , with special shape and lightweight inserts, increases the ergonomics and ease of use of the reel. The attractive appearance is combined with the high-end features: 12 steel ball bearings, light machined aluminum handle, high precision micrometric...

Reel Cinnetic Blue Win DS Surf 7000 HSG

Price 63 €
Surfcastinf's Cinnetic Blue Win DS Surf 7000 HSG reel has a rigid HS compact graphite body. The long-travel CRBK alloy barrel (35mm). New ambidextrous injected aluminum crank with non-slip knob. Soft and progressive multi-disc brake system with 16Kg of power. Innovative system that...
  • -16 €

Reel Mitchell Avocast Black Edition FD

Regular price 99,99 €
-16 € Price 83,99 €
The Mitchell Avocast Black Edition FD reel is characterized by its black color, which makes it discreet. Specs: Oiled felt multi-disc drag system - fast drag. One touch aluminum handle, which folds in a fraction of a second. Ultra flat folding handle for super tight setups. Washed...
  • -19,91 €

Reel Mitchell MX5 Spinning FD

Regular price 79,90 €
-19,91 € Price 59,99 €
The Mitchell MX5 Spinning FD reel offers high performance, and has multiple features, which make it one of the best in its range. Specifications: Body and rotor of light graphite. Trailed system with sealed, lubricated and smooth washers. Aeronautical grade durable aluminum...
  • -15,73 €

Spinit Skip 7700 Reel

Regular price 92,72 €
-15,73 € Price 76,99 €
The Spinit Skip 7700 reel , for Surfcasting fishing. Specs: Graphite body. With cast coil plus an extra coil. Infinite anti-reverse. Ergonomic knob. Anti-torsion thread guides. Machined aluminum handle. 6+1 ball bearings. Model 7700. Weight: 563 grams. Ratio: 4.6:1...
  • -319,01 €

Daiwa Saltiga 2020 Jigging Reel

From Regular price 1.199 €
-319,01 € Price 879,99 €
El carrete Daiwa Saltiga 2020 Jigging engloba las mejores y más actualizadas tecnologías innovadoras de la marca Daiwa , donde aplican un nuevo sistema de tamaños y nuevos modelos de manivela. Cuenta con mejor estanqueidad, está fabricado con aluminio y su bastidor es mucho más sólido....
  • -34,01 €

Daiwa Black Gold Reel

From Regular price 129 €
-34,01 € Price 94,99 €
The Daiwa Black Gold reel is characterized by its robustness, its large control wheel and its rear brake made of carbon and ATD technology . For all this, it is an excellent reel for combat, allowing you to control the fight with great tranquility. It comes in several models and reel...
  • -53,01 €

Daiwa Black Gold FD Reel

From Regular price 164 €
-53,01 € Price 110,99 €
The Daiwa Black Gold FD reel features a control wheel made with Digigear II technology and an aluminum frame , making it ideal for heavy fishing. Its brake is of the latest generation designed with ATD technology. It presents an excellent rotation during combat. Its strengths include its...
  • -12 €

Carrete Penn Rival Longcast

Regular price 109,99 €
-12 € Price 97,99 €
El carrete Penn Rival Longcast que cuenta con un  sistema de 5 rodamientos de bolas blindados, incluido un rodamiento anti retroceso instantáneo, le garantiza un funcionamiento perfectamente suave, incluso bajo presión.  El cuerpo de grafito en combinación con el carrete de aluminio...
  • -14 €

Abu Garcia Revo ALX Spinning Reel

From Regular price 199,99 €
-14 € Price 185,99 €
The Abu Garcia Revo ALX Spinning Reel is very light, with a front brake and very strong. It has an AMGearing located inside and equipped with a Carbon Matrix drag system , which offers speed and precision. The body has been manufactured with Durametal in one piece, providing greater...
  • -10 €

Carrete Penn Affinity III Spod Longcast Spinning

Regular price 149,99 €
-10 € Price 139,99 €
El carrete Penn Affinity III Spod Longcast Spinning ha sido equipado con propiedades excelentes cuya finalidad es promover la longevidad del mismo. Cuenta con una relación de transmisión impresionante, siendo una de las más altas del mercado (0,5 por vuelta) obteniendo así una velocidad de...
  • -100,01 €

Carrete Daiwa Emeraldas Air 21LT 2500XH

Regular price 399 €
-100,01 € Price 298,99 €
El carrete Daiwa Emeraldas Air 21LT 2500XH es ultraligero y compacto, gracias a las nuevas tecnologías de Daiwa aplicadas. Este carrete es resistente a la corrosión, por la composición con carbon Zaion. Altamente recomendado para la pesca de cefalópodos. Especificaciones: Freno con...
  • -7,55 €

Spinit Tor Reel

From Regular price 47,54 €
-7,55 € Price 39,99 €
Spinit 's Tor reel features a metal chassis with graphite tops and a metal handle with direct threading to the crown . It has the aluminum coil and the infinite anti-reverse . In addition, it adds the anti-torsion thread guide, metal handle and five ball bearings . The...
  • -201,01 €

Daiwa Exist G 22 LT Reel

From Regular price 922 €
-201,01 € Price 720,99 €
The Exist G22 reel Daiwa incorporates a new technological concept that heralds the future of this brand's reels. The front and rear have been completely redesigned, to give the reel sturdiness and reliability. Features: Magnesium monocoque body. Designed with a...
  • -15,01 €

Carrete Daiwa Ballistic MQ

Regular price 234 €
-15,01 € Price 218,99 €
El carrete Ballistic MQ 21LT de Daiwa está rediseñado para ofrecer un compromiso entre potencia y ligereza . Se trata de un carrete para la modalidad de spinning compacto y muy ligero que se adapta perfectamente a la pesca con señuelos . Especificaciones: Diseñado con la...
  • -21,01 €

Daiwa Caldia 22LT Reel

From Regular price 173 €
-21,01 € Price 151,99 €
Daiwa 's Caldia reel is versatile , ideal for fishing with lures in freshwater but also for light fishing in the sea , thanks to the fact that it incorporates the Mag Sealed protection . It holds the gears perfectly in place to improve the smoothness of rotation and the...
  • -4,37 €

Herculy Trek Reel

From Regular price 26,36 €
-4,37 € Price 21,99 €
Herculy 's Trek Reel It is a small and light reel for spinning fishing with which you can get the most out of fishing days thanks to its resistance and functionality . Specs: Graphite body. Aluminum coil. Infinite backstop. Anti-torsion thread guide ....

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